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For baseball players from this team, the Atlanta Braves logo is “native,” associated with Native American roots. Although the image of the Indian has disappeared from the emblem, the attribute of this nationality perfectly conveys the unbending will of the team, ready to move towards the desired goal, making every effort. Victory is what matters most to athletes. And this is exactly what the original symbolism reflects.

Atlanta Braves: Brand overview

Founded: 1871
Founder: Liberty Media
Atlanta, U.S.

Atlanta Braves is a professional baseball team that is part of MLB. The club is a representative of the East Division NL and is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The team was created in 1883.

The club was formed even earlier – in 1871, when most of its representatives acted as part of the disbanded Cincinnati Red Stockings. Its first owner is Arthur Soden. He ruled it until 1909, inclusive, and then sold George and John Dovey. Their family managed the franchise until 1910. Then she went from owner to owner for a long period, not lingering for a long time.

In 1911-1912, the team belonged to William Hepburn Russell, in 1912-1915 – James Gaffney, in 1915-1918 – Percy Haughton, in 1919-1922 – George Grant. By the middle of the 20th century, more significant business figures followed: Emil Fuchs, Bob Quinn, Lou Perini, who ran the club until 1962. Perini sold it to a Chicago group led by William Bartholomay.

To attract representatives of the Premier League in Atlanta, Mayor Ivan Allen Jr. built a new stadium. Atlanta Braves team, located at that time in Milwaukee, immediately expressed interest. In 1966, she received permission to relocate.

In 1976, the franchise was bought by media mogul Ted Turner, who owned the WTBS station. He turned out to be very practical and used athletes to promote his cable network. In December 2005, the businessman announced the sale of the team, and in February 2007, the Braves Liberty Media Group acquired it. She belongs to her now.

Before becoming Atlanta Braves, the club went through several transformations. Initially, he was the Boston Beaneaters, then the Doves and Rustlers. “Braves” in the name appeared in the year 1912, before moving to Milwaukee. Moving to Atlanta, the franchise changed its name again. This time – finally.

In 1966-1989, the team experimented with the image of an Indian. Then radical changes were introduced into the logo. As a result, in the 1990s, a red tomahawk appeared, tied with a yellow thread. This version is still relevant. The color scheme and font of the inscription were revised in 1987.

The modern logo contains the word “Braves” in handwritten type. Of interest is the branded “e,” the design of which differs from the usual. The capital “B” is slightly removed from other characters, and the remaining letters are interconnected and are made in complicated handwriting.

Below them is a tomahawk – a symbol of the indigenous population of America. Its tip is directed upward, echoing the letter “s.” The yellow thread indicates a strong relationship with previous generations. All elements are located on a white background and painted in scarlet with a dark blue border, which is slightly wider in the name than the tomahawk.

Meaning and History

Atlanta Braves Logo History

The logo of this club is very ambiguous, as it changed 29 times. The reasons are the team’s redeployment, the renaming of the franchise, the settlement of ethnic issues, the change of ownership, adaptation to modernity, renewal, etc. Over the long period of its existence (the club was founded in 1883), many factors contributed to this process.

Moreover, there are several options for thematic blocks: for example, there are versions with a letter designation, with text, with an image of a representative of the original population of America, with a prehistoric ax. They were in the form of monograms, arched inscriptions, brass knuckles, portraits, and round signs.

What is Atlanta Braves?

The Atlanta Braves is a baseball team for the counties that make up Metro Atlanta in Georgia. It bills itself as the oldest franchise because it started in 1871 under the name Boston Red Stockings. The club participates in the National League East and competes in the professional sports organization Major League Baseball.

1883 – 1888

Boston Beaneaters Logo 1883-1888

The team’s first name was “Boston Beaneaters.” Like most clubs until the 1900s, the logo was simply the hallmark of the city of Boston.

In baseball’s formative years, team identities were often closely tied to the cities they represented, mirroring civic pride and local traditions. This connection between city and club was exemplified by a team known originally as the “Boston Beaneaters.” The name reflected the local culture and was an homage to a classic staple of the region’s cuisine.

During this era, which lasted until the early 1900s, branding was still in its infancy, and logos were typically minimalist and straightforward. For the Beaneaters, their emblem was no exception. Instead of intricate designs or flashy illustrations, the logo was a simple and unembellished representation of the hallmark of the city of Boston.

1889 – 1896

Boston Beaneaters Logo 1889-1896

In a significant shift in visual branding, a team decided to replace the red color in their name with a dark blue hue. This change was not merely an aesthetic decision but represented something more profound within the organization.

Red, often associated with energy, passion, and intensity, had been a defining element of the team’s identity. It resonated with the fans and was synonymous with the team’s spirit and determination on the field. However, as the team evolved, so did its brand, leading to the decision to adopt dark blue instead of red.

Dark blue, while less aggressive than red, conveys a sense of stability, wisdom, and depth. It’s a color often linked to maturity and sophistication, reflecting a more composed and thoughtful approach. The team signaled a transformation in its philosophy and aspirations by making this switch.

1897 – 1899

Boston Beaneaters Logo 1897-1899

With a desire to reinvent and reconnect with the city’s rich history and culture, a prominent sports team unveiled a new logo that centers around a large Old English letter “B,” rendered in a striking shade of blue.

Boston’s deep roots in American history and its vibrant cultural fabric have always been sources of pride for its inhabitants. The choice of Old English lettering reflects respect for tradition, evoking the city’s colonial past and its enduring connection to heritage. This classical style resonates with timeless elegance and provides a link to the city’s storied history.


Boston Beaneaters Logo 1900

In the early 1900s, a significant shift occurred in the visual identity of a particular brand. The decision to retain the core design from the 1897 logo while altering its color indicates respect for tradition, even as the brand sought to evolve. This combination of past and present resonated with longstanding supporters and newcomers alike. The change was subtle enough to maintain continuity with the previous logo but striking enough to capture attention and symbolize progress.

1901 – 1906

Boston Beaneaters Logo 1901-1906

Over five years, the club deliberately decided to reconnect with its past, opting to return to the 1889 logo that prominently displayed the name of the city of Boston. This move was more than a mere aesthetic change; it was a statement reflecting the club’s enduring relationship with the city and its fans.


Boston Doves Logo 1907

This new emblem was not merely a cosmetic alteration. The red color and the Old English font resonated with tradition and modernity, blending the club’s historical ties to Boston with a fresh and distinctive look. The name “Doves” and the accompanying logo symbolized a new era for the club that paid homage to its heritage while setting the stage for a renewed sense of purpose and direction.


Boston Doves Logo 1908

The logo is also all based on the red letter “B,” made this time in a different font.


Boston Doves Logo 1909

The classic red block letter “B” was placed inside a black circle that looked like a baseball.


Boston Doves Logo 1910

The Boston Dawz returns to the logo, where only the Boston inscription in red is located.


Boston Rustlers Logo 1911

The club changes its name to Boston Rustlers. The city of Boston on the logo symbolizes the large Old English letter “B” in dark blue.

1912 – 1915

Boston Braves Logo 1912-1915

After a year, the team changes its name again, this time to Boston Braves. For the first time, the logo used a Native American drawing – an Indian, unfolded in profile and with a headdress of feathers on his head. The primary colors of the picture are white and red.

1916 – 1920

Boston Braves Logo 1916-1920

Three years later, around dark blue background was added to the previous Indian drawing.

1921 – 1924

Boston Braves Logo 1921-1924

Boston Braves returns the letter “B” to its logo. The main color of the logo is dark blue.

1925 – 1928

Boston Braves Logo 1925-1928

The same dark blue large letter “B” was used on this logo, but in a different font.

1929 – 1935

Boston Braves Logo 1929-1935

On the fifteenth logo, the team again returns to using the image of an Indian on its logo, but this time it is colorful and cartoonish. The Native American has bronze skin, black hair, and a feather headdress includes red, green, yellow, and blue.

1936 – 1937

Boston Bees Logo 1936-1937

The team changes its name from Boston Braves to Boston Bees. Accordingly, the main color of the club becomes yellow, and a large letter “B” with a white and black outline is used as the logo.


Boston Bees Logo 1938

For the 1938 season, no major changes to the logo occurred. The yellow letter “B” also symbolizes the city of Boston.


Boston Bees Logo 1939

After another year, the main color of the team changes from yellow to red. Accordingly, the letter “B” turns red, and in addition to it is a dark blue outline.


Boston Bees Logo 1940

The last Boston Bees logo is the old English navy blue letter “B.”

1941 – 1944

Boston Braves Logo 1941-1944

Boston Braves continues to experiment with fonts in the dark blue letter “B.”

1945 – 1952

Boston Braves Logo 1945-1952

And again, the image of the Indian returns to the logo. It is similar to its previous variations; it has bronze skin, dark hair, and a headdress with red feathers. The pattern itself also has a thin black outline.

1953 – 1955

Milwaukee Braves Logo 1953-1955

The team moves to Milwaukee and accordingly changes its name to Milwaukee Braves. The logo with the image of an Indian is identical to the 1945 logo.

1956 – 1965

Milwaukee Braves Logo 1956-1965

This is already the club’s 23 logo, and it was decided to depict the red head of a laughing Indian with a mohawk and a white feather in his hair. This image became the basis for several logos for the next 35 years.

1966 – 1967

Atlanta Braves Logo 1966-1967

Despite the club moving to Atlanta and changing its name to Atlanta Braves, the main logo remains the same, changing only the Indian’s skin color from red to light brown. Minor details such as the Iroquois and feather have also been edited.

1968 – 1971

Atlanta Braves Logo 1968-1971

To the image of an Indian identical to the 1966 logo, the dark blue word “Braves” was added. The name is decorated with a thin red outline, and the drawing itself has become a little smaller to make room for the word.

1972 – 1984

Atlanta Braves Logo 1972-1984

In 1972, Braves most radically changed their logo. The Indian’s image was made two-tone – the main color was white, and the details, mohawk, and feather were red. The same name is now acquired and the name of the team. Also, the head of the Indian was now placed on a dark blue square.

1985 – 1986

Atlanta Braves Logo 1985-1986

In 1985, some adjustments were made to the previous club logo. The Indian’s head became larger, and the name was shifted a little higher, on a blue background.

1987 – 1989

Atlanta Braves Logo 1987-1989

The Atlanta Braves logo still has a red and white image of an Indian and the name of the team. The only change was the dimming of the dark blue background.

1990 – 2017

Atlanta Braves Logo 1990-2017

The club is returning to use the team name based on its logo. The word “Braves” in red with a dark blue outline occupies the bulk of the logo. Under it is an ancient red hatchet, symbolizing the team’s strength and persistent attempts to improve their game.

2018 – today

Atlanta Braves Logo 2018-Present

The modern mark of individual identification is a continuation of the previous symbolism, approved in 1990. It consists of two equivalent parts: text and graphic. The first is a large inscription “Braves” written in italics diagonally, where the end of the word goes up. The second is an image of an ancient tool used by our ancestors. The logo symbolizes strength and perseverance in achieving high goals. The concept of such a visual picture is that everything is given with difficulty, “carved” out of ordinary material, turning into a useful attribute.

Font and Colors

Atlanta Braves Emblem

The iconic element is the prehistoric hammerhead. It is located on the right side of the logo, under the word “Braves.” Consists of three parts. The first is the handle. It is flat, with an oval rounding at the end and a yellow stripe at the base. The second is a stone blade or blade with a point and a “cutting” part. She has characteristic carved places, which are made in the form of small strokes. The third is the rope that connects these elements. Each of its turns forms a certain pattern.

Atlanta Braves Symbol

Text is another significant part of the logo. Braves are at the top and take up half of the logo. It is presented in a handwritten style with streamlined lines and curved transitions. All letters are connected, except for the first – capital letter. A distinctive feature of the typeface is the absence of an upper clearance at the “s.” That is, it does not have a specific loop. The “e” is also very original: although it is lowercase, it is executed like an uppercase “E.” The signature palette includes navy blue, deep red, and white.

Atlanta Braves color codes

Navy Blue Hex color: #13274f
RGB: 22 40 79
CMYK: 100 57 0 40
Pantone: PMS 200 C
Scarlet Red Hex color: #ce1141
RGB: 206 31 67
CMYK: 0 100 63 12
Pantone: PMS 295 C
Gold Hex color: #eaaa00
RGB: 234 170 0
CMYK: 0 28 100 6
Pantone: PMS 124 C

Did the Atlanta Braves change their logo?

As of 2021, the Atlanta Braves team has not changed its controversial logo, adopted in 2018. Despite the pressure from society, it continues to use a caricature of the attribute of the cultural and historical heritage of the Indians – the red tomahawk. The battle ax is supplemented with the handwritten name of the club.

What is the symbol on the Atlanta Braves uniform?

The Atlanta Braves jersey features the team’s logo, a Native American battleax known as a tomahawk, and “Braves” in the oblique script.

Will the Atlanta Braves be changing their name?

Atlanta Braves executives admitted the possibility of a logo change, saying the matter is still under discussion. But in terms of the name, they turned out to be more conservative. Terry McGuirk, the baseball club president, said no one would change the word “Braves” for anything else.

Is the Braves logo trademarked?

Atlanta Braves have copyrighted their logo and registered it as a trademark like many other professional sports teams.