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The Wingman logo carries a spirit of adventure and camaraderie, drawing on the aviation background of the brand’s founder. This logo is a beacon guiding customers to unique, sublime experiences. The logo promises beer and a sense of camaraderie, much like a wingman in a flight formation provides support and protection. The logo epitomizes an ethic of trust, quality, and consistency. It sets the company apart in a crowded marketplace by offering a flight of flavors that customers can trust. It tells shoppers that this drink is not for ordinary people but for those looking for a flavor that transcends boundaries and a brand that understands the spirit of adventure and camaraderie.

Wingman: Brand overview

Wingman emerged from the innovative efforts of the renowned Scottish Brewdog company. This initiative was aimed at creating impeccable beers that stand out for their flavor and quality. With a wealth of experience spanning over 15 years, Brewdog has continually challenged traditional brewing methods and set new standards.

The pursuit of excellence and unrivaled creativity in brewing has led to the birth of the Wingman variety. It symbolizes Brewdog’s unwavering commitment to quality and the drive to set new standards in craft beer.

Wingman serves as a testament to Brewdog’s adventurous spirit. It opens up a promising future for the brand, characterized by outstanding beer offerings based on a deep commitment to brewing excellence.

Meaning and History

Wingman Logo History

2023 – today

Wingman Logo

Earl Burrows, the founder of the Australian brand, previously worked in the aviation industry, which inspired him to name his beer using an aviation term. This term formed the basis of the logo that adorns the brand’s bottles. The text is arranged in three lines: the first line shows the brewery network to which the brand belongs, the second line contains the word “Wingman,” and the third line shows the type of beer. The inscriptions are made in capital letters without serifs. The smallest text is located in the upper line and is bold, and the largest text is in the middle, consisting of super bold glyphs of different heights. The bottom line is decorated with two five-pointed stars.

The logo design choice, especially the aviation term “Wingman,” is a reference to Earl Burroughs’ experience in the aviation industry, implying that this beer is the “co-pilot” you’d want to have on your side. Different text sizes and boldness levels draw attention to the brand name, making it the center of attention. The five-pointed stars at the bottom add zest and signify quality, serving as a visual balance to the text-rich design.