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“Feel the power of the monster. Become able to move mountains,” the Monster Energy logo calls. The emblem is full of energy, cutting through fatigue’s darkness. Together with the life-giving drink, the body is filled with cheerfulness and inhuman capabilities.

Monster Energy: Brand overview

Founded: April 18, 2002
Founder: Monster Beverage
United States
Monster Energy is an energy drink brand that was launched in April 2002. It is launched by the US-based Hansen Natural Company, now renamed Monster Beverage Corporation. In total, 34 branded energy drinks with different compositions and names are produced under this label.

Meaning and History

Monster Energy Logo History

The brand’s emblem was presented immediately in the year of its foundation and has never changed: now it looks the same as in 2002. A professional design studio developed the modernist style logo. She came up with a big neon green “M” (a reference to the Monster name) set against a black background.

The letter is stylized as a claw mark from a wild monster that bursts out of a can with an energy drink. Therefore, the three stripes look like scratches left by those who sit inside. Due to its unique and unusual logo, the company was even sued for using satanic symbols.

What is Monster Energy?

It is a form of energy drink, the flagship brand of the Monster Beverage Corporation.

Others compare the Monster Energy logo to the Hebrew kabbalistic signs that have the numerological meaning of six. In their opinion, the drink’s emblem is a biblical mark of the number of the beast. But the branding agency that offered this option for the power engineer proved that her work had nothing to do with Satanic symbols and that it was just an artistic allegory of “punctures” on the wall of the can.

The author of the logo is a design studio McLean Design from California. Based in Walnut Creek, the firm specializes in branding and packaging design. She has created logos for many famous companies such as Coca-Cola, Epson, Bosch, Nestle, and others. The result of high professionalism is obvious: the logo interacts with consumers and focuses on individuality.

Font and Colors

Monster Energy Emblem

The assortment of the energy drink includes 34 items, each provided with its flavor. Therefore, the manufacturer decided to highlight some species, marking them with an individual sign. For example, Absolutely zero, Assault, Khaos, etc. Moreover, they have marketing value and are necessary to increase sales by attracting attention to the brand. As a result, several additional versions of the logo appeared: identical graphics, but in a different palette.

Monster Energy Symbol

Each letter in the “Monster” lettering is unique. The font is not used in the lettering because all the characters in it are painted to produce an unusual visual effect and evoke an emotional response. The accent is “O,” which is divided into two equal parts by a vertical stripe. Moreover, the letters’ contours are uneven, clumsy, as if the monster’s paw took them out. The word “Energy” is different from them: it is made in a geometric style with black edging.

The logo color is a combination of neon green and black. A bright shade strikingly looks against a dark background and attracts the eye, in harmony with the can’s claw mark. It reflects the main properties of an energy drink: impressive, exclusive, youthful, aggressive.

Monster Energy color codes

Sheen Green Hex color: #95d600
RGB: 149 214 0
CMYK: 30 0 100 16
Pantone: PMS 375 C
Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C

Who designed the Monster Energy logo?

The iconic green claw mark logo was created by McLean Design, a Californian visual identity designer for many brands.

Why was Monster banned?

Monster Energy is banned in India because it contains ginseng and caffeine. The same goes for all other drinks with the same composition.

Where is Monster Energy made?

The Monster Beverage Corporation does not have its industrial sites. She trusts the production process to other companies in the USA, Mexico, Europe, Canada, Brazil, and Australia – closer to the sales markets.

Why are Monster Energies bad for you?

Like other energy drinks, Monster Energy negatively affects heart function. The high sugar content also causes serious health problems.