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The logo of Fanta, a popular refreshment drink, reflects its name’s the profound meaning and the product’s essence. The logo is bright, cheerful, inspiring, and full of energy, appealing to the target customer segment.

Fanta: Brand overview

Founded: 1940
Founder: The Coca-Cola Company
Germany (beverage), Italy (orange version)
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Fanta is a popular soft drink of German origin, which is now produced by the American corporation Coca-Cola (she bought the rights to it in the 1960th year). The product itself appeared in Germany in the 1940th. The current name came to him by accident when the head of the company asked employees to include a fantasy to find a suitable name. And since “fantasy” in German is “fantasie,” manager Joe Knipp exclaimed, “Fanta!”

Meaning and History

Fanta Logo History

The emblem of the brand is bright, cheerful, inspiring energy. But she was not always like that, because before she looked gray and dull. However, during its existence, it evolved through many stages.

1940 – 1955

Fanta Logo 1940-1955

The debut version is a strict inscription made in black font in lowercase. Due to the curved bar of the “f,” the first letter is similar to the handwritten one. The logo background is white.

1955 – 1972

Fanta Logo 1955-1972

The colored emblem belongs to this period, on which the name of the drink, written in white symbols, is located on a blue background. Their shape is geometrically accurate, with right angles, except the letter “a” – it is rounded. The underlay is rectangular, with a concave curve at the top.

1972 – 1988

Fanta Logo 1972-1988

This is a legendary time in the history of the brand because, in 1972, designers added an element of fun and playfulness to the logo. As a result, at the extended leg “N” (all letters are now capital), three large orange dots appeared. According to the developers’ idea, they represent oranges, the juice of which has become the main in the production of the drink.

1988 – 1994

Fanta Logo 1988-1994

The emblem has become colorful: in this version, the letters are blue, and the oranges folded on the hill are bright orange (they were shifted slightly to the left). A juicy green leaf has been added to the fruit.

1994 – 1997

Fanta Logo 1994-1997

In 1994, the manufacturer changed the style of the Fanta logo. Instead of a strictly geometric font, an artistic font is now used, with slight points at the ends.

1997 – 2001

Fanta Logo 1997-2001

This period includes options with an orange spiral background, denoting orange juice, which is poured into a glass. The name of the drink is located obliquely, diagonally. This version has the most dynamic image, transmitting energy.

2001 – 2004

Fanta Logo 2001-2004

The background of the inscription disappeared, and it received a three-dimensional effect.

2004 – 2008

Fanta Logo 2004-2008

In 2004, designers perfected the word “Fanta.” They made the blue letters lower and thicker to associate them with drops of water. Shade was added to the sheet.

2008 – 2010

Fanta Logo 2008-2010

The developers depicted on the logo a large orange resembling the sun.

2010 – 2016

Fanta Logo 2010-2016

This logo is distinguished by geometrically strict letters of white color and a blue shadow coming from the word. The new version was invented by designers from the Koto agency (UK). It is believed that the first cut out letters and all elements from paper, and then folded them manually and created a vector logo.

2016 – today

Fanta Logo 2016-present

In the current version, the developers left the letters a dark blue outline, and the shadows themselves were removed so that the orange was visible. Moreover, they retained the colorful logo, which is very important as a marketing tool, because the target segment of consumers is youth, decisive, energetic, and full of enthusiasm.

Font and Colors

Fanta Emblem

Graphic symbolism of the trademark – orange. It is present in almost all versions of the logo because it is the basic ingredient of a “sunny” drink.

Fanta Symbol

On the new emblem, instead of thick, squat letters, flat and angular are used. The custom font that creates the impression of cut paper. He was offered by Colophon Studio.

The color scheme is diverse. This is due to the expansion of the taste of the drink, which is not only saturated orange but also pale tangerine, yellow, green, purple. Therefore, now the palette differs by codes.

Fanta color codes

Carrot Orange Hex color: #f7941e
RGB: 247 148 30
CMYK: 0 40 88 3
Pantone: PMS 1495 C
Blue Hex color: #2d3092
RGB: 45 48 146
CMYK: 69 67 0 43
Pantone: PMS 2746 C
Kelly Green Hex color: #70bf44
RGB: 112 191 68
CMYK: 41 0 64 25
Pantone: PMS 361 C
Maximum Green Hex color: #609644
RGB: 96 150 68
CMYK: 36 0 55 41
Pantone: PMS 7739 C