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Bouraq Indonesia Airlines logo is a distinctive emblem that creatively captures the essence of flight and the airline’s identity. Through the combination of several symbolic elements, it tells a story of elegance, ambition, and connectivity.

The Golden Bird: The partially depicted giant golden bird is the logo’s centerpiece. Its head, neck, and half-wing are shown and illustrated with clearly defined feathers, an eye, a beak, and a tongue. The bird represents freedom, grace, and strength, attributes aligned with the brand’s aspirations in the aviation industry.

Green Globe with the Letter ‘B’: When the wing is cut off, there’s a green globe marked with thin white lines containing the letter ‘B.’ The green color symbolizes growth, harmony, and environmental awareness. The globe signifies the airline’s global reach and commitment to connecting various destinations. The letter ‘B’ stands for Bouraq, reinforcing the company’s identity within the logo.

Bold Typography for ‘BOURAQ’: The brand name is written in bold, rectangular serif letters at the bottom of the emblem. Green aligns it with the color of the globe above, creating a unified appearance. The boldness of the font conveys confidence and reliability, characteristics vital for an airline company.

Simplicity in Design: While depicting an intricate concept, the designers chose not to over-detail the drawing. Using clean lines and solid colors creates a modern and approachable feel, ensuring the logo is easily recognizable and versatile across various mediums.

Integration of Culture and Modernity: The golden bird is also a nod to traditional Indonesian mythology, where such a creature often symbolizes nobility and divine connection. The airline connects with its cultural roots by including this symbol while maintaining a contemporary appearance through the stylized design.

Alignment with Corporate Values: The different components of the logo align well with what the airline stands for – an organization that values excellence, connectivity, environmental stewardship, and a blend of tradition with innovation. The emblem serves as a visual manifesto, succinctly articulating these ideals.

Adaptability: The design’s simplicity ensures that it can be easily adapted for various applications, from aircraft tailfins to stationery, without losing its impact or meaning.

Bouraq Indonesia Airlines: Brand overview

Founded: 1970 – 25 July 2005
Founder: Jarry Albert Sumendap
Jakarta, Indonesia

Bouraq Indonesia Airlines, a private commercial airline, was established in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 1970 by Jarry Albert Sumendap. The name “Bouraq” drew inspiration from the Islamic tradition, referring to a mythical winged creature.

The airline initially commenced its journey with domestic operations, connecting prominent cities across Indonesia using Fokker F28 aircraft. As the 1980s rolled in, Bouraq embarked on an expansion strategy to include international routes across Asia. Its fleet of Boeing 737 jets facilitated this, enabling it to service destinations in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China, and the Philippines.

Over the years, Bouraq underwent several significant changes, including ownership transfers and structural reconfigurations, but it always remained committed to its domestic operations. In 2000, a merger with another Indonesian carrier saw Bouraq rebranded as Airlines Bouraq Indonesia. Nevertheless, financial difficulties continued to plague the airline.

By 2002, the persistent challenges had become untenable, leading Bouraq to suspend its operations for two years. The airline bounced back in 2004, armed with a refreshed operating certificate. However, the respite was short-lived. A combination of towering debt and surging fuel prices forced Bouraq to permanently halt all flight operations in July 2005 after providing 35 years of service to the aviation industry.

During its heyday, Bouraq Indonesia boasted a fleet of 10 aircraft, serving both domestic routes within Indonesia and regional international routes within Asia. Its journey reflects the trials and tribulations of aviation and serves as a chapter in the history of Indonesian commercial airlines.

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