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The Blue Origin logo is a symbol of its high technology and ambitions, which are aimed at exploring space and pushing the boundaries of human capabilities. The emblem speaks of flights beyond the atmosphere, developments that will allow us to make Earth known in the universe. The symbol tells the story of a company that has projected far into the future with its projects.

The “BLUE ORIGIN” inscription on the logo is written in bright blue bold in uppercase, which gives it energy and confidence. The blue color symbolizes the endless expanse of space and the company’s commitment to scientific discovery.

A feature of the emblem is the symbol of bright blue feather, which symbolizes grace, lightness, and originality. This feather refers to the legendary explorers who dreamed of flying into space. As a wing symbol, the feather conveys the company’s desire for innovation and new heights.

The Blue Origin emblem reflects the brand’s values of scientific excellence, ambition, and interest in developing new technologies that will allow humanity to reach the new frontiers of space and unravel all its mysteries. This is a powerful symbol of scientific achievements and striving for new heights in understanding the cosmos.

Blue Origin: Brand overview

Founded:September 8, 2000
Founder:Jeff Bezos
Kent, Washington, U.S.

Blue Origin is a private American aerospace company located in Kent. Registered in the year 2000, it is owned by Jeff Bezos. The launch site is located in Texas. The company participates in NASA’s program for the development of the Blue Moon spacecraft for lunar landings. Among its projects are also the reusable rockets New Glenn and New Shepard.

Meaning and History

Blue Origin Logo History

The company’s logos are distinguished by their originality. Each symbol encapsulates the mission of Blue Origin. Colors and elements mark the steps toward the goal. Unique developments, launches, and rocket tests – all this can be seen in the letters and drawings. The emblems point to well-considered decisions, global scale, and unhurriedness in work. The central image is a detailed crest in the style of the 16-17th centuries, which represents the process of space exploration step by step. The choice is very original, like the company itself, which has set a goal to invent reusable rockets.

What is Blue Origin?

It’s a space company founded by the creator of Amazon, which is engaged in the development and assembly of rockets, rocket engines of the BE series, launch vehicles, and orbital stations, participates in the Artemis program for landing on the Moon, and sends satellites into orbit.

2000 – 2004


The first emblem was a simple blue inscription, where each word began with a capital letter. The name talks about Earth. For everyone who looks at the planet from space, it seems to be covered in a blue haze. The view is associated with the atmosphere and a large amount of seas and oceans. The company’s products will represent Earth in the Solar system and beyond. For extraterrestrial civilizations, Blue Origin’s products are original developments from the Blue Planet.

The name also speaks to the aspiration to preserve the beauty and extraordinary color of the Earth, which is gradually turning grey due to harmful industries. The founders of Blue Origin dreamed of bringing Earth to a point where harmful industries would be moved beyond the planet’s limits. Then, its beauty and health would be restored and preserved for future generations.

Therefore, the Blue Origin logo is very ambitious. It was conceived with a look to the future and faith in its own abilities.

The blue color also indicates progress and new inventions. Initially, the company aimed to develop technologies that would make space travel more financially accessible. Now, it sees its mission in the creation of reusable rockets.

2004 – 2007

Blue Origin Logo 2004

In the early years, almost no one knew about the project. Only in 2004 did preparations for the Charon tests begin – a new platform for vertical takeoff and landing. As the startup experiment began to take on real features, Bezos changed the company’s logo.

The emblem received a futuristic symbol – a schematic image of a rocket secured on a platform. The structure stretched upwards, indicating the development of a vertical landing.

The elements of the symbol and the words of the name received different shades: the rocket and ‘Origin’ – a semi-transparent lilac, and the platform and ‘Blue’ – a dark blue. Part of the equipment remained on Earth. The saturation of the color conveyed firmness, reality, and clear visibility. The rocket, however, soared upwards and disappeared, dissolving in the sky. The semi-transparency of the shades spoke of flight.

2007 – 2015

Blue Origin Logo 2007

By 2007, a launch pad had been built, and the Goddard rocket was sent into space. Successful trials were reflected in the new emblem. Its design differs from all other Blue Origin logos. The old style, deep detail work tells of the evolution of people’s perception of space. The shape of the crest speaks of a sign that is passed down from century to century.

At the center of the composition is a radiant sun. In the background, a large planet and several smaller ones revolve around it. The sky and its celestial bodies have always been attractive to humans. Special attention was paid to the Sun, which gives life through its warmth and light.

In the foreground are two tortoises, standing on a globe, looking at the Sun, and reaching out to it with their paws. The animals are used as a symbol of slow, gradual progress. The choice of tortoises is very symbolic. These slow creatures were the first to fly around the moon aboard a spacecraft. This happened in 1968.

According to one explanation, the image of the tortoise is taken from Aesop’s fable about the race between it and the hare. The tortoise won, arriving first at the finish line. The story reflects the thought: it’s better to go slow but sure.

The tortoise is a symbol of wisdom and longevity. The process of conquering space is long. It began with the invention of the telescope and continues to this day. And the animal conveys the gradualness of the process.

The remaining images confirm and supplement this theory. On the surface of the globe, 16th-century ships were floating when the first telescope appeared. A rocket, reflecting modern times, has taken off from the side of the Earth.

At the base of the image are hourglasses and wings, symbolizing the passage of time. Nearby, on heraldic ribbons, a Latin phrase is placed: Gradatim Ferociter, telling about a steady, gradual movement forward, step by step.

2015 – today

Blue Origin Logo

In 2015, Blue Origin began developing a launch vehicle to bring heavy loads into orbit. This new stage was reflected in the emblem with even, tall, bright blue letters. The elements hinted at the result of the work – the New Glenn rocket, which was the largest of all the company’s ships.

Bright glyphs are the embodiment of a breakthrough, a bright idea that will facilitate the delivery of parcels into space.


Another well-known symbol of the company is the blue feather.

  • The symbol is associated with lightness. It hints at weightlessness, where even very heavy objects float in space like a feather.
  • The element of wings talks about flights, striving upward to the stars. People used to look at birds and dream of flying. The company’s developments offer the freedom to break away from the Earth.
  • A feather and ink – a writer’s set from past centuries. The choice tells about the company leaving a mark on the pages of history.

The symbol is located right in the center of the launch pad, where rocket launches take place.

Font and Colors

Ultra-blue color is associated with technologies and inventions. Space flights accompany the best developments in the field of robotics, computers, and materials. Bright elements hint at science fiction. The future of the planet is behind Blue Origin. People are gradually moving to the exploration of space, and the company is on the front lines. Its main mission is to make life and work outside the Earth a reality. The company has many projects aimed at the future. Their delivery is planned for years ahead:

  • The heavyweight New Glenn rocket
  • The Vulcan Centaur carrier
  • The BE-7 engine for flights to other planets

The font of the inscription is reminiscent of Din Condensed Demi Bold. Capital letters point to the scale, global mission, and flights to far distances. Smooth and sleek glyphs hint at the streamlined hull of rockets. Each tall element embodies a spaceship. The technique speaks of the process of vertical takeoff and landing, which allows for the reuse of the first stage of carriers. The invention was an important step toward the realization of the Blue Origin mission.

Blue Origin color codes

BlueHex color:#0000ff
RGB:0 0 255
CMYK:100 100 0 0
Pantone:PMS Violet C