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The original emblem ensures recognition of Philadelphia’s baseball players. The Philadelphia Phillies emblem demonstrates the national spirit, emphasizing national roots and confidence in their future.

Philadelphia Phillies: Brand overview

Founder:The Phillies limited partnership
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S,

The Philadelphia Phillies are a professional baseball sports club. Since 2000, it has been part of MLB. Until 1999, the club was a structural division of the NL, where it represented the Eastern Division. The team was established in 1883 and still has its base in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, today.

It’s the only franchise that has never changed its city or name. Its first owners were Al Reach and John Rogers. Starting in 1899, Rogers was the sole owner of the team until 1903. Then, the Philadelphia Phillies passed to James Potter, who, after two years, sold it to Bill Shettsline. But he was the owner for only about four years.

Soon, the club was acquired by William Baker and managed by him until 1930. The next owners were Gerald Nugent (1931-1942), William B. Cox, and R.R.M. Carpenter (1943-1950). All shares exclusively went to Robert Carpenter, who decided to change the stadium. However, players could only move in the 1970s. When Bob Carpenter retired, he transferred the ownership rights to his son Ruly. He, in turn, eventually conceded them to the Phillies Limited Partnership. This happened in 1981.

The final name of the team was formed a year after its foundation – in 1884. Since the word “Philadelphia” didn’t fit in newspaper headlines, journalists started abbreviating it to “Phillies” arbitrarily. This version stuck and became official in 1890. Even an attempt to give the franchise another name (in 1943 – Blue Jays) couldn’t overshadow it.

Over its more than 135-year history, the club has changed almost 16 logos. The brand name has always had a circular form, except for the modern version that appeared in 2019. Its feature is the absence of any hint of region or base city – there’s only a fragment of the abbreviated name.

Meaning and History

Philadelphia Phillies Logo History

Over the 130-year history (the franchise was established in 1890), the “Philadelphia Phillies” have accumulated sixteen versions of official emblems. Most of them are quite diverse and bear no resemblance to previous versions. The reason lies in the radical rebranding and redesigns associated with the team’s transition from division to division, the desire to find its face, choose a convenient name, and modernize the design.

What is Philadelphia Phillies?

The Philadelphia Phillies are representatives of the National League East. It’s a franchise from the Pennsylvania city of Philadelphia, the oldest sports team in the USA, which has rarely changed its nickname. It was established in 1883 but has only won two World Series titles to date. And in 2015, the “Phillies” became the first club in MLB history to lose 10,000 matches.


Philadelphia Phillies logo 1900

The first “Phillies” logo featured a plain blue letter “P,” symbolizing the city of Philadelphia.

1901 – 1909

Philadelphia Phillies Logo 1901-1909

The color of the letter “P” changed from blue to black.


Philadelphia Phillies logo 1910

A green letter “P” was done in Old English style on the new club logo after ten years of existence.

1911 – 1914

Philadelphia Phillies Logo 1911-1914

The club returned to depicting a large red printed letter “P.”

1915 – 1937

Philadelphia Phillies Logo 1915-1937

In 1915, the logo’s basis became a graphic depiction of a Philadelphian in the middle of a dark blue baseball field. The drawing is inside a red ring with the inscription “Philadelphia National League. Baseball Club” in white.


Philadelphia Phillies logo 1938

After a whole 22 years, the same emblem becomes entirely yellow with barely noticeable blue outlines. Otherwise, the image and caption remained the same.

1939 – 1943

Philadelphia Phillies Logo 1939-1943

And again, the emblem with the image of a baseball player from Philadelphia changes its color palette. The main picture acquires several shades of gray and silver, but the ring remains white. The team name is done in yellow with a thin black outline.

1944 – 1945

Philadelphia Phillies Logo 1944-1945

This logo depicts a blue jay sitting above the Phillies’ sign. The team name is red, and the dots above the letters “i” are replaced with red stars.

1946 – 1949

Philadelphia Phillies Logo 1946-1949

In 1946, the “Phillies” changed their logo again. Two baseball players are depicted on a red background. The first is catching a flying white baseball, and the second is attempting to hit another player’s throw. Below the image is the phrase “Fighting Phyllis,” as well as a white baseball bat.

1950 – 1969

Philadelphia Phillies Logo 1950-1969

The “Phillies” logo changed. Now, the main part of the picture occupies the signature red cap with a white letter “P,” around which is a thin blue circle with stars and a white baseball, as well as a small red “Phillies” inscription.

1970 – 1975

Philadelphia Phillies Logo 1970-1975

The eleventh club logo features an image of a red letter “P” with a white baseball in the middle. Also, below is the full name of the team.

1976 – 1980

Philadelphia Phillies Logo 1976-1980

In 1976, mascots Phil and Phillis debuted – children dressed in colonial blue garments. It’s evident that Phil is throwing a baseball and holding a bat, and Phillis has a game glove in her hand. Below the image, the word “Phillies” is written in red. Its design is the same as that of the previous logo.


Philadelphia Phillies logo 1981

The red letter “p” returns to the logo, denoting the team’s name, with a baseball in the middle.

1982 – 1991

Philadelphia Phillies Logo 1982-1991

The letter “p” changes color from red to brown.

1992 – 2018

Philadelphia Phillies Logo 1992-2018

In 1992, the logo completely changed the concept. A white silhouette of the Liberty Bell is depicted on a blue background with a red outline. In the foreground is the word “Phillies” in red, where the letters “i” are adorned with blue stars.

2019 – today

Philadelphia Phillies Logo 2019-Present

Today, the franchise uses an incredibly simple logo with just the word “Phillies” against the Liberty Bell. This image was taken from the previous version – a sign that, in addition to the bell, depicted a stadium with a red outline around the perimeter.

This choice reflects the national spirit of the team and the desire to accurately convey its roots, allowing it to hold firmly onto the past to look into the future confidently. The main feature of the emblem is two stars that replace the dots on the letters “i.” The framing of “ll” is very effective.

Philadelphia Phillies: Interesting Facts

The Philadelphia Phillies are among the oldest and most interesting baseball teams.

  1. Old Team: The Phillies started in 1883, making them the oldest team in American sports to keep the same name and stay in the same city. That’s a big deal for both fans and the team.
  2. World Series Wins: They’ve won the World Series twice, in 1980 and 2008. The win in 1980 was a huge deal because it was their first time winning after playing for almost 100 years.
  3. Famous Players: Some Phillies’ players are so good they’re in the Baseball Hall of Fame. This includes stars like Mike Schmidt and Steve Carlton.
  4. 10,000 Losses: The Phillies were the first to lose 10,000 games by 2007. While that sounds bad, it also shows how long they’ve been around.
  5. The Phillie Phanatic: Since 1978, their mascot, the Phillie Phanatic, has made fans laugh and is one of the most famous mascots.
  6. Veterans Stadium: They played at Veterans Stadium, known for its loud fans, until 2003 before moving to their new home in 2004.
  7. Winning Streak: From 2007 to 2011, the Phillies were the champs of their division five times in a row, thanks to their amazing players, including a great pitching team known as the “Four Aces” in 2011.
  8. 2008 Parade: When they won the World Series in 2008, millions of fans celebrated in one of Philadelphia’s biggest parades.
  9. Citizens Bank Park: Their current stadium opened in 2004 and is fan-friendly. There is lots of local food and fun places to explore, like Ashburn Alley.
  10. Big Rivalries: The Phillies have big rivalries with teams like the New York Mets and Atlanta Braves, leading to unforgettable games.

The Phillies have a long history with memorable players, big wins, and a strong connection with their fans, making them a special part of baseball.

Font and Colors

Philadelphia Phillies Emblem

Throughout the Philadelphia club’s existence, its logos with the letter “P” were done in several writing styles, depicting a Philadelphian throwing a ball, a blue jay, two athletes in the game, a baseball cap, and the Liberty Bell. The longest-used attributes are the inscription and the emblem in the form of a seal, where an attacking player is drawn.

The variety of styles allows finding an option that instills confidence in the team and leads the athletes to victory. The emblems also differ in design: there are strict versions, cartoonish, realistic, and even line-drawn. Now in use is a concise logo with a minimal set of details: a cracked bell and an inscription of a single word.

Philadelphia Phillies Symbol

The word “Phillies” is written in handwritten text – in italics but without the classic tilt to the right. The cap of the capital “P” is on the leg of the lowercase “H.” The loops of the two “ll” are placed as close to each other as possible. Instead of dots, each “i” has a five-pointed star, and “s” is depicted without the upper gap.

The color palette is standard for the team: it includes blue (bell, stars), red (club name), and white (background, crack, and outlining lines).

Philadelphia Phillies color codes

RedHex color:#e81828
RGB:231 29 42
CMYK:0 100 63 12
Pantone:PMS 200 C
BlueHex color:#284898
RGB:40 73 153
CMYK:100 68 0 12
Pantone:PMS 287 C


What does the “Phillies” logo represent?

The logo, debuted in the 2019 season, features a silhouette of the cracked Liberty Bell – much the same as the previous version but with a slightly modified shape. This element is colored blue and serves as the base for the red handwritten Phillies inscription. The letters are unusually designed: the dots over both “i” are replaced with five-pointed stars to show Philadelphia’s special place in US history.

How did the Philadelphia “Phillies” get their name?

This name was coined by sports commentators when they covered an exhibition game against the Philadelphia Quakers. The short and catchy word “Phillies” was so liked by baseball players that they began using it as an unofficial nickname, and in 1890, the name Philadelphia Phillies became the main one.

Is the “Phillies” logo a trademark?

The primary logo of the “Philadelphia Phillies” with the cracked Liberty Bell is a registered trademark. It can only be reproduced with the permission of the copyright holder.

What are the “Phillies'” colors?

The franchise’s distinctive colors are white (#FFFFFF), blue (#284898), and red (#E81828). This combination of shades unites the visual identity of the “Philadelphia Phillies” – from the logo to the sports uniform.