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The menacing emblem of the peregrine falcon and the red-black-white palette make the logo of the Bowling Green Falcons attractive. The minimalist style, rigor, and originality of the composition ensure the necessary informativeness, symbolizing the spirit and main goals of the sports department.

Bowling Green Falcons: Brand overview

Bowling Green, Ohio, U.S.
Bowling Green Falcons is a sports department belonging to Bowling Green State University, founded in 1910 in Bowling Green, Ohio. The department consists of 17 teams – 10 women’s and seven men’s. They compete in the Mid-American Conference, are part of NCAA Division I (FBS), and are headed by Bob Moosbrugger.

Bowling Green Falcons Emblem

Several university teams have participated in the national championship. In 1959, the football players played at the NCAA College Division national championship. In 2004 and 2008, a university representative performed successfully at the USCFS championships – figure skating competitions. 1984 was a landmark year for hockey players who played in the NCAA Division I Men’s Ice Hockey Tournament. In 2018, the rugby players played in the USA Rugby D1-AA national championship.

Meaning and History

Bowling Green Falcons Logo History

The emblem from 1966 is made in a cartoonish style. It depicts the mascot of the sports department – the peregrine falcon, the fastest species in the falcon family. It was approved in the 1950s and has since been constantly used in logos. In 2006, it received the title of Best Collegiate Mascot (at the NCA Cheer Camp festival), becoming the best sports symbol.

In the original version, the bird is placed above the abbreviated name of the university – “BGSU.” The peregrine falcon has a huge beak, spread wings, a menacing look, and powerful, clawed feet. The primary colors are orange and brown.

What is Bowling Green Falcons?

Bowling Green Falcons is the collective name for 17 student teams representing Bowling Green State University in intercollegiate sports. They are located in Bowling Green, Ohio, and participate in NCAA Division I as part of the Mid-American Conference. Their main rivals are the representatives of the sports faculty, “Toledo Rockets.”

1966 – 1979

Bowling Green Falcons Logo 1966-1979

1980 – 2005

Bowling Green Falcons Logo 1980-2005

2006 – today

Bowling Green Falcons Logo 2006-Present

The next version dates back to 1980. It is radically different from its predecessor. Firstly, in its strict style. Secondly, in its conciseness. There are no superfluous details – only a stylized image of the feathered predator. The drawing is done in medium-width orange lines.

The logo itself consists of two parts: textual and graphic. It represents the abbreviation “BG,” connected in the form of a monogram, from which a menacing peregrine falcon looks out. It consists of brown-orange stripes of various formats. The letters have sharp serifs at the ends, reminiscent of a beak and claws.

Bowling Green Falcons: Interesting Facts

The Bowling Green Falcons are a sports team from Bowling Green State University. They play many sports like football, basketball, and ice hockey, and they’re good at them.

  1. Long History: They’ve been around since the early 1900s, meaning they have much experience playing sports.
  2. Many Sports: They play not just one or two but many different sports, giving many students a chance to show what they can do.
  3. Awesome Ice Hockey: Their ice hockey team is super good. They won a big championship in 1984 after playing one of the longest games ever. It was so exciting!
  4. Great at Football: Their football team has won many championships and even sent players to the NFL, which is a big deal.
  5. Smart Coaches: Some really smart people have coached, especially in football. These coaches helped improve the team.
  6. Fun Marching Band: Their band plays music at games and makes everything more fun. They’re a big part of the team’s spirit.
  7. Big Rivalry: They have a big rivalry with the Toledo Rockets. It’s a huge deal and makes the games even more exciting.
  8. School and Sports: They ensure players do well in school, not just sports. It’s important to them that everyone succeeds in both.
  9. Famous Alumni: Some former players became famous in baseball, figure skating, and basketball.
  10. Helps the Community: They do a lot of work in their town, helping and bringing everyone together.

So, the Bowling Green Falcons are more than just a team. Their big family cares about sports, school, and their community.

Font and Colors

Bowling Green Falcons color codes

International OrangeHex color:#fe5000
RGB:254 80 0
CMYK:0 69 100 0
Pantone:PMS Orange 021 C
Caput MortuumHex color:#4f2c1d
RGB:79 44 29
CMYK:0 44 63 69
Pantone:PMS 483 C
CamelHex color:#cda077
RGB:205 160 119
CMYK:0 22 42 20
Pantone:PMS 721 C