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Bouraq Indonesia Airlines: Brand overview

Bouraq Indonesia Airlines was founded in 1970 and has been key in connecting the Indonesian archipelago for over 35 years. The airline began operating older aircraft, such as the Douglas DC-3 and Vickers Viscount, serving major cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, and Denpasar. Initially focusing on domestic flights, it supported the local economy and facilitated travel within Indonesia.

During the 1980s, it expanded its services. They introduced modern aircraft like the Boeing 737 and Fokker F28, which allowed them to begin international flights to nearby countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. This expansion helped enhance Indonesia’s connections with Southeast Asia.

In the 1990s, other Indonesian carriers like Garuda Indonesia and Merpati Nusantara Airlines introduced competition. The company responded by opening new international routes to Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea, demonstrating its commitment to broadening travel options.

The airline’s early 2000s were challenging. The 1997 Asian financial crisis and rising fuel costs affected its profitability. The aging fleet required costly maintenance, further strained the company’s finances.

In 2005, financial difficulties forced the company to cease operations. Its last flight was on July 25, 2005. At its closure, it was headquartered in Jakarta and owned by Jerry Albert Sumendap.

Meaning and History

Bouraq Indonesia Airlines Logo History

1970 – 2005

Bouraq Indonesia Airlines Logo

Indonesian airline Bouraq Indonesia Airlines has its flight symbol – a giant golden bird. The logo shows only a part of the bird: its head, neck, and half of one wing. The artists did not go into a detailed drawing but created a silhouette with clearly outlined feathers, eye, beak, and tongue. Where the wing is cropped, there is a green ball. It looks like a green circle crossed by thin white lines and containing the letter “B.” At the bottom of the emblem is the same green word, “BOURAQ,” written in a bold font with rectangular serifs.

The golden bird symbolizes aviation’s freedom, agility, and adventurous spirit. The green globe with the letter “B” stands for the airline’s global ambitions or concern for the environment. The bold rectangular serif font used for the word “BOURAQ” gives the solidity and reliability required for an airline. Together, these elements create an iconic and multifaceted representation of the brand.