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Blue Islands logo is a masterpiece of design, seamlessly integrating the brand’s name with visual cues reminiscent of flight and the vast sky.

Integrated Typography: The design choice to merge the words “blue” and “islands” into a singular, uninterrupted form hints at unity and harmony. By transforming the letters to lowercase, it emphasizes a sense of approachability and simplicity. Such decisions in typography exude an air of modernity, reflecting the brand’s contemporary outlook.

Color Significance: The dark blue hue resonates with the name and paints vivid imagery of the expansive sky, reaffirming connections with flight and exploration. Blue, often linked with trust and reliability, fortifies the company’s position as a dependable entity.

Stylized Initial ‘b’: The first letter of the logo draws immediate attention due to its creative representation. With its left curvature transitioning into elongated horizontal feathers, it closely resembles a wing. This isn’t just a decorative element but a strong symbol of flight, freedom, and soaring aspirations.

Soft and Airy Font: Beyond the initial “b,” the glyphs exude softness and airiness. The deliberate choice of such a font brings forth feelings of comfort, ease, and lightness. Invoking such emotions is essential for a brand associated with travel or flight to assure customers of a smooth, pleasant experience.

Comprehensive Imagery: Every logo element, from its color palette to typography, collaborates to paint a complete picture. It transports one to a tranquil setting where the serene blue sky meets paradisiacal islands, promising a physical journey and an escape for the soul.

Blue Islands: Brand overview

Founded: 1999
Forest, Guernsey

In 1999, Blue Islands emerged as an independent regional airline rooted in the Channel Islands. Initial operations included flights connecting Jersey, Guernsey, and the UK, utilizing a modest fleet of turboprop aircraft.

The early 2000s saw Blue Islands firmly establishing scheduled services to various British and French locations from its Channel Islands base. Over the ensuing decade, the airline continuously broadened its fleet, incorporating larger ATR and Jetstream aircraft that allowed for extended routes.

A significant shift in the airline’s journey occurred in 2010 when the founders sold Blue Islands to a new group of owners dedicated to fostering its growth, and the subsequent years witnessed a steady augmentation in flights spanning the UK, Ireland, and France, as well as the addition of charter services.

During the 2010s, Blue Islands embarked on a mission to modernize its fleet, transitioning to become an exclusive operator of ATR aircraft, a move well-aligned with its focus on short regional routes. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the airline experienced a high point, ferrying over 400,000 passengers annually with a fleet of nine ATR aircraft.

However, the pandemic severely affected the airline’s network, which is heavily dependent on tourism and leisure travel. The crisis led to the airline being put into administration in 2020, only to be taken over subsequently.

Emerging under new ownership in 2021, Blue Islands has redirected its focus on rebuilding its essential networks from the Channel Islands to Britain and France.

Meaning and History

Blue Islands Logo History

1999 – 2003

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2006 – 2020

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2020 – today

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