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British Aircraft Corporation: Brand overview

In 1960, the government-initiated merger of several prominent aviation companies in Britain resulted in the formation of the powerful British Aircraft Corporation (BAC).

BAC included such well-known companies as Bristol, English Electric, Vickers, and Hunting Aircraft.

BAC’s pioneering spirit was evident in its pioneering collaboration with the French aircraft manufacturer Aerospatiale in the development of the legendary Concorde airplane. This supersonic passenger jet changed the perception of air travel, capturing the imagination of the world with its unprecedented speed and luxurious design. Concorde became a symbol of British engineering excellence, demonstrating BAC’s ability to push boundaries and revolutionize the industry.

BAC’s contribution was not limited to the commercial sector: the company excelled in the production of advanced military aircraft. The Lightning supersonic fighter jet and the latest TSR-2 reconnaissance strike aircraft are a testament to BAC’s commitment to developing powerful defense systems for the UK armed forces.

Having achieved significant successes, BAC faced challenges in a rapidly changing global aviation landscape. In 1977, BAC merged with Hawker Siddeley Aviation to form British Aerospace (BAe), marking the end of an important era.

Meaning and History

British Aircraft Corporation Logo History

What is British Aircraft Corporation?

The British Aircraft Corporation (BAC), a product of the consolidation of the aviation industry, was formed in 1960. The organization arose from the merger of several prominent British aviation companies: English Electric Aviation Ltd, Vickers-Armstrongs (Aircraft), Bristol Aircraft Company, and Hunting Aviation. The government pushed these four companies to merge, forming a powerful alliance in the aviation industry.

1960 – 1977

British Aircraft Corporation Logo

The British Aircraft Corporation boasts one of the most memorable emblems in the aerospace industry. The main element is an upward-pointing arrow, symbolizing that the company’s aircraft are reliably in the air and actively used for air transportation. The design consists of separate fragments of the British flag: red and white stripes and blue triangles. The abbreviation “BAC” is also present.

The emblem combines elements of national identity in an original way and, at the same time, clearly demonstrates the company’s commitment to excellence in aviation. The arrow pointing upwards signifies the reliability of air transportation and speaks of progress and forward movement. Incorporating elements of the British flag links the company to its roots and gives a sense of pride and tradition.