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The Blender logo seems to look at the user, observing their reaction. The emblem is a lively representation of one of the 3D elements, animated, amusing, and welcoming.

Blender: Brand overview

Founded:January 2, 1994
Founder:Blender Foundation
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Blender is a free program that allows users to create three-dimensional images. It includes a set of functions from object rendering to final editing. The Blender logo is familiar to 500,000 users worldwide.

Meaning and History

Blender Logo History

The program was developed by NeoGeo Studio and has been used internally for creating 3D animations since 1994. When offering Blender to the public in 1998 as shareware, developer Ton Roosendaal founded the company Not a Number. However, the commercial project did not succeed, and the program became free since 2002.

The emblem directly reflects the essence of working in the program, as it includes 3D symbols processed in it. The volumetric image, in the form of two circles with three lines emanating from them, is followed by the name of the distribution.

The word Blender is taken from a song by the Swiss electro band Yello. The organizers of NeoGeo appreciated their avant-garde lyrics and characters. That’s why they used one of the compositions as a background for the video presentation of their work. The song was called Blender and was part of the seventh album, Baby, released in 1991.

What is Blender?

A professional program for modeling and creating special effects in many well-known films: Spider-Man 2, The Orville, Life of Pi, and others. Blender is a Dutch development with a comprehensive package of features offered for free.

Blender Symbol

The essence of the choice lies in mixing. The program takes individual details and ready-made templates and assembles them into an image, creating a mosaic from elements. Just like a real blender mixes separate components, turning them into a single whole.

The image accompanying the inscription reminds:

  • Eye. The primary focus of the program is visualization. Creating effects that deceive and delight the viewer. Blender is capable of presenting unusual and mesmerizing images.
  • Hand. The image vaguely resembles a hand with fingers forming the “ok” sign. The program works seamlessly, with all components being convenient and understandable, and the results are impeccable.
  • Blender head. The three rotating lines resemble sharp blades performing cuts. In this case, not for food but for images.
  • Webcam. A network camera is a way of connecting people through computer screens. Users look at the world through it.

According to the developers’ explanation, the logo conveys the theme of a gaze.

The emblem looks bright and is easily memorable.

Font and Colors

Blender Emblem

The logo uses orange, white, and blue colors.

  • Orange – warm and homey. It shows that the program creates friendly characters, lifts users’ spirits, and is used in cartoons. Accessible worldwide online.
  • White – demonstrates openness. Blender comes with open-source code; any programmer can improve the components, making them more convenient. Thanks to such interventions, the program is now one of the most comprehensible professional systems.
  • Blue – demonstrates consistency and professionalism.

The font of the inscription is Europa Grotesk SH Med Extd, but with modified elements. The sharpened glyphs of letters D, B, and E are reminiscent of blender blades.

Blender color codes

TangerineHex color:#fb8300
RGB:251 131 0
CMYK:0 48 100 2
Pantone:PMS 151 C
Lapis LazuliHex color:#015a91
RGB:1 90 145
CMYK:99 38 0 43
Pantone:PMS 7691 C