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“Feel the power of the monster. Become capable of moving mountains,” the Monster Energy logo urges. The emblem is full of energy, breaking through the darkness of fatigue. Along with the invigorating drink, the body is filled with vigor and superhuman abilities.

Monster Energy: Brand overview

Monster Energy is a brand of energy drink that appeared in April 2002. It is produced by the American company Hansen Natural Company, now renamed Monster Beverage Corporation. A total of 34 proprietary energy drinks with different compositions and names are produced under this brand.

Meaning and History

Monster Energy Logo History

The brand’s emblem was introduced in the year of its founding and has never changed: it looks the same now as it did in 2002. A professional design studio developed the logo in a modernist style. It conceived a large neon-green letter “M” (a reference to the Monster’s name) on a black background.

The letter is stylized as a wild monster’s claw mark bursting out of a can of energy drink. Therefore, the three stripes look like scratches left by whoever sits inside. Because of the unique and unusual logo, the company was even sued for using satanic symbols.

What is Monster Energy?

It is a type of energy drink, the flagship brand of Monster Beverage Corporation.

Others compare the Monster Energy logo to Kabbalistic signs in Hebrew, which have the numerological meaning of “six.” In their opinion, the drink’s emblem is the biblical sign of the beast’s number. However, the branding agency that offered the energy company this option proved that its work has nothing to do with satanic symbols and is merely an artistic allegory of “punctures” on the wall of a can.

The logo was created by McLean Design, a California design studio. This firm, located in Walnut Creek, specializes in branding and packaging design. It has created logos for many well-known companies such as Coca-Cola, Epson, Bosch, Nestle, and others. The result of high professionalism is evident: the logo interacts with consumers and emphasizes individuality.

Monster Energy: Interesting Facts

Monster Energy is a famous energy drink that started in 2002. It’s known for its unique logo that looks like claw marks and its many flavors.

  1. The Logo: The logo is easily recognizable and shows the brand’s adventurous spirit.
  2. Supporting Sports: Monster Energy supports exciting sports like motocross and skateboarding and big races like NASCAR. They also help musicians, gamers, and athletes, showing they love action and fun.
  3. Many Flavors: Monster Energy drinks come in many flavors, including the original flavor, sugar-free options, and even a recovery drink. This means everyone can find one they like.
  4. Worldwide: Monster Energy is available in over 100 countries, making it easy to find almost anywhere.
  5. Music and Fun: The brand also participates in music festivals and events, making it part of the entertainment world.
  6. Monster Energy Girls: They have a team called “Monster Energy Girls” who help promote the drink at events and online. This has gotten mixed reviews from people.
  7. Joining with Coca-Cola: In 2015, Coca-Cola bought a large part of Monster Energy, which helped Monster Energy reach even more places around the world.
  8. Creative Ads: Monster Energy is known for its creative ads that use social media and other online ways to connect with people. They’re all about keeping their fans happy and excited.

Monster Energy has become very popular because it knows how to market itself, offers many choices, and connects with its customers’ preferences. Even though some people have criticized the brand, it remains a top choice for those looking for an energy boost.

Font and Colors

Monster Energy Emblem

The range of energy drinks includes 34 items, each with its own flavor. Therefore, the manufacturer decided to highlight some types by marking them with an individual sign—for example, Absolutely Zero, Assault, Khaos, etc. In addition, they have marketing value and are necessary for increasing sales by attracting attention to the brand. As a result, several additional versions of the logo appeared: identical graphics but in a different palette.

Monster Energy Symbol

Each letter in the Monster inscription is unique. No font is used in the inscription, as all the symbols in it are drawn to create an unusual visual effect and evoke an emotional response. The focus is on the letter “O,” which is divided by a vertical line into two equal parts. In addition, the contours of the letters are uneven and clumsy, as if they were drawn by the paw of a monster. The word “Energy” is different from them: it is made in a geometric style with a black frame.

The color of the logo is a combination of neon green and black. The bright shade looks striking against a dark background and attracts the eye, harmonizing with the claw mark of the can. It reflects the main properties of the energy drink: impressive, exclusive, youthful, and aggressive.

Monster Energy color codes

Sheen GreenHex color:#95d600
RGB:149 214 0
CMYK:30 0 100 16
Pantone:PMS 375 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C


Who developed the Monster Energy logo?

The iconic green logo with the claw mark was created by McLean Design, a Californian visual identity designer for many brands.

Why was Monster banned?

Monster Energy is banned in India because it contains ginseng and caffeine. The same applies to all other drinks with a similar composition.

Where is Monster Energy produced?

Monster Beverage Corporation does not have its own industrial sites. It entrusts the production process to other companies in the USA, Mexico, Europe, Canada, Brazil, and Australia, which are closer to its markets.

Why are Monster Energy drinks bad for you?

Like other energy drinks, Monster Energy negatively affects heart function. The high sugar content also causes serious health problems.