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Bradley Braves Logo

Bradley Braves Logo
Bradley Braves Logo PNG

Bradley Braves is the name of 15 university sports teams (7 male and eight female) who are part of Bradley University, located in Peoria, Illinois. The head of the department is Chris Reynolds. The University athletes represent several popular disciplines: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Tennis, Athletics, and more. The teams are members of NCAA Division I and compete at the Missouri Valley Conference.

Bradley Braves Emblem

Almost immediately after its opening (in 1879), the university formed its first football and baseball teams. It happened in 1898. After four years, a basketball team appeared, which became the most successful of all. It won four times in the National Invitation Tournament (NIT) and two times in NCAA and NIT tournaments. Kaboom the Gargoyle is the mascot of the Bradliv athletes.

Meaning and History

Bradley Braves Logo History
Evolution of the Bradley Braves Logo

The logo of the late 80s has only one basic element โ€“ the name of the sports department, divided into two parts. The first one is the background, in the form of two large red letters, โ€œBU.โ€ This is an abbreviation of the word combination โ€œBradley University.โ€ The second is the white italic word โ€œBraves,โ€ which means the teams themselves. All have black shadows that create a 3D effect โ€“ volumetric and expressive. In this form, the logo existed until 2011.

1989 – 2011

Bradley Braves Logo 1989-2011

2012 – present

Bradley Braves Logo 2012-Present

In 2012, there was a redesign, which resulted in a minimalistic red and white logo. It has only two details: the letter โ€œBโ€ in the center of the shield, reminiscent of a chevron, and the inscription โ€œBradley,โ€ located below. The font is slightly rounded, upper case, with serifs.