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Since its establishment in 1889 in Brooklyn, the Los Angeles baseball team has been known for the recognizability of its emblem. The modern brand logo is the most recognizable and popular. The new Los Angeles Dodgers logo embodies optimism, excellence, passion, and a will to win.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Brand overview

Founder:Guggenheim Baseball Management
Los Angeles, California, U.S.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are a professional-level baseball team from the USA. They compete in MLB and represent the National League’s West division. Currently, the team is based in Los Angeles, California, with the official founding date being 1889.

This franchise originated from Brooklyn, New York, where it was formed in 1883 under the name Brooklyn Robins. It is also known as “Brooklyn Dodgers.” In 1958, the team moved to Los Angeles.

The team’s founders were businessmen Charles Ebbets, Ferdinand Abell, Harry von der Horst, and Ned Hanlon. They owned the “Los Angeles Dodgers” until 1904. Then von der Horst left the group. His place was taken by Henry Medicus. In this composition, the owners managed the franchise for another 2.5 years. By 1907, only two remained – Charles Ebbets and Henry Medicus.

From 1912 to 1925, the club was managed by Charles Ebbets, Ed McKeever, and Stephen McKeever. Over the next 25 years, it was owned by several people (Branch Rickey, Walter O’Malley, Andrew Schmitz), as well as the Brooklyn Trust Company, which joined McKeever. From 1950, the club was concentrated in one hand – Walter O’Malley’s, then it went to Peter O’Malley. Then, it was bought by Frank McCourt.

On March 27, 2012, it was announced that an agreement had been concluded between the owner of the “Los Angeles Dodgers” and Guggenheim Baseball Management LLC. The total value of the transaction reached 2 billion dollars. The sale was registered on May 1 of the same year. The franchise is managed by – Guggenheim’s CEO Mark Walter, former Los Angeles Lakers player Magic Johnson, former president of several baseball teams Stan Kasten, and movie mogul Peter Guber.

Meaning and History

Los Angeles Dodgers Logo History

The Los Angeles Dodgers club logo is one of the most popular and recognizable sports logos in the world. Until 1938, the logo mainly featured the letter “B” from the team’s then location – Brooklyn. In 1938, for the first time in the history of logos, the full name appeared, and over time, an improved version of the image.

After moving to Los Angeles, the club changed the design of the logo. Previous versions were taken as a sample. Details were reworked, the palette shifted towards greater saturation, and the lines acquired an intense accent. The brand colors are based on deep blue and red. The former embodies optimism and perfection, the latter – a striving for victory and passion.

What is Los Angeles Dodgers?

The Los Angeles Dodgers are a sports club from Major League Baseball. It entered the National League in 1890, seven years after its debut. At that time, it was called the “Brooklyn Grooms.” The nickname “Dodgers” became official only in 1932, and before the 1958 season, the team moved to Los Angeles.

1899 – 1901

Brooklyn Superbas Logo 1899-1901

Initially, the club was called the “Brooklyn Superbas” and was located in New York. The first emblem was a large red Old English letter “B,” symbolizing the Brooklyn district.

1902 – 1908

Brooklyn Superbas Logo 1902-1908

Two years later, the color of the letter “B” changed from red to dark blue.


Brooklyn Superbas Logo 1909

In 1909, the Super Bass made the blue color on the logo a bit lighter and changed the font of the letter to Bruce Double Pica.


Brooklyn Superbas Logo 1910

The blue color of the letter darkened again to dark blue. The letter “B” itself was placed inside a white diamond with a dark blue outline.


Brooklyn Dodgers Logo 1911

The team changed its name to “Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers,” but the logo remains unchanged.

1912 – 1913

Brooklyn Dodgers Logo 1912-1913

The previously intersecting lines of the diamond are now connected; the letter “B,” symbolizing Brooklyn, has become slightly larger. Also, the team changes its name again, now to “Brooklyn Dodgers.”

1914 – 1925

Brooklyn Robins Logo 1914-1925

The club changes its name to “Brooklyn Robins”. The blue diamond is removed from the logo, and only the blue letter “B” remains, the same as in 1909.

1926 – 1927

Brooklyn Robins Logo 1926-1927

The team returns to using the 1912 logo.


Brooklyn Robins Logo 1928

The letter “B,” whose font is Bruce Double Pica, is placed inside a white circle with a red outline.


Brooklyn Robins Logo 1929

A year later, the color of the letter on the logo changes to light purple, and a thin, bright red outline is added to the design.


Brooklyn Robins Logo 1930

The font style is the same as last year, but the color of the letter changes to red, with a thin blue outline.


Brooklyn Robins Logo 1931

Robins uses the classic blue letter “B” with a thin blue outline as a logo.

1932 – 1936

Brooklyn Dodgers Logo 1932-1936

The club changes its name to “Brooklyn Dodgers”. The font of the letter “B” again resembles Bruce Double Pica, and the letter becomes dark blue again.


Brooklyn Dodgers Logo 1937

This year was the last when the letter “B” was used. In 1937, it was made in classic print and green color.

1938 – 1944

Brooklyn Dodgers Logo 1938-1944

The full name of the team, “Dodgers,” is written diagonally in blue. A thin blue line underscores the name.

1945 – 1957

Brooklyn Dodgers Logo 1945-1957

The word “Dodgers” is slightly aligned, and the underline has become thinner. The logo added an image of a flying red-white baseball, with red strokes indicating the trajectory of its flight.

1958 – 1967

Los Angeles Dodgers Logo 1958-1967

The team moves to Los Angeles and, accordingly, changes its name to the “Los Angeles Dodgers.” Minor changes are also noticeable on the logo. The word “Dodgers” again has a thicker underline, and the red-white ball is depicted on top. The trajectory of the ball’s flight also covers a larger area.

1968 – 1971

Los Angeles Dodgers Logo 1968-1971

The team’s name is highlighted in an even thicker font. The red baseball remained in its place.

1972 – 1978

Los Angeles Dodgers Logo 1972-1978

The word “Dodgers” has acquired a darker shade of blue. The red ball is still in flight.

1979 – 2011

Los Angeles Dodgers Logo 1979-2011

The revised version of the logo lasted a whole 32 years. The name became more precise, and the contours of the ball and its trajectory became more refined.

2012 – today

Los Angeles Dodgers Logo 2012-Present

The modified version of the Los Angeles Dodgers logo is hardly different from the previous ones. The word “Dodgers” remained dark blue, and some details connecting the letters were refined or completely removed from the logo. The current logo of the “LA Dodgers” has a semi-cursive handwritten font, where the letter “D” is separated from the other letters, and the letter “O” lacks a “tail.” The line between the letters “G” and “E” is made a little thinner. This made it easier to visually perceive the team’s name, placed against the background of a flying-up baseball and its trajectory. The lines of the trajectory and the baseball itself made it clearer.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Interesting Facts

The Los Angeles Dodgers are a famous baseball team with a long history that started over a hundred years ago in Brooklyn, New York. They moved to Los Angeles, California, in 1958.

  1. Starting in Brooklyn: The Dodgers began in Brooklyn in 1883 and had many names before becoming the Dodgers. They moved to Los Angeles in 1958.
  2. Jackie Robinson: Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play in the major leagues in the modern era, starting in 1947 with the Dodgers. To honor him, all baseball teams retired his number, 42.
  3. Vin Scully: Vin Scully was a famous person who talked about Dodgers games on the radio and TV for 67 years, the longest time someone has done this with one team.
  4. Winning the World Series: The Dodgers have won several times, with their first win in 1955 and the latest in 2020.
  5. Dodger Stadium: Opened in 1962, Dodger Stadium is one of the oldest baseball parks still in use. It’s in a beautiful spot in Los Angeles and has great views.
  6. Sandy Koufax: Sandy Koufax is among the best pitchers ever. He played all his career for the Dodgers. He threw four no-hitters, including one perfect game, and won three Cy Young Awards.
  7. Fernando Valenzuela: In 1981, Fernando Valenzuela, from Mexico, became very famous and loved by fans, especially Latino ones, for his great pitching.
  8. Big Rivalry: The Dodgers have a big rivalry with the San Francisco Giants, starting when both teams were in New York and continuing after they moved to California.
  9. Innovations: The Dodgers were the first to have Spanish-language broadcasts all the time and helped create the system where teams have minor league teams to develop players.
  10. Leaders in Diversity: In 2011, the Dodgers made Kim Ng the first woman to be an assistant general manager in MLB. They’ve also been important in making baseball more welcoming for everyone.

The Dodgers’ story includes important firsts, famous players, and big wins, making them an important part of baseball and American sports.

Font and Colors

Los Angeles Dodgers Emblem

Twenty-one logos of this team are divided into two periods: before and after the move. In the first half, the variant with the letter B prevailed, as the franchise was located in Brooklyn, which was reflected in its name. Then, it changed its name and location. Overall, the club went through a renaming procedure ten times.

Eventually, in 1938, the emblem featured the inscription “Dodgers,” running diagonally from bottom to top. The trail from the letter “s” extends far beyond its limits and almost reaches the capital “D.” A wide ribbon twists at the end and underscores the bottom of the emblem.

Over time, developers added a flying baseball to the logo. The thin red strokes along its trajectory indicate that it was thrown and is flying, cutting through the air. The direction of flight is from bottom to top. Throughout the existence of this version, it has never changed; only the color scheme was adjusted.

Los Angeles Dodgers Symbol

The debut logo used an Old English style of writing. Then came the Bruce Double Pica font, which was used for the key symbol. In 1938, a new version was approved with a cursive font, most similar to handwritten text. The first letter is uppercase; the rest are lowercase. The word is written in calligraphic handwriting, semi-connected with the separately standing letter “D.” The other letters are connected to each other and have smooth transitions.

The franchise’s proprietary palette consists of individual Dodgerblue colors. It is combined with red (the ball and the strokes surrounding it) and white (the background). At other times, blue and green are also used.

Los Angeles Dodgers color codes

Dodger BlueHex color:#005a9c
RGB:0 90 156
CMYK:100 58 100 21
Pantone:PMS 294 C
RedHex color:#ef3e42
RGB:239 62 66
CMYK:00 91 76 00
Pantone:PMS 185 C


What does “Dodger” mean in baseball?

This is the name of a baseball club that was originally nicknamed the “Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers” because of the dangerous tram lines crossing Brooklyn. Subsequently, the name was shortened to Brooklyn Dodgers, and after the team moved to Los Angeles, it was replaced with Los Angeles Dodgers.

What does the “Los Angeles Dodgers” logo represent?

The logo contains the blue word “Dodgers,” written in a handwritten font and positioned diagonally. A long line extends from the letter “s,” which underscores all the letters except the first “D.” The team’s name stands out against the background of short red lines depicting a baseball path. The ball itself is located slightly above. It is colored white and has red outlines.

Are any of the “Dodgers” originally from Los Angeles?

As of 2021, none of the current players of the “Los Angeles Dodgers” were born in Los Angeles. Despite this, they are successfully building their career in this region.

Who designed the “Dodgers” logo?

American sports illustration artist Henry Alonzo Keller created the first version of the logo with the flying ball. His drawing was modified many times. The last version was worked on by the graphic design department under the leadership of Ross Yoshida.