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New York Yankees Logo

New York Yankees Logo
New York Yankees Logo PNG

The New York Yankees are the most successful franchise in the US. It has won the most trophies in Major League Baseball history and probably the most celebrated baseball team outside the country. Besides, it is a global brand. In 2017, Forbes magazine ranked the club as the most valuable in MLB ($ 3.7 billion). The second-highest valued sports franchises in the US and the world after the Dallas Cowboys, which compete in National Football Conference. At the same time, the entire European football set-jet was left behind. The Yankees have won 27 World Series Championships and 40 American League pennants, which are MLB records.

The New York Yankees are based in the New York City borough of the Bronx. The team competes in the American League East division of MLB.

The history of the franchise spans about 120 years. Yankees started their career in American League in 1901 as the Baltimore Orioles. In 1903, the club was renamed the New York Highlanders. Sports journalists coined the moniker Yankees for the club as early as 1904, since it was easier to fit in the headlines. In 1913, after the change of the team’s ownership and move to New York, the club officially gained its current name – the New York Yankees.

In the early 1970s, the Yankees were a middle-of-the-pack team; however, 1973 was marked by significant changes for the team. It was purchased by a famous American shipbuilder George Steinbrenner, who owned the franchise to his death in 2010. His 37-year ownership was the longest, most productive, and profitable in the club’s history. Indeed, during this period, the Yankees won seven World Series. Today, the team is owned by Yankee Global Enterprises, LLC, which is managed by the late George Steinbrenner family.

The team played its host games at their stadium from 1923 to 1973 and from 1976 to 2008. In 2009, the team moved into a new ballpark called Yankee Stadium. The old facility was closed and later demolished. The cost of the construction was $ 2.3 billion, with $1.2 billion in taxpayer subsidies.

Yankee Stadium dominates in the list of the most expensive and recouped stadiums ever. The Yankees are one of the most excellent squads in the history of the sport, whose home and away games are visited by zillions of spectators.

Meaning and History

New York Yankees Logo History
Evolution of the New York Yankees Logo

The New York Yankees logo is one of the most recognizable logos in sports, familiar to every New Yorker. The emblem is older than the baseball team itself. There is an official version of the logo origin; however, it seems a bit controversial. According to the franchise, the history of the logo is as follows. For the first time, the famous interlocking letters N and Y appeared on the left sleeve of the jerseys and the caps in 1909. The logo was inspired by the silver shield-shaped Medal of Valor designed by Louis B. Tiffany in 1877 and presented to John McDowell, the first New York City police officer shot in the line of duty. Bill Devery, a part-owner of the team, essentially expropriated the logo to symbolize unity and sportsmanship.

Until 1904, the Yankees’ predecessors – New York Highlanders wore jerseys with the letters N and Y sitting separately on each breast section of the uniform. In 1905, the club adopted a new interlocking version, yet it was not the logo that we used to see these days. This logo did not last long, and three seasons later, New York Highlanders tossed a new logo out and returned to their old one.

In 1909, New York Highlanders part-owner Bill Devery decided to bring the N and Y interlocking logo back. At first, it was placed on the left sleeve of the jersey and the cap. The logo stayed there for five years. In 1917, it was removed from the jersey in favor of pinstripes. Yankees logo remained on the cap until 1936.

The Yankees cap is one of the most voguish pieces of headwear in modern pop culture. Justin Bieber, LeBron James, Nelson Mandela, Tom Brady, Jay Z, and other celebrities are passionate Yankees cap devotees. Anyone who’s ever heard Jay-Z’s hit “Empire State of Mind” knows the original line, “I made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can.”

In the period from 1901 to 1947, letters predominated in the logos of this team. They were very diverse: single, double, separate, monogrammed, oblique, and straight. In general, the baseball club management willingly went to experiments when the name of the franchise changed. But despite the rebranding, the symbols have always remained the same – a combination of “N” and “Y,” taken from the word “New York.” However, with the onset of the era of graphic logos, everything changed dramatically, and the inscription “Yankees” became the key.


Baltimore Orioles Logo 1901

In the first two seasons, the team was called the Baltimore Orioles, so the original logo of the 1901 logo looked like an orange-printed letter “O,” painted black color inside. “O” was beyond doubt for “Orioles.”


Baltimore Orioles Logo 1902

The following year, the logo was changed to a blue block letter “B,” which stood for Baltimore’s city.


New York Highlanders Logo 1903

Two years later, the franchise was renamed New York Highlanders. On the New York Yankees logo featured black “NY” in Old English lettering, used as an abbreviation for the city of New York.


New York Highlanders Logo 1904

In 1904, the New York Highlanders employed the 1903 logo with slight alterations: the black color was changed to blue.


New York Highlanders Logo 1905

The new interlocking “NY” letters appeared on the team fifth logo, but not in the way used today. The letter Y was overlapping the letter N. Besides, the color of the letters was changed to dark blue.


New York Highlanders Logo 1906

The new font in the logo differed in the distance between blue N and Y letters. They still stood for the city of New York.


New York Highlanders Logo 1907

The letters N and Y kept drifting in the same position as in the previous logo; however, their color was again changed to dark blue.


New York Highlanders Logo 1908

The new font style seemed more voluminous, as letters looked if made from someone’s bones. The color and position of the letters remained the same.

1909 – 1912

New York Highlanders Logo 1909-1912

In 1909, the enduring logo as we know it made an appearance. It was the very first logo with stylized interlocking NY. According to the franchise owners’ version, the design of the most recognizable emblem in sports was created by Louis Tiffany.

1913 – 1914

New York Yankees Logo 1913-1914

Twelve years later, the franchise got the familiar name “New York Yankees.” The font of the logo has become more straightforward, and the blue color was changed to brown.

1915 – 1946

New York Yankees Logo 1915-1946

Very few sports logos are considered to be “iconic.” The Yankees logo is one such visual identity. The eleventh logo lasted for 30 years. The font remained the same, but the main color was dark blue again.

1947 – 1967

New York Yankees Logo 1947-1967

In 1947, American sports artist Henry Alonzo Keller created the top-hat concept for the New York Yankees. The franchise has utilized this mark ever since then. The New York Yankees logo featured a white baseball ball with red seams and stitches and a red-scripted “Yankees” wordmark. The red bat formed the vertical line of the “K.” The logo also included a top hat of Uncle Sam, a common national personification of the USA.

1968 – present

New York Yankees Logo 1968-Present

The modern version was approved in 1968. It turned out to be so successful and informative that it is still used today. It has rich content: club name, sport, country, moral values ​​, and purpose. They are rendered in lettering, ball, bat, gentleman’s bowler hat, and its coloring.

In the current version, the bit is diagonally centered and extends beyond the emblem. Above it is a brimmed hat painted in the color of the US national flag. The word “Yankees” serves as a background. The letters “Y” and “s” form long lines that form the border of a large baseball. It is he who makes up the basic shape of the logo.

Font and Color of the Emblem

New York Yankees emblem

All official logo variations are divided into two types: alphabetic and alpha-graphic. Also, the division goes into simple and complex, free, and round. Free without any construction: these are simple letters written in a specific font and associated with the then command name. Round ones have a “frame” and are formed from several elements.

The main attribute among them is a large baseball with two lines of a characteristic herringbone pattern. It contains the rest of the details: a bat, a headdress in the color of the American flag, and the name of the club. The first emblems did without it. They had one or two letters: first “O” (for “Orioles”), then “B” (for “Baltimore”), then “NY” (for “New York”).

New York Yankees Symbol

The debut versions of the logo used a simple typeface – chopped, printed. Several seasons later, curly letters appeared in the Old English style. Monograms are made in an individual font – semi-curved lines with extensions at the ends. In the current version, the inscription is italic, tilted to the right. The color palette consists of dark blue, white, and red.