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One of the best American TV series can be recognized by the emblem, in which the designers played with the protagonist’s involvement in science. The Breaking Bad logo reflects the plot’s connection to chemistry because it is a story about a high school chemistry teacher, a drug business, and the production of methamphetamine.

Breaking Bad: Brand overview

Founded:January 20, 2008 – September 29, 2013
Founder:Vince Gilligan
United States

Breaking Bad is a popular American television series that was released in 2008. Producer Vince Gilligan filmed five seasons. The Breaking Bad logo belongs to the AMC channel.

Walter White, an ordinary provincial teacher, learns that he has six months to live due to stage III cancer. On the verge of death, White realizes life has been completely mediocre. He, a talented chemist, always followed the rules, earned a penny, and could never fulfill his desires and ensure the family’s future. Therefore, Walter transcends all norms and boundaries and begins producing drugs, completely changing his life.

Meaning and History

Breaking Bad Logo History

The series’ logo remained constant throughout the film’s five years of filming. It perfectly matches the plot and suits its main character.

The emblem is the name of the picture, written in two levels. The first letters of each word are stylized as elements of the Periodic Table of Mendeleev.

  • Breaking – Br – bromine.
  • Bad – Ba – barium.

What is Breaking Bad?

A multi-part film about the fate of a schoolteacher from Albuquerque who became a drug dealer due to illness. There are 62 episodes in total. Recognized as one of the best TV shows in America. Actor Bryan Cranston won 4 Emmy Awards for his lead role in it. Filming was completed in 2013.

The creation of the emblem in a chemical key indicates White’s profession and the main plot around which events occur. The protagonist knew perfectly well how to produce the highest quality and pure drug. On the first try, he gets a well-known powder with additional properties. He could create an expensive substance in the desert in an ordinary trailer with a few chemicals available. Previously, ethical standards did not allow him to do this. But now, at the end of his life, he is angry at fate and does not care.

Breaking Bad Symbol

Synthesizing methamphetamine and its implementation is an integral part of the plot. The knowledge of chemistry allows the former teacher to gain access to large sums and become a completely different person. Bromine and barium do not take part in the drug production process. Therefore, the logo they are the personification of chemistry in general.

The name itself in the Russian-language segment is translated as “Breaking Bad.” And White does not deny himself anything, breaking all conceivable laws and becoming part of the underworld. The name and elements of the Periodic Table in the logo show the on-screen synthesis of chemistry and a dangerous and forbidden lifestyle.

At the same time, the phrase Breaking bad from the southern dialect is translated as “arrange hell.” White turned his life into it and brought hell to the city streets with his drugs. His soul has lost human features. He became a real criminal. In pursuit of money, he lost his job, friends, and family, for which he started everything.

Separately, Breaking is breaking. The main character breaks all stereotypes, and the disease breaks his life. The word bad is bad. White is getting bad. There was a “bad breakdown” in this man’s life.

Font and Colors

Breaking Bad Emblem

The main colors of the logo are green and white. They represent life and health.

  • Green is a symbol of life. The protagonist fights for life; he changes the whole system of his existence. It also symbolizes weed, which his partner and former student like to smoke.
  • White – personifies the smoke of cigarettes that the dying person continues to smoke, methamphetamine powder. It is a symbol of purification, recovery, and the desire to rewrite one’s destiny.

Angsana New – logo font.

Breaking Bad color codes

Dark Slate GrayHex color:#2e483f
RGB:46 72 63
CMYK:36 0 12 72
Pantone:PMS 567 C
Phthalo GreenHex color:#1a2a13
RGB:26 42 19
CMYK:38 0 55 84
Pantone:PMS 5605 C
Brunswick GreenHex color:#32503f
RGB:50 80 63
CMYK:38 0 21 69
Pantone:PMS 3435 C
Dark Olive GreenHex color:#3c6b2e
RGB:60 107 46
CMYK:44 0 57 58
Pantone:PMS 7732 C