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The Blue’s Clues logo is familiar to generations of Americans who grew up with this educational television program. It evokes nostalgia in adults and excitement in children, as its appearance on the screen means the beginning of a new, exciting story. The cute and friendly design of the emblem corresponds to the target age group of the animated series, aimed at preschoolers.

Blue’s Clues: Brand overview

The first episode of Blue’s Clues aired in 1996 and immediately caught the attention of viewers with its unique concept. This interactive educational program allowed children to participate in investigations to find out what the blue dog’s paw prints were pointing to. The host (originally Steve Burns, later replaced by Donovan Patton) helped decipher the clues. In this playful way, preschoolers learned to identify colors, time, different objects, animals, and more. The show aired through 2016, concluding with a sixth season. In 2019, a sequel was released called “Blue’s Clues & You!” with new host Josh Dela Cruz. Both projects are owned by the Nickelodeon television channel.

Meaning and History

Blue's Clues Logo History

Blue’s Clues was originally conceived as a show about a cat, but since Nickelodeon already had a program with such a character, the developers chose another animal – a dog. She leaves her footprints on various objects, and the host investigates to find out what is meant.

A similar paw print is depicted on the logo, which is used on the paraphernalia and precedes each episode. Inside is the name of the animated series. It also did not appear immediately, as the project was originally known as Blue Prints. It was renamed after it was decided to replace the cat with a dog. When releasing the sequel to the series, “Blue’s Clues & You!” the designers kept the recognizable logo. They only added text and changed the shape of some elements to achieve a cleaner and more modern look.

What are Blue’s Clues?

Blue’s Clues is an educational and entertaining television program designed for the development of preschool children. It was created by Tracy Paige Johnson, Todd Kessler, and Angela C. Santomero, specifically for Nickelodeon. The cartoon world is inhabited by various characters, including a dog named Blue. She leaves clues in the form of traces on objects so that the owner can solve her riddles. There are six seasons in total, which aired from 1996 to 2006. In 2019, there is a new children’s television series, Blue’s Clues & You!, featuring the same main character.


Blue Prints Logo 1995

In the early stages of development, it was assumed that the animated series would be called Blue Prints, so its pilot logo contained the appropriate lettering. The designers didn’t bother with the choice of font and proportions, as they wanted to create a light, casual, and playful style that would appeal to children. As a result, all the letters are different in shape, unevenly compressed, and tilted in different directions.

The phrase is divided into two uneven lines. The upper one forms an arc and curves around a paw print, replacing the dot above the “i.” This is the footprint of the cat that was to be the main character of the TV program. The drawing consists of one large circle and four smaller ones, all of which merge into each other. The emblem is colored in a pleasant light blue shade. Thin black shadows create a sense of depth.

1996 – 2006

Blue's Clues Logo 1996

The television series was released under the name Blue’s Clues, which is reflected in the emblem. As in the pre-release version, the phrase takes up two lines and consists of jagged, bold letters. Both words are curved in an arch shape, which visually softens the numerous angles.

The dark blue glyphs are outlined by white bands of uneven thickness, separating the text from the image of a giant dog paw print. The paw print consists of five irregular blue spots. This logo was used throughout the six seasons of the animated series.

2019 – today

Blue's Clues Logo

In 2019, the series was relaunched as Blue’s Clues & You! and received a new logo with three-line lettering. The designers kept the hand-drawn style of the letters, making them jagged and jumpy. The first two words are colored dark blue; the ampersand, “You,” and exclamation point are colored azure. An even lighter shade of blue – pale blue – is used for the paw print. The proportions have also changed: the dog’s paw print has become smaller and is now almost completely covered by the text.

Font and Colors

Blue's Clues Emblem

The title of the TV show is designed in a playful and informal style so that viewers understand that this is content for preschoolers. Despite the asymmetrical shape, the lettering remains readable due to sufficient clarity and boldness. The repeating letters resemble each other only roughly, suggesting that the designers created them from scratch rather than using a particular font.

Blue's Clues Symbol

The blue color of the logo fully corresponds to the name of the children’s animated series. The developers of the emblem combined several shades: dark blue, azure, and pale blue.