BRA Logo


The logo of BRA (Braathens Regional Airlines), a Swedish airline, represents the company’s commitment to extensive regional connectivity across Sweden. This emblem captures the legacy formed from the merger of several regional carriers, each with a rich history of serving Sweden’s unique regions. The logo symbolizes the airline’s efforts to foster community connections and economic growth through dependable, friendly air travel.

BRA: Brand overview

2016, Braathens Regional Airlines started with a strong vision and quickly made a mark in Scandinavia. The brand focused on expanding its routes across Sweden and Norway, earning a reputation for punctuality and excellent customer service.

In 2020, the pandemic hit the world hard, heavily impacting travel. Like many, the brand faced financial difficulties due to travel restrictions and falling demand. Its parent company, Braganza, could no longer support the struggling operations, leading to hardship.

In response, the brand restructured in 2021 by cutting down on less profitable routes and reducing its fleet, focusing on the core profitable routes in Sweden and Norway. This was a key step in keeping the airline going and preparing for future recovery.

By 2022, as demand for air travel started to recover, the company attracted new investors, which helped revive its operations. This financial boost allowed it to restart flights to Denmark and Finland and start rebuilding its network.

By 2024, the brand was serving over 30 regional destinations in Scandinavia. It focused on sustainability by adding new ATR 72-600 turboprop planes, which are more fuel-efficient, and by investing in carbon offset programs. Despite the problems caused by the pandemic, it has maintained its reliability.

Meaning and History

BRA Logo History

What is BRA?

Based in Stockholm, the Swedish airline operates domestic and international flights, connecting major Swedish cities with popular European destinations. The fleet includes modern ATR and Avro RJ aircraft, known for high-quality service, reliability, and passenger comfort. The airline collaborates with other airlines and travel agencies, offering package tours and special deals to boost tourism and business travel. Its headquarters at Stockholm-Bromma Airport helps coordinate flights efficiently and maintain high service standards. The company offers charter and corporate flights, providing tailored aviation solutions for businesses and private clients.

2016 – today

BRA Logo

Since 2016, Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA) has used a logo that vividly expresses its identity and mission. The airline’s logo combines the company name with an image of an airplane tail fin painted with many colorful stripes.

These logo elements are carefully chosen to reflect the key aspects of the company’s operations. The name “BRA,” an acronym for Braathens Regional Airlines, is presented in capital letters, emphasizing the company’s status as Sweden’s leading domestic carrier. This font choice draws attention to BRA’s reliability and the scope of its operations.

The airplane tail fin, painted in various colorful stripes, symbolizes the airline’s wide range of routes and destinations. This logo element enhances visual appeal and carries significant meaning. The colorful stripes resemble a rainbow, symbolizing diversity and inclusiveness. They represent the colors of all flags with the Scandinavian cross, highlighting the company’s commitment to cultural traditions and its geographic position in the region.


What is the airline code BRA?

The company, known as BRA, is famous in Sweden. Its market share is 30%, indicating its strong regional presence.

It serves 16 destinations, including major cities in Sweden and nearby countries such as Denmark, Finland, and France. This network benefits residents and makes travel easier for international tourists and business people.

The airline’s key advantage is punctuality. This makes it a better choice, especially for those who need to be on time, such as business travelers. Reliable and timely service enhances its reputation and shows that it manages its operations well.