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In the context of American baseball history, the Brooklyn Dodgers logo reflects Brooklyn’s long-standing sports traditions and the pride of the local fan community. It symbolizes fighting spirit, strength, and the pursuit of victory, emphasizing the ambition and determination of the players. The emblem is associated with team unity because solidarity helps overcome difficulties.

Brooklyn Dodgers: Brand overview

The Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team was founded in 1883. Over the next 30 years, it had unofficial nicknames like Grays, Atlantics, Bridegrooms, Grooms, Superbas, and Trolley Dodgers. In 1913, it was renamed the Dodgers, and a year later, the Robins. But all these nicknames were invented by fans and sports commentators, while the official name was Brooklyn Base Ball Club. Only in 1932 did the word “Dodgers” first appear on the players’ shirts. In 1957, the team moved to Los Angeles. This marked the end of the Brooklyn Dodgers and the beginning of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Meaning and History

Brooklyn Dodgers Logo History

The earlier Brooklyn Dodgers logo reflected the team’s connection to its hometown because it contained the first letter of its name. Although the franchise had many different nicknames, the baseball players proudly wore the ornate “B” decorated with sharp spikes on their uniforms. Later, the symbol turned green and lost its original retro charm because designers changed the font to a bold grotesque with cut corners.

In 1938, Larry MacPhail became the club’s general manager. At the same time, an emblem with the full “Dodgers” inscription was created. Many think this nickname is related to baseball concepts, such as stealing bases. In reality, it comes from another unofficial team name: Trolley Dodgers. Fans humorously played on Brooklyn residents’ ability to dodge deadly trolleys. A few years later, a ball swiftly flying upwards was added to the word. This logo remained after the team’s move to Los Angeles and has undergone many redesigns, changing its shapes and colors.

What is the Brooklyn Dodgers?

The Brooklyn Dodgers were a baseball team that preceded the Los Angeles Dodgers. They emerged in 1883 and were long known under various unofficial nicknames. The Dodgers name was officially adopted in 1932 and used until the move in 1957. The club participated in the American Association before joining the National League.


Brooklyn Dodgers Logo 1911

From 1911 to 1912, the baseball club was known as the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers. The emblem of that period features a blue letter “B” that appears menacing due to sharp serifs resembling curved horns. The vertical parts of the sign are decorated with five spikes. The “B” is positioned in the center of a white diamond, and the geometric figure is placed in a blue frame. The border consists of thin stripes with crossed ends and stylistically echoes the retro design of the glyph.

1912 – 1913

Brooklyn Dodgers Logo 1912

In 1912, the team’s nickname was shortened to Brooklyn Dodgers. This had almost no effect on the logo because the “B” represents the unchanging name of the city. The design of the symbol remained old-fashioned. It features characteristic pointed protrusions that express aggression – one of the most important qualities in sports. The corners of the diamond became solid, making it shape-wise similar to a baseball field with bases.

1932 – 1936

Brooklyn Dodgers Logo 1932

In 1932, the name Brooklyn Dodgers became official and started being used on the players’ uniforms. However, it did not become part of the emblem. The blue “B” remained the club’s main identification mark. Its font is similar to Bruce Double Pica but differs in its expressive sharp protrusions on both sides. The vertical part of the letter is adorned with a large triangular cut-out.


Brooklyn Dodgers Logo 1937

A bold font with trimmed corners, typical of many sports logos, replaced the old-fashioned design. Due to the lack of curves, the internal letter spaces look like two hexagons of different sizes. The traditional blue color of the team was replaced with emerald, which is associated with confidence, stability, and focus.

1938 – 1944

Brooklyn Dodgers Logo 1938

In 1938, two significant events occurred in the history of the baseball team. First, Larry MacPhail became its general manager. Second, the word “Dodgers” appeared on the logo for the first time. The handwritten inscription is underscored by a widening ribbon that stretches from the last letter “s” and threads through the loop of “g.” The right side of the emblem is raised at an angle of about 45 degrees, symbolizing the aspiration for success. The dark blue color is a tribute to the heritage of the old club.

1945 – 1957

Brooklyn Dodgers Logo

After the update, the word mark was complemented by a red-and-white ball swiftly flying upwards. The ball’s direction of movement is indicated by numerous speed lines depicted behind it. To accommodate the ball, designers had to reduce the angle of the inscription’s ascent. The letters became thinner and more elegant but remained blue.

Font and Colors

Brooklyn Dodgers Emblem

Before moving to Los Angeles, the Brooklyn Dodgers used a logo with a handwritten inscription, which imitates calligraphic handwriting. The letters are thin and neat, with rounded strokes.

Brooklyn Dodgers Symbol

The combination of azure, red, and white matches the team’s brand colors, making the emblem recognizable. The most important in the brand’s palette is the shade of Dodger blue. Officially, it has the code #1E90FF, but the baseball uniforms are colored in a darker variant: #005A9C.