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Bombardier: Brand overview

Bombardier Inc., a Canadian multinational corporation in the transportation and aerospace industries, has been an established company in Montreal, Quebec, since its creation in 1942. Founder Joseph-Armand Bombardier has turned the company into a global player in the transportation industry.

In its early days, Bombardier produced the humble snowmobile, but it had much bigger plans. In 1967, the company introduced the world’s first mass-produced jet airliner, the Canadair CL-415, changing the transportation industry.

Over time, Bombardier expanded its product portfolio to include a variety of transportation solutions such as trains, subways, streetcars, airplanes, and helicopters. The company has also expanded its global reach by distributing its products internationally.

Today, Bombardier is a global transportation leader with a presence in 50 countries and more than 65,000 employees. From the densely populated streets of Tokyo to the isolated mountainous regions of Peru, Bombardier products play an important role in connecting people and places around the world.

In 1942, Joseph-Armand Bombardier undertook a bold venture, creating a company that would become a world leader in the transportation sector.

In 1959, Bombardier made significant changes to winter transportation with the introduction of the Ski-Doo, the world’s first mass-produced snowmobile.

In 1967, Bombardier revolutionized air transportation with the introduction of the Canadair CL-415, the world’s first mass-produced jet airliner.

In 1974, Bombardier revolutionized the airline industry with the Canadair Challenger 600, the world’s first regional jet airliner.

In 1986, Bombardier changed the familiar dynamics of travel with the introduction of the first high-speed LRC train.

In 1993, Bombardier’s launch of the world’s first subway train, the MBTA’s Orange Line, revolutionized public transportation.

In 2005, Bombardier transformed urban transportation with the introduction of the Flexity Outlook, the world’s first streetcar.

In 2017, Bombardier took another historic step with the launch of the e-Series, the world’s first commercial electric airplane.

Meaning and History

Bombardier Logo History

What is Bombardier?

Bombardier Inc., which began in 1942 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, as a snowmobile manufacturer, has undergone significant changes over the decades. Founded by Joseph-Armand Bombardier, the company has expanded to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of public transportation, commercial aircraft, planes, and trains. Through its commitment to providing unrivaled mobility solutions, Bombardier has established itself as a multinational company and a leader in business aviation.

1942 – 2003

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2003 – today

Bombardier Logo

“Bombardier” is not only the name of the company but also the last name of its founder. The designers incorporated this word into the logo using a simple, bold sans-serif font. The inscription looks solid, as all letters are capitalized and consist of strokes of approximately the same thickness. They are stretched vertically, so they do not seem visually heavy. The main color of the emblem is black – a win-win option to convey a business approach and professionalism.

Capital letters resemble small skyscrapers, creating a sense of growth and ambition. Black color, as a business suit for the emblem, allows it to look very strict and ready to take on any challenge.

Bombardier color codes

Raisin BlackHex color:#231f20
RGB:35 31 32
CMYK:0 11 9 86
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C