Brewdog’s WINGMAN: Elevating Beer Branding to New Heights

Wingman New Logo

Scottish Brewdog, the brainchild of James Watt and Martin Dickie, began its 2007 expedition not in epathetic breweries but from an old van in northeast Scotland. The goal? To disrupt the beer market with “hardcore” brews. Brewdog has grown exponentially in its more than a decade of existence, with 2,000 employees, 105 establishments worldwide, and a trio of DogHouse hotels.

The cornerstone of Brewdog’s monumental success is its ability to cultivate loyal fans. A remarkably active community of 205,000+ shareholders is a testament to this. Now, Brewdog is breaking new ground once again. The company recently introduced WINGMAN, a session-able IPA designed to further strengthen its position in the craft beer market. The centerpiece of this endeavor? The WINGMAN logo is the result of a successful collaboration with London-based studio Earthling.

The logo is visually appealing, utilizing a sans-serif typeface that combines boldness and subtlety to stand out and blend with the product. Although the design faces some minor issues with the combination of letters, it firmly holds its place in the market due to its originality.

Wingman Mascot Logo

But it is the mascot that truly embodies the essence of WINGMAN. Dispelling traditional norms, the mascot presents us with a carefully crafted eagle endowed with distinct character traits. The attention to subtle details such as tattoos and patches departs from the modern wave of minimalism, emphasizing Brewdog’s commitment to originality.

The color scheme of the WINGMAN packaging is another masterful move. The can, adorned with yellow, black, and blue hues, creates a mesmerizing picture. Carefully crafted typography frames the mascot, while phrases on the side panels reveal the brand’s history and ethos. The packaging further reinforces the WINGMAN image, although the yellow background can elicit mixed reactions.

Brewdog’s relentless focus on granularity is further emphasized by the “Session IPA” lettering on the can. The textural differences make it stand out from the rest, but it also blends in harmoniously with the overall design.

Brewdog Wingman mascot Logo

The WINGMAN is thus not just an addition to Brewdog’s repertoire. It symbolizes their unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the beer industry through ingenuity and exceptional design standards. The brand’s transition from humble Scottish roots to global power has been inspiring. With WINGMAN in their arsenal, Brewdog intends to take the quality of craft beer to unrivaled heights.