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Blooket: Brand overview

Founder:Ben Stewart
Middletown, United States
In 2018, Blooket emerged from the innovative idea of Ben Stewart, an educator with a vision to merge entertainment with education. He envisioned a shift from traditional teaching methods to interactive, game-centered learning.

The result was a web platform where educators could create their own “blooks,” which is the name given to individualized games and quizzes. In the initial stages, these assignments consisted of flashcards, trivial questions, and simple tasks.

As classrooms began to realize the potential of Blooket, it quickly gained popularity among students as an interactive tool for testing knowledge. Remarkably, by 2019, over one million Blookets had been created on the platform.

Over time, Blooket has diversified its offerings. In addition to basic flashcards and trivial games, the platform began using more complex game modes such as tower defense, races, and themed escape rooms. At the same time, Blooket provided educators with advanced customization options and tools to assess student progress.

Now offering more than 30 unique game modes aimed at reinforcing classroom lessons, Blooket has amassed an impressive user base of more than 50 million users worldwide. This makes it a leader in gaming educational tools that turn monotonous lessons into exciting adventures.

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RGB:13 194 207
CMYK:94 6 0 19
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