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Los Angeles Angels Logo

Los Angeles Angels Logo
Los Angeles Angels Logo PNG

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim is a professional baseball club. The team represents the AL Western Division. The club is part of the MLB and is based in Anaheim, California. The team was formed in the year 1961.

The first owner of the expansion franchise is Gene Autry, the famous singing actor-cowboy. In 1996, the Walt Disney Company took custody of the team, hiring Tony Tavares as president. Bill Stoneman was appointed General Manager. At the same time, Autry remained the chairman until the end of his days.

That is, Disney only technically acquired a controlling stake, but in fact, everyone in the team was still led by Gene Autry. He did this through his subsidiary Anaheim Sports, which owned the NHL Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. In April 2003, the club switched to Arturo Moreno. He made a deal with The Walt Disney Company, according to which he acquired a $ 180 million franchise. On May 15 of the same year, Bud Selig, the head of MLB, announced that the sale was approved.

Los Angeles Angels emblem

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim is the old name for the baseball team, which was actively used in the period 2005-2015. Now prefer the shorter version – Los Angeles Angels. The club was renamed several times: from 1965 to 1996, it was California Angels, from 1997 to 2004 – Anaheim Angels. Such transitions were forced due to litigation.

The club’s name comes from the first Los Angeles sports team to take the name Angels. The team played in the southern part of the city, being a PCL franchise. Gene Autry bought the rights to the name from Walter O’Malley, the then owner of Los Angeles Dodgers. Later, the supplement “of Anaheim” was attached to it, as an indication of the location.


Since appearing in AL, the club has changed ten logos. The debut version was a winged baseball. It was radically redesigned at Disney. It was then that the capital letter “A” appeared on the symbolism with a white edging and a silver halo. There is a graphic image of a capital letter in the modern version, but the rest of the emblem is simplified. Now there is no colored background stylized as wings, and the inscription “ANAHEIM ANGELS.”

Font used on the logo: this is an approximate Bruce Double Pica. The base color is a combination of rich red (letter) and intense blue (stroke). The blue outline also has a light gray halo at the top of the logo.

Meaning and History

Los Angeles Angels Logo History
Los Angeles Angels Logo Evolution

The baseball and the two iconic cities of Los Angeles and Anaheim are the key motifs of all eleven emblems that have emerged in the history of the Los Angeles Angels. The “angelic” theme is also supported, as evidence shows that these athletes are real angels and can do everything. Based on these motives, the franchise owners chose wings, balls, halos, letters associated with names, baseball bats, and even a map of California’s state for their logos.

1961 – 1964

Los Angeles Angels Logo 1961-1964


The club, Los Angeles Angels, appeared in 1961 and immediately acquired its logo. The background is a turquoise rhombus with a white outline, on which a red and white baseball ball with wings was placed. A golden halo rises above the ball. The letters “LA,” as the initials of the city of Los Angeles, are also located inside the ball.

1965 – 1970

California Angels Logo 1965-1970

The club is renamed to California Angels, but their new logo is similar to the previous one. Previously, the turquoise rhombus was made green, and the halo above the ball was made white. Of course, the letters “LA” were replaced by “CA.”

1971 – 1972

California Angels Logo 1971-1972

In 1971, the club changed the concept of the logo. Now it is based on the white outline of the state of California, on which the word “angels” is written in red diagonally. Above the small letter “a,” there is a golden halo, which seems to be fastened to the edge of the state, and under the letter “l” is a small yellow star indicating the location of Anaheim.

1973 – 1985

California Angels Logo 1973-1985

In 1973, the club made several changes to the logo design. The small letter “a” was replaced with a large, and earlier yellow star, symbolizing Anaheim’s city, made red.

1986 – 1992

California Angels Logo 1986-1992

The fifth logo of the club was a large red and white baseball with a huge red letter “A” inside and a yellow halo above it. Also, in the background, you can see a black shadow of the state of California. The barely noticeable yellow star under the letter “A” symbolizes the team’s location – the city of Anaheim.

1993 – 1994

California Angels Logo 1993-1994

In 1993, the club decided to return to the concept of the 1965 logo, on which the initials “SA” were used. The main part of the logo is a traditional dark blue circle with a silver outline. There are two large red letters “CA” with a white outline, and a gray halo is drawn above the letter “A.”

1995 – 1996

California Angels Logo 1995-1996

The blue circle with the silver outline was removed from the new logo, leaving only the large red letters “CA” in the picture, to which a thin dark blue outline was added.

1997 – 2001

Anaheim Angels Logo 1997-2001

A change in the main logo also marked the change of team name to Anaheim Angels. The background is a blue triangle, behind which are visible two brown, crossed among themselves baseball bats. Against the background of the triangle, the word “Angels” is written in large red letters, which complements the white wing near the letter “A.” The name of the city is also mentioned on the logo and are arranged in small white letters on a blue triangle.

2002 – 2004

Anaheim Angels Logo 2002-2004

Logo design is changing to a more modern and rigorous. Against the background of the dark blue diamond is a large red letter, “A,” symbolizing Anaheim’s city. Above the letter is a black-gray halo. The entire logo has a thin red outline. An inscription “Anaheim Angels” is made above the semicircular pattern.

2005 – 2015

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Logo 2005-2015

In 2005, the club returned to the name “Los Angeles Angels” and simplified the concept of the logo. Having removed the diamond, only the large red letter “A” is left in the figure. The font Bruce Double Pica was used for it; also, dark shadows were added to the letter, as well as a dark blue outline, making it more voluminous. Above the letter, as before, is a gray halo with a dark blue outline.

2016 – present

Los Angeles Angels Logo 2016-Present

The current version is a repetition of the previous one, which dates back to 2005-2015. It was adopted after the approval of a different team name – a shorter one. Since then, it has not changed even once, because it meets the main criteria: modernity, laconicism, and capacity. That is, despite the minimum of details, it conveys maximum information.

The emblem contains an image of a large “A.” At the top of the massive letter, there is a halo, which remains a hint of belonging to the “angels.” In the middle part of the sign, there are sharp protrusions found in Old English symbols. Small notches are visible in the lower zone. Together with a halo, the whole letter is outlined along the edge with a dark blue stripe.


Los Angeles Angels Emblem

The first two periods in the sports club’s career were dominated by the version of the logo with a diamond-shaped background in azure color. In the center was a baseball, and in it was a monogram of the capital characters of the team name. Variants followed this with the California administrative map, letters in a circle, bats, and a single “A,” which has remained in demand for three periods in a row. The year of its appearance is 2002.

At first, there were two inscriptions to the right and left of the letter: “Anaheim” and “Angels.” Then the designers removed them, as well as the blue background from the inverted shield. Subsequently, the developers enhanced the shadows by forming a distinct strip in the middle of the legs to give them a 3D effect.

Font and Colors

Los Angeles Angels symbol

The iconic letter that appears on the Los Angeles baseball players’ emblem was originally executed with the custom Big A. After the name change, the Bruce Double Pica font appeared.

But the palette has remained unchanged: it, as before, contains red-crimson, dark blue and silver. In past years, the emblem also featured azure, gold, blue and white.