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The Blue Panorama Airlines logo looked like wings, giving travelers freedom and lightness. At the very sight of it, people realized they were about to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle and fly to some interesting or exotic place. Even though the airline no longer flies, this logo says, “Prepare for adventure without emptying your wallet.”

Blue Panorama Airlines S.p.A.: Brand overview

The company, launched on September 3, 1998, by seasoned experts, including President Luca Patanè, aimed to be a modern airline focused on customer needs. Starting in Fiumicino, Rome, the company quickly began operations by December 26, 1998, with a small fleet of leased Boeing 737s, serving Italian tourists traveling to Mediterranean destinations.

In its initial years, it experienced rapid growth. It bought Boeing 767s and expanded its routes to Africa, the Caribbean, and Asia. They set up a significant operation at Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci Airport, the largest hub in Italy. Despite economic challenges and reduced travel following the 9/11 attacks, they continued to grow, adding Boeing 737 Next Generation and 757 aircraft and starting scheduled flights to the Dominican Republic.

From 2006 to 2015, the sought to diversify its services, introducing long-haul flights to Central and South America and launching Blu-express, a budget subsidiary for domestic and regional flights. It has launched new routes to Asia, including Vietnam and the Maldives, and refreshed its brand to reflect its commitment to high-quality service.

From 2016 to 2022, they faced increasing financial and operational challenges. Despite attempts to restructure, including updating the fleet and optimizing the network, profitability was hard to maintain. The pandemic further impacted its operations and finances, leading to severe disruptions in international travel.

Despite efforts to manage costs and secure government aid, the challenges proved too great. In December 2022, the airline had to stop operations due to financial difficulties and market uncertainties.

Meaning and History

Blue Panorama Airlines S.p.A. Logo History

What is Blue Panorama Airlines S.p.A.?

Blue Panorama Airlines S.p.A. hails from Italy and is headquartered in Fiumicino. This Italian airline is known for its scheduled and charter flights that operate mainly to domestic and international destinations.

Founded in 1998, the airline has quickly gained popularity due to its exceptional service and diverse destinations. Despite a number of economic challenges faced by the aviation industry, the airline has remained resilient by expanding its services to include a variety of domestic and international routes, with a focus on leisure and entertainment destinations.

1998 – today

Blue Panorama Airlines S.p.A. Logo

The elegant logo of Blue Panorama Airlines S.p.A. radiates lightness and airiness. It consists of two intersecting arches with thin ends and a thickened middle. These elements give the emblem dynamism, creating a sense of movement, which is very important for an airline. In the right part, there is a two-level inscription. The upper part contains the first two words of the name, the lower part – the last word. Each line has a different font: in one case, it is a flat, bold font; in the other, it is a slanted, thin font. The logo is in blue, symbolizing flight and high achievement.

The choice of two different fonts gives the logo versatility. The flat, bold font gives solidity and stability, while the slanted, thin font gives elegance and modernity. The intersecting arches also symbolize connectivity, suggesting the airline connects different destinations. Blue is consistent with the industry’s association with the sky and emphasizes reliability.


What happened to Blue Panorama Airlines?

The Italian company, known for its charter and scheduled flights, was forced to cease operations at the end of October 2021 due to financial problems. The pandemic has exacerbated these challenges, significantly impacting the airline industry, disrupting travel, reducing passenger numbers, and forcing airlines to cut flights and seek financial aid.

The airline tried to improve its financial position and adapt to new market realities. Still, it could not cope with continued low flight demand, persistent travel restrictions, and rising operating costs that exceeded its revenues. Finally, after being suspended for over a year and unable to secure the necessary financing or restructuring, it had to close at the end of 2022. This included liquidating assets and paying off debts, effectively ending its operations.

What is the blue panorama code?

The Italian carrier used the IATA code “BV” and the ICAO code “BPA”. These codes facilitate the identification of airlines worldwide for various operational purposes. The IATA code “BV” is a two-letter identifier for flight bookings and baggage handling, simplifying travel logistics for passengers and staff. The ICAO code “BPA” is a three-letter identifier used primarily for air traffic control and flight operations, improving flight planning and monitoring. These codes were essential for day-to-day operations, helping to ensure seamless communications and efficient management of the global aviation network.