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The Boliviana de Aviación logo symbolizes reliability and government support, allowing passengers to feel confident when flying to different destinations. The simple yet meaningful logo meant that you were flying with Bolivia’s leading airline, connecting different regions of the country and beyond.

Boliviana de Aviación: Brand overview

Since its inception in 2007, Bolivia’s national airline, BoA, has achieved great heights by providing exceptional service and epitomizing Bolivian excellence in the aviation industry.

In 2009, Boliviana de Aviación, or BoA, burst onto the aviation scene, abruptly breaking Lloyd Aereo Boliviano’s longstanding monopoly due to a government contract. This strategic move alleviated the country’s economic woes and promoted competition in the aviation sector. To implement this move, the Bolivian National Strategic Aviation Public Company was created. BoA’s first flights began in the spring of 2009, sparking a revitalization of the Bolivian aviation industry. BoA’s initial flights were to Cochabamba, La Paz, and Santa Cruz.

In 2015, BoA made its first intercontinental flight to Madrid, Spain. This momentous event marked BoA’s European debut after significant success in the Americas. Since then, BoA has experienced rapid growth, serving multiple international destinations in North America, South America, Europe, and the Caribbean (Venezuela).

In 2017, BoA was honored with the Flightstats Award for its exemplary punctuality and schedule accuracy throughout Latin America.

Meaning and History

Boliviana de Aviación Logo History

What is Boliviana de Aviación?

Boliviana de Aviación, commonly known as BoA, is Bolivia’s flagship airline, wholly owned by the state. Its official name, Empresa Pública Nacional Estratégica Boliviana de Aviación, reflects the airline’s strategic importance in the country’s transportation infrastructure.

The airline’s history dates back to 2007 when it was created to replace the financially struggling Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano as the country’s flagship carrier. Despite starting its operations amidst global economic instability, the airline has become a prominent player in Latin American aviation. Through continuous improvement and strategic investments, the airline has provided crucial domestic and international connectivity, playing an important role in Bolivia’s economic development.

2007 – today

Boliviana de Aviacion Logo

Boliviana de Aviacion’s logo is bright, bold, and authentic. The company chose a stylized bird as its symbol to stay true to the aviation theme. The bird’s lush, long tail is painted in three shades: red, orange, and green, which corresponds to the national colors of the country in which the airline operates. The text part of the emblem is arranged in two lines. The upper line contains the abbreviated form of the company name, where instead of the crossbar of the letter “A,” there is a multicolored feather. The lower line is typed in bold italics, and the inner part of some glyphs is pointed.

The multicolored bundle of feathers replacing the letter gives the logo an artistic and national character, linking it to the culture and landscape of Bolivia. The choice of bold italics for the bottom line gives the text a sense of urgency and movement, in keeping with the fast-paced nature of the aviation industry. The pointed inner part of some of the glyphs gives the logo a unique character, setting it apart in a competitive market.

Boliviana de Aviación color codes

Cool BlackHex color:#042b66
RGB:4 43 102
CMYK:96 58 0 60
Pantone:PMS 288 C
SinopiaHex color:#df3200
RGB:223 50 0
CMYK:0 78 100 13
Pantone:PMS 172 C
Orange PeelHex color:#fb9d01
RGB:251 157 1
CMYK:0 37 100 2
Pantone:PMS 137 C
Acid GreenHex color:#a8bd00
RGB:168 189 0
CMYK:11 0 100 26
Pantone:PMS 390 C