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Bond Offshore Helicopters: Brand Overview

It was founded in Aberdeen, Scotland, in 1961. David Bond founded it as a small charter company. Over six decades, it has become a key player in the North Sea oil and gas industry.

During the 1970s, demand for reliable helicopter services in the North Sea grew rapidly due to the oil and gas boom. It has expanded its services to meet these needs, including transporting workers to offshore platforms and supporting search and rescue operations.

During the 1980s and 1990s, the invested heavily in its fleet and infrastructure, adding advanced helicopters like the Sikorsky S-76 and S-92. This helped strengthen its reputation for excellence and reliability.

In 2001, it was acquired by Avincis Group, which was later renamed Babcock Mission Critical Services. This acquisition led to the company’s renaming. Being part of a larger group allowed it to enhance its capabilities.

In the 2000s and 2010s, it faced challenges such as fluctuating oil prices and increased competition. Despite this, the company has maintained its market leadership through strategic adaptability and constant innovation.

The company is vital to the North Sea oil and gas industry. It has a modern fleet and skilled team and remains committed to excellence in marine helicopter services.

Meaning and History

Bond Offshore Helicopters Logo History

1961 – today

Bond Offshore Helicopters Logo

A company specializing in helicopter delivery to oil and gas platforms has a simple word logo. It is a two-tiered and two-color design. The first line features the large blue word “Bond” with only the letter “B” in upper case. Below it is the smaller gray phrase “OFFSHORE HELICOPTERS” written entirely in uppercase. The fonts are also different, with a contrasting serif font with elongated serifs at the top and a geometric sans-serif font at the bottom.

The different font styles and colors in the logo serve specific purposes. The large blue word “Bond” immediately attracts attention and creates a sense of brand authority, which the serif font emphasizes. The grey inscription “OFFSHORE HELICOPTERS,” executed in a geometric sans-serif font, gives straightforwardness and modernity, emphasizing the specialized nature of the company’s services. This duality of design elements conveys the company’s focus and expertise.


Who owns Bond helicopters?

Stephen and Peter Bond founded a helicopter company with many owners over the years. Babcock International Group bought the company in 2014, incorporating it into various divisions, including emergency services, military, and civil aviation. By 2021, Babcock had decided to sell his aviation business, including this company, to focus more on his core business.