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Enjoying the taste of bars is the enjoyment of life. The confectionery company put this concept into its identity, so the Bounty logo turned out to be relaxing. Everything in it relaxes – not only the shape but also the color of the letters, reminiscent of coconut pulp.

Bounty: Brand overview

Founder:Mars, Incorporated
United Kingdom, Canada
Bounty is a brand that specializes in the production of coconut chocolate. It was launched in 1951 by Mars. Today, it is considered one of the most popular brands of chocolate bars in the world. The company distributes its products in more than 170 countries on all continents of the Earth. Bars are available in two variations, namely with the taste of milk or dark chocolate. For buyers to immediately associate with coconut, all commercials are filmed against a tropical island backdrop. The same element is actively used on the packaging of the bar. Also, a cult tool for brand promotion is its slogan, “The Taste of Paradise.”

Meaning and History

Bounty Logo History

For the entire time Bounty has been present on the market; the brand logo has changed only twice. At the heart of the verbal inscription, there are elements of the main ingredient of the company’s bars, namely coconut.

What is Bounty?

First of all, this is delicious coconut chocolate, which can be purchased in most supermarkets globally. Adequate price and quality ingredients only add to the popularity of Bounty products.

1951 – 1991

Bounty Logo 1951

The first bars of coconut chocolate under the Bounty brand was released in 1951. It was then that the original version of the logo appeared. It was based on a simple word inscription, made in a classic bold font using black capital letters. The thick lines in the letters allowed customers to read the brand name and see it from afar easily. At the same time, it seemed to many experts that this logo style would be more suitable for a large company and not for a brand that produces chocolate bars with coconut. Despite this, it was relevant for 40 years, and it was thanks to him that the brand’s visual recognition was at a high level.

1991 – 1999

Bounty Logo 1991

However, in 1991, the company nevertheless decided to make the logo brighter to be associated with the target audience with a tropical island and a coconut palm. The use of bold white letters in a classic sans-serif allowed the name to be intuitively similar to coconut flakes. This wordmark looked perfect against the background of the candy bar packaging, where the first “B” was directly under the palm trees, and the rest of the name was depicted under the blue sky.

1999 – today

Bounty Logo

The last major redesign of the logo to date took place in 1999. The company tried to make the verbal inscription even more like coconut flakes, from which chocolate bars are made. The brand name is written in a unique and stylish font using bold white letters with unusual curves in all characters. The use of a dark blue shadow creates a sense of three-dimensionality in the image.

Font and Colors

Bounty Emblem

If in the first two versions the company used classic fonts, where all the letters in the name were capitalized and made in the same style, then the current variation looks unique and modern, attracting attention even from those people who are not familiar with the products of the corporation.

Bounty Symbol

The logo’s color palette consists of a white word inscription, which is depicted on a blue background on the packaging. The buyer of Bounty products has associations with coconut flakes and a tropical island.

Bounty color codes

Dark SapphireHex color:#17246e
RGB:23 36 110
CMYK:79 67 0 57
Pantone:PMS 2756 C
Aztec GoldHex color:#c79741
RGB:199 151 65
CMYK:0 24 67 22
Pantone:PMS 7563 C

What is the meaning of the Bounty Logo?

The modern Bounty logo conveys coconut pulp - the main ingredient of a chocolate bar. Each letter means exactly it, so it looks voluminous, white, and airy. The rough texture of the natural filling is reflected in the wavy edges of the glyphs. The emblem has one more meaning: ‘generosity,’ ‘generous gift’ of nature because this is the meaning that was laid in the brand name.

What does the logo symbolize Bounty Logo?

The Bounty logo symbolizes heavenly delight, which gives the tropical taste of the original confection. Everything is dedicated to him - from the background to the font. The shape of the letters, their color, and their texture are reminiscent of coconut, the main ingredient in a chocolate bar. The jagged edges make the glyphs look airy as if they were formed from small coconut flakes.

Why is bounty named Bounty?

The brand got its name in honor of the islands that are part of New Zealand, where coconut palms grow. After all, the pulp of their fruits is the main filling of chocolate-glazed bars. In turn, the islands were named after the ship Captain William Bligh that discovered them. Therefore, the Bounty logo, in fact, reflects both of these factors. By the way, the word ‘bounty’ means ‘generous.’

What brand is a bounty?

This is a brand of sweet bars filled with coconut, coated in chocolate (milk or black), as conveyed in the Bounty logo. In addition, it is a confectionery brand owned by Mars. She launched it in the United Kingdom and Canada in 1951.

Who invented the bounty?

Mars started mass production of glazed coconut filling. But the author of the idea is not her, but Peter Paul, who in 1936 made a similar bar called Mounds. It is a direct copy of Almond Joy coconut sweets covered with milk chocolate. They were introduced in 1948 by the American concern Hershey’s. The current manufacturer has changed the name, wrapper, and Bounty logo.