Brazilian Startup Unveils New Brand Identity to Simplify Crypto Investment Logo New, which took its first steps in Brazil in 2017, has emerged from obscurity to establish itself as a leading platform for Web3 and token-based innovations. Initially starting as a low-key venture, the company has evolved to become a linchpin in making the labyrinthine world of cryptocurrency and decentralized technology more digestible for the everyday person. Co-founders Mel Gelderman and David Hoggard are the architects behind this initiative. They are driven by their vision to provide a streamlined platform showcasing the best and latest projects in the crypto arena.

To elevate its standing as a trusted go-to hub, has undergone a brand makeover. With the new slogan “Invest With Intent,” the brand is pivoting from merely focusing on financial gains. Instead, it aims to emphasize the importance of investing in projects that have meaningful impact, such as community development, eco-friendly initiatives, and even local businesses.

A major shift is evident in the logo’s new design. Moving away from the stereotypical, complex crypto aesthetic, now showcases a palette of inviting and soft colors. The new logo, named ‘Ken,’ flaunts a bold wordmark and has an animated face incorporated into the letter “o,” creating a balanced mix of whimsy and gravitas. This design choice, set in MD Nichrome font, aligns with the brand’s broader visual language, inspired by the optimism of the 1960s space race and classic science fiction literature. Logo Evolution (history)

In collaboration with design agency ON, has revamped its website and app experience, centering on the theme of “Intent.” Through a sleek, easy-to-navigate interface illustrated by Bertrand Aznar, users can promptly make well-informed investment decisions. Despite resembling Robinhood and Wise, the platform sets itself apart with its unique aesthetic.

The redesign has evoked a range of responses. While many critics have lauded the platform for its visually appealing and detailed design, others have pointed out its similarities with existing fintech brands. However, there’s a consensus that has carved out a distinct and relevant identity in a congested market.’s refurbished identity demonstrates a commitment to shifting public perception from viewing cryptocurrency as a risky venture to considering it an avenue for meaningful investment. While the effectiveness of this shift remains to be seen,’s concerted efforts in branding have distinctly positioned it as a standout player in a crowded and rapidly evolving industry.