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The Bristow Helicopters logo is most likely a symbol of reliability and diverse services in the sky. It brings to mind the company’s long history of assisting in a variety of activities, from oil rigs to rescue operations. The logo reflects the spirit of reliability when things are done in the air.

Bristow Helicopters: Brand overview

Bristow Helicopters, based at Aberdeen Airport in Scotland, currently operates under the flag of the American Bristow Group, headquartered in Houston, Texas.

In 1955, Alan Bristow, a decorated former Royal Navy officer, conceived an ambitious dream. His idea was to revolutionize transportation and rescue services using helicopters, which led to the creation of Bristow Helicopters. Starting out at Redhill Aerodrome in the English county of Surrey, the company quickly gained recognition for its pioneering endeavors in helicopter aviation.

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, Bristow Helicopters wrote its name in the annals of history when it was commissioned to transport workers and equipment to the Channel Tunnel construction site.

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Bristow Helicopters grew, expanding its presence in the UK and abroad. The company diversified its portfolio, participating in numerous offshore projects and establishing a strong presence in the oil and gas exploration sector, particularly in the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico.

In the 1980s, Bristow Helicopters reached another historic milestone. It became the first helicopter operator to be contracted by the UK Department of Transport to provide search and rescue services. This contract was renewed in 1993 and 2003, confirming Bristow Helicopters’ continued commitment to rescue operations in the UK.

In June 2020, Bristow Helicopters embarked on a new path by merging with Era Group Inc. of Louisiana to form the powerful Bristow Group. This strategic alliance, announced in 2019, has the potential to fundamentally change the contours of the aviation sector.

Meaning and History

Bristow Helicopters Logo History

What is Bristow Helicopters?

Bristow Helicopters is a British civil helicopter operator originally based at Aberdeen Airport, Scotland. The company is now part of the American Bristow Group, headquartered in Houston, Texas. This merger paved the way for the company’s global expansion, cementing its presence in aviation.

In the beginning, the company aimed to provide efficient and reliable helicopter services. Over time, it began offering a variety of services, including search and rescue and marine transportation. The company’s success reflects its ability to adapt to industry needs while maintaining a strong commitment to safety and customer service.

1955 – today

Bristow Helicopters Logo

A company that operates a fleet of helicopters uses an appropriate emblem. In this case, the Bristow Helicopter emblem is a propeller consisting of four blue and red blades. The blades are parallelogram-shaped, with one elongated pointed end resembling a baby wheel. The company name is on the right side, with similar pointed ends on the glyphs. The text is typed in lowercase letters, except for the letter “B,” which is capitalized. The letters are decorated with spikes. This angularity effectively balances the rounded shapes.

The choice of blue and red colors for the propeller blades gives a bright hue and attracts attention, which is very important for brand recognition. The mixed typeface gives the design a modern look while providing easy readability. The spikes on the letters echo the sharp edges of the propeller, creating a sense of integrity to the entire logo. Angular and rounded elements blend harmoniously, reflecting both the mechanical and dynamic components of helicopter flight.