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The Blue Sky Studios logo is fun and jumping. The emblem is full of childhood, movement, and animation, representing the studio as the best producer of beloved children’s cartoons and the creator of fascinating special effects.

The logo features the name “Blue Sky Studios” set in a simple yet bold typeface, illustrating the studio’s straightforward approach to delivering captivating animated stories. The word “Blue” is usually depicted in a striking shade of blue, reflecting not just the studio’s name but also its commitment to creativity and imagination, as blue is often associated with the sky and endless possibilities.

The “Sky Studios” portion of the logo is usually represented in a contrasting color such as black or white, maintaining the clarity and legibility of the brand name.

A noteworthy element in some versions of the logo is an emblem featuring a leaf encapsulated in a sphere. This iconic imagery is a nod to the studio’s first short film, “Bunny,” which won an Academy Award and featured a memorable scene with a butterfly. The sphere can also symbolize the world or universe, possibly referencing the global reach and impact of the studio’s productions.

The Blue Sky Studios emblem symbolizes the brand’s innovative spirit and dedication to creating captivating, world-class animated entertainment. The use of bold typography and evocative imagery communicates the studio’s strength and creative vision, making it instantly recognizable in the animation industry.

Blue Sky Studios: Brand overview

Founded:February 22, 1987 – April 10, 2021
Founder:Chris Wedge, Carl Ludwig, Eugene Troubetzkoy, Alison Brown, David Brown, Michael Ferraro
Greenwich, Connecticut, U.S.

Blue Sky Studios – an American company, which produced animated films, closed in 2021—owned by Disney since 2019. Liquidated due to the owners’ losses from the pandemic and produced 13 feature films.

Meaning and History

Blue Sky Studios Logo History

The studio’s logos are diverse. However, each one reflects the company’s name and conveys the theme of childhood, fantasy, and lightness. Rebrandings are related to new owners and changes in Blue Sky’s direction. The logos trace the transformation from a small amateur studio into the third most significant animation division of 20th Century Fox.

What is Blue Sky Studios?

An animation studio that gave the world hits like “Ice Age” and “Rio,” as well as all their parts—founded in the late 80s by director John Wedge. For most of the time, it belonged to 20th Century Fox and worked in the field of advertising and special effects.

1987 – 2005

Blue Sky Studios Logo 1987

The first emblem is natural and resembles the name underlined with blue chalk. The composition conveys the idea of special effects, transforming ordinary lines into frames at the animator’s will.

The studio’s founders invented a mechanism that allowed light effects to be added to the frame not manually but automatically. To do this, complex studies of the passage of light through water and ice had to be carried out. In honor of the first experiments and achievements, the blue stripe of the logo appeared.

The composition also tells about the company’s first client, who helped it establish itself and start work after the stock market crash in America. The commercial concerned the customer’s logo flying over the ocean. The hint at this composition is contained in the blue line of the Blue Sky emblem.

The upward rise of the line speaks of a fast start, the rise of the studio to the top. In the first years of its work, Blue Sky shot 200 animated commercials. Then it released Bunny, a short film of its production, which won an Oscar in 1998.

2005 – 2013

Blue Sky Studios Logo 2005

The idea of selling the division due to financial problems of 20th Century Fox was abandoned after Ice Age nominations for an Oscar. Instead, the studio was transformed, moved to a new headquarters, and updated the logo. The change of emblem was timed to coincide with the second animated film, Robots, released in 2005. After its creation, it became clear that the studio would actively engage in animation.

The new logo was a gray inscription of Blue Sky in a blue oval with lines of varying thickness. This approach showed that the division received protection, recognition, and awards. The oval is a symbol of harmony and a cloud that carries the studio to its peak.

The gray and blue shades reflect the colors of the sky. For an ordinary, seemingly “gray” studio, which was working on special effects, suddenly, the clouds dissipated, and the blue sky peeked through, revealing new perspectives and opportunities.

The blue line is like a mark on the ice from skates, the imprint of a whirlwind that sweeps the studio into the future.

2013 – 2021

Blue Sky Studios Logo

The company finally focused on producing cartoons, reflected in the new logo. In the studio, they settled on the name without additional elements. The letters of the words are positioned at different heights and seem to be bouncing, indicating a child audience.

Each part of the name is executed in its color. Blue is in blue, and Sky is in navy. The direct analogy of color and word speaks of simplicity and childlike immediacy.

The emblem first used the addition of Studios to underscore the animation direction of the division—the transition from shooting individual movie elements to full-length films.

Font and Colors

The choice of blue tones resonates with the color palette of the company’s main franchise – Ice Age. The color of cold ice and sky blue is associated with the beauty of nature, flight of imagination, and travel.

The font is reminiscent of ITC Fenice Pro Regular. Angular letters with serifs hint at the main mascot of the studio – the saber-toothed squirrel Scrat, with which every part of the story about Manny began. Delicate dancing letters indicate the special effects that the studio was famous for.

Blue Sky Studios color codes

French BlueHex color:#0b75c9
RGB:11 117 201
CMYK:95 42 0 21
Pantone:PMS 285 C
Space CadetHex color:#19274f
RGB:25 39 79
CMYK:68 51 0 69
Pantone:PMS 2768 C