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The Blue Origin logo is a symbol of its high technology and ambitions, which are aimed at exploring space and pushing the boundaries of human capabilities.

The “BLUE ORIGIN” inscription on the logo is written in bright blue bold in uppercase, which gives it energy and confidence. The blue color symbolizes the endless expanse of space and the company’s commitment to scientific discovery.

A feature of the emblem is the symbol of bright blue feather, which symbolizes grace, lightness, and originality. This feather refers to the legendary explorers who dreamed of flying into space. As a wing symbol, the feather conveys the company’s desire for innovation and new heights.

The Blue Origin emblem reflects the brand’s values of scientific excellence, ambition, and interest in developing new technologies that will allow humanity to reach the new frontiers of space and unravel all its mysteries. This is a powerful symbol of scientific achievements and striving for new heights in understanding the cosmos.

Blue Origin: Brand overview

Founded: September 8, 2000
Founder: Jeff Bezos
Kent, Washington, U.S.

Meaning and History

Blue Origin Logo History

2000 – 2004


2004 – 2007

Blue Origin Logo 2004

2007 – 2015

Blue Origin Logo 2007

2015 – today

Blue Origin Logo

Blue Origin color codes

Blue Hex color: #0000ff
RGB: 0 0 255
CMYK: 100 100 0 0
Pantone: PMS Violet C