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The Borderlands logo reflects the atmosphere of the gaming universe it represents. Its aggressive lines and contrasting colors emphasize the dynamism and adrenaline typical of a role-playing shooter. The emblem symbolizes exciting adventures, fierce battles, and an uncompromising survival spirit.

Borderlands: Brand overview

The Borderlands series consists of several main games and more than five spin-offs. The first part was released in 2009, laying the foundation for a fictional universe where mega-corporations take control over planets and colonize them to mine valuable minerals. On one of the planets, named Pandora, Eridian Vaults are hidden, but monsters and bandits hinder their discovery. The main characters need to find the location of the vault and learn whether it really contains treasures or something more dangerous. The original game’s developer is the American company Gearbox Software, which also authored the sequels released in 2012 and 2019. A continuation, which appeared in 2014, was created by 2K Australia. Within the franchise, there are also books and comics dedicated to Borderlands characters.

Meaning and History

Borderlands Logo History

Each game in the Borderlands series has its own logo. Typically, these are inscriptions executed in bold, sans-serif fonts and positioned diagonally. They are connected by the same typography and a similar golden gradient, making the letters voluminous. The luxurious shine looks like a promise of treasures – those that, according to legend, can be found in the vault. After all, this is the players’ task: to defeat all opponents to find the coveted cache.

What is Borderlands?

Borderlands is a franchise based on a series of computer games. These are first-person shooters with RPG elements. The action takes place on the planet Pandora, where there are supposedly caches of treasures and alien technologies. Players must find the legendary vault, complete missions, fight bandits, and oppose local monsters. Comics and novels have been created based on the Borderlands storyline, and in 2021, filming began for a movie of the same name.


Borderlands Logo 2009

In 2009, the first part of the shooter named Borderlands was released. This word is used in the logo that adorned the game’s cover. Its right side is lifted upwards, creating the impression that the inscription is moving swiftly. This way, the designers conveyed the dynamics of the sci-fi world, where something is always happening. The letters are colored in gold with a gradient, but unevenly: some areas are covered with dark stripes and spots. Semi-transparent gray shadows add depth to the emblem.


Borderlands Logo 2012

In 2012, a sequel to the game – Borderlands 2 – was released. Its logo looks the same as the first part’s, but here, a large number of “2” follows the word. The designers had to slightly reduce the spacing between letters to make room for the additional element. The inscription still has a yellow gradient and appears aged due to the dark spots.


Borderlands Logo 2014

The emblem for the third shooter, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, contains its title, split into two levels. There is no colon, but there is an exclamation mark long enough to be opposite both lines simultaneously. The article is reduced in size compared to the other words. The diagonal placement of the inscription conveys the atmosphere of action and adventure, as the game’s plot is built on these elements. The gold gradient is just as strikingly bright as in previous cases and slightly aged.


Borderlands Logo

The fourth part of the series was published in 2019 and received the logo “BORDERLANDS 3”. The designers added wide side parts to the letters to achieve a pronounced three-dimensional effect. They maintained the emblem’s diagonal placement, bold uppercase font, and rich palette of golden color.


Borderlands Symbol

There is a graphic symbol uniting all the games in the franchise – the Vault Symbol. It looks like a ring with an inverted letter “V” with a rounded corner placed inside. Some believe it’s the uppercase lambda in a circle – a reference to the Half-Life emblem. Other theories suggest the curved arch represents the entrance to the vault, rumored to hide treasures.

In one version, the logo is colored in several shades of brown. The pattern mimics the texture of wood. The dark outline, drawn along the edge, has an uneven thickness, which gives the image a three-dimensional appearance.

This symbol frequently appears in the Borderlands world. For example, it can be seen on bandits’ masks or in graffiti. Some players specifically look for such places to earn additional Badass Points. Fans even get tattoos of the Vault Symbol, pleasantly surprising its creator, Randy Pitchford.

Font and Colors

Borderlands Emblem

A bold, sans-serif font with distinctive elongated letters is used in most franchise logos. It closely resembles Compacta Bold by Fred Lambert.

A recognizable feature of the inscription is the gold gradient. This color is associated with the immeasurable treasures that, according to seekers, should lie in the vault. Shadows and darkening give the emblem an antique feel. As for the Borderlands symbol, it can have different designs, but the brown version, styled like wood, is the most widespread.