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For the baseball players of this team, the Atlanta Braves emblem is “native,” associated with Native American roots. Although the image of the Indian has disappeared from the emblem, the attribute of this nationality best conveys the team’s unyielding will, ready to move towards the set goal, making every effort. Victory is what matters most to the athletes. And this is exactly what the original symbolism reflects.

Atlanta Braves: Brand overview

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The Atlanta Braves is a professional baseball team in MLB. The club represents the National League’s Eastern division and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. The team was established in 1883.

The club was formed even earlier, in 1871, when most of its members played as part of the disbanded Cincinnati Red Stockings team. Its first owner was Arthur Soden. He managed it until 1909, then sold it to George and John Dovey. Their family managed the franchise until 1910. After that, it frequently changed hands for a long time.

Between 1911 and 1912, the team was owned by William Hepburn Russell, in 1912-1915 by James Gaffney, in 1915-1918 by Percy Haughton, and in 1919-1922 by George Grant. By the mid-20th century, more significant businessmen appeared: Emil Fuchs, Bob Quinn, and Lou Perini, who managed the club until 1962. Perini sold it to a Chicago group led by William Bartholomew.

To attract Major League representatives to Atlanta, Mayor Ivan Allen Jr. built a new stadium. The Atlanta Braves team, based in Milwaukee at the time, immediately showed interest. In 1966, permission was granted to relocate.

In 1976, the franchise was purchased by media mogul Ted Turner, who owned the WTBS radio station. He was very practical and used the athletes to promote his cable network. In December 2005, the businessman announced the team’s sale, and in February 2007, it was acquired by the Braves Liberty Media Group. It now belongs to them.

Before becoming the Atlanta Braves, the club underwent several transformations. Initially, it was the “Boston Beaneaters,” then the “Doves” and “Rustlers.” “Braves” appeared in the name in 1912 before moving to Milwaukee. After moving to Atlanta, the franchise changed its name again. This time – permanently.

From 1966-1989, the team experimented with the image of an Indian. Then, radical changes were made to the logo. Eventually, in the 1990s, a red tomahawk, tied with a yellow thread, appeared. This version is still relevant today. The color scheme and font of the inscription were revised in 1987.

The modern logo contains the word “Braves,” written in a handwritten font. The proprietary letter “e” has a design different from the usual. The capital letter “B” is slightly removed from the other characters, and the other letters are connected and written in complex handwriting.

Below them is a tomahawk – a symbol of the native population of America. Its tip points upwards, repeating the letter “c.” The yellow thread indicates a close connection with previous generations. All elements are placed on a white background and painted in crimson with a dark blue trim, which, in the name, is slightly wider than the tomahawk.

Meaning and History

Atlanta Braves Logo History

The logo of this club is very ambiguous, as it has changed 29 times. The reasons are the team’s relocation, franchise renaming, addressing ethnic issues, change of ownership, adaptation to modernity, updates, etc. Over a long period of existence (the club was founded in 1883), this process was facilitated by many factors.

Additionally, several thematic blocks of versions exist: for example, there are versions with a letter designation, with text, with an image of a Native American with a prehistoric ax. They are executed in the form of monograms, arched inscriptions, brass knuckles, portraits, and round signs.

What is Atlanta Braves?

The “Atlanta Braves” is a baseball team playing for counties that are part of metro Atlanta in the state of Georgia. It calls itself the oldest franchise, having started its history in 1871 under the name Boston Red Stockings. The club plays in the National League East and competes in the professional sports organization Major League Baseball.

1883 – 1888

Boston Beaneaters Logo 1883-1888

The team’s first name was the “Boston Beaneaters.” Like most clubs before the 1900s, the emblem was simply a sign of the city of Boston.

In the early years of baseball, the identity of teams was often closely tied to the cities they represented, reflecting civic pride and local traditions. An example of such a connection between the city and the club was the team initially known as the “Boston Beaneaters.” The name reflected local culture and was a tribute to a classic dish of regional cuisine.

In that era, which lasted until the early 1900s, branding was still emerging, and logos were usually minimalistic and simple. The Beaneaters’ team emblem was no exception. Instead of elaborate patterns or flashy illustrations, the emblem was a simple and unadorned representation of Boston’s calling card.

1889 – 1896

Boston Beaneaters Logo 1889-1896

As a result of significant changes in visual branding, the team decided to replace the red color in its name with a dark blue shade. This change was not just an aesthetic decision; it reflected something deeper within the organization.

The red color, often associated with energy, passion, and intensity, was a defining element of the team’s identity. It resonated with fans and was synonymous with the team’s spirit and determination on the field. However, as the team evolved, so did its brand, leading to the decision to choose dark blue over red.

Dark blue, though less aggressive than red, conveys a sense of stability, wisdom, and depth. This color is often associated with maturity and sophistication, reflecting a more measured and thoughtful approach. With this transition, the team signaled a transformation in its philosophy and aspirations.

1897 – 1899

Boston Beaneaters Logo 1897-1899

Seeking renewal and reconnection with the city’s rich history and culture, the well-known sports team introduced a new logo featuring a large Old English letter “B” in a bright shade of blue.

Boston’s deep roots in American history and its vibrant cultural fabric have always been a source of pride for its residents. Choosing the Old English font reflects respect for tradition, evoking the city’s colonial past and its enduring connection to heritage. This classic style lends timeless elegance and ensures a link with the city’s rich history.


Boston Beaneaters Logo 1900

In the early 1900s, there was a significant shift in the specific brand’s visual identity. The decision to retain the main design of the 1897 logo while changing its color demonstrates respect for tradition, although the brand seeks evolution. This combination of past and present resonated with both long-standing supporters and newcomers. The changes were subtle enough to maintain continuity with the previous logo but striking enough to attract attention and symbolize progress.

1901 – 1906

Boston Beaneaters Logo 1901-1906

For five years, the club consciously decided to reconnect with its past by reverting to the 1889 logo featuring the city of Boston’s name. This move was not just an aesthetic change but a statement reflecting the club’s enduring connection with the city and its fans.


Boston Doves Logo 1907

The new emblem was not just a cosmetic change. The red color and Old English font reflected both tradition and modernity, combining the club’s historical ties to Boston with a fresh and unique look. The name “Doves” and the accompanying logo symbolized a new era for the club, paying homage to its heritage while laying the foundation for a new sense of purpose and direction.


Boston Doves Logo 1908

The logo’s foundation is also a red letter “B,” but this time executed in a different font.


Boston Doves Logo 1909

The classic red letter “B” was placed inside a black circle, resembling a baseball.


Boston Doves Logo 1910

The logo returns to Boston Dawz, where only the inscription Boston is highlighted in red.


Boston Rustlers Logo 1911

The club changes its name to Boston Rustlers. The city of Boston is symbolized by a large Old English letter “B” in dark blue.

1912 – 1915

Boston Braves Logo 1912-1915

A year later, the team changed its name again, this time to Boston Braves. For the first time, the logo used an image of a Native American – an Indian, turned in profile and with a feathered headdress on his head. The main colors of the drawing are white and red.

1916 – 1920

Boston Braves Logo 1916-1920

Three years later, the previous drawing of the Indian was added to a dark blue background.

1921 – 1924

Boston Braves Logo 1921-1924

Boston Braves returns the letter “B” to its logo. The main color of the logo is dark blue.

1925 – 1928

Boston Braves Logo 1925-1928

This logo used the same dark blue large letter “B” but in a different font.

1929 – 1935

Boston Braves Logo 1929-1935

On the fifteenth logo, the team again returns to using an image of an Indian on its emblem, but this time it is colorful and cartoonish. The Native American has bronze skin, black hair, and a feathered headdress in red, green, yellow, and blue.

1936 – 1937

Boston Bees Logo 1936-1937

The team changes its name from Boston Braves to Boston Bees. Accordingly, the club’s primary color becomes yellow, and the logo uses a large letter “B” with a black and white outline.


Boston Bees Logo 1938

In the 1938 season, there were no significant changes to the emblem. The yellow letter “B” also symbolizes the city of Boston.


Boston Bees Logo 1939

After another year, the team’s primary color changed from yellow to red. Accordingly, the letter “B” becomes red, and in addition to it, a dark blue contour appears.


Boston Bees Logo 1940

The last logo of the “Boston Bees” becomes the old English dark blue letter “B.”

1941 – 1944

Boston Braves Logo 1941-1944

Boston Braves continues to experiment with fonts in the dark blue letter “B.”

1945 – 1952

Boston Braves Logo 1945-1952

And again, the logo returns to the image of an Indian. He resembles previous versions: he has bronze skin, dark hair, and a headdress with red feathers. The drawing itself also has a thin black outline.

1953 – 1955

Milwaukee Braves Logo 1953-1955

The team moves to Milwaukee and, accordingly, changes its name to Milwaukee Braves. The emblem with the image of the Indian is identical to the 1945 emblem.

1956 – 1965

Milwaukee Braves Logo 1956-1965

This is already the 23rd logo of the club, and it was decided to depict a redhead of a laughing Indian with a mohawk and a white feather in his hair. This image became the basis for several logos over the next 35 years.

1966 – 1967

Atlanta Braves Logo 1966-1967

Despite the club’s move to Atlanta and the name change to Atlanta Braves, the main logo remains the same; only the Indian’s skin color changes from red to light brown. Minor details, such as the mohawk and feather, were also edited.

1968 – 1971

Atlanta Braves Logo 1968-1971

To the image of the Indian, identical to the 1966 logo, the dark blue word “Braves” was added. The name is adorned with a thin red outline, and the drawing itself becomes a bit smaller to make room for the word.

1972 – 1984

Atlanta Braves Logo 1972-1984

In 1972, the “Braves” most radically changed their logo. The image of the Indian was made two-colored – the main color became white, and the details, the mohawk and the feather – red. The team’s name now also acquired the same colors. Moreover, the Indian’s head was now placed on a dark blue square.

1985 – 1986

Atlanta Braves Logo 1985-1986

In 1985, some changes were made to the previous club logo. The Indian’s head became larger, and the name was shifted slightly higher onto a blue background.

1987 – 1989

Atlanta Braves Logo 1987-1989

The “Atlanta Braves” logo still contains a red-white image of the Indian and the team’s name. The only change was the darkening of the dark blue background.

1990 – 2017

Atlanta Braves Logo 1990-2017

The club returns to using the team name based on its logo. Most of the logo is occupied by the word “Braves” in red with a dark blue outline. Below it is an ancient red ax, symbolizing the team’s strength and persistent attempts to improve their game.

2018 – today

Atlanta Braves Logo 2018-Present

The modern sign of individual identification is a continuation of the previous symbolism approved in 1990. It consists of two equal parts: textual and graphical. The first is a large inscription, “Braves,” written in italics diagonally, where the end of the word rises upwards. The second is an image of an ancient instrument used by our ancestors. The logo symbolizes strength and perseverance in achieving high goals. The concept of such a visual picture is that everything is given with difficulty, “carved” out of ordinary material, turning into a useful attribute.

Atlanta Braves: Interesting Facts

The Atlanta Braves are an old and famous baseball team that’s been around since 1871. They’ve been called different names and have played in different cities—first in Boston, then Milwaukee, and now Atlanta since 1966.

  1. Long History: They started as the Boston Red Stockings and have had a few names before becoming the Atlanta Braves. They’re one of the oldest teams in baseball.
  2. Different Cities: They’ve played in Boston, Milwaukee, and Atlanta. Moving to Atlanta in 1966 was a big deal because they were the Southeast’s first Major League Baseball (MLB) team.
  3. Winning Big: The Braves have won the World Series in each city they’ve been in, with championships in 1914, 1957, 1995, and 2021. That shows they’ve been good for a long time.
  4. Dominant Streak: From 1991 to 2005, they won their division 14 times in a row, which is a record. This was a huge deal in baseball.
  5. Hank Aaron: Hank Aaron was a famous player who broke Babe Ruth’s home run record by hitting his 715th home run in 1974. He’s a legend.
  6. Farming Talent: The Braves helped initiate the idea of having minor league teams train new players, which has helped them stay successful over the years.
  7. Cool Stadiums: They played in Turner Field, built for the 1996 Olympics, and now play in Truist Park, a modern stadium.
  8. Tomahawk Chop: Their fans do the “Tomahawk Chop” cheer, which is famous but controversial.
  9. Famous Players: Many great players, like Chipper Jones and Greg Maddux, have played for the Braves, and many are in the Hall of Fame.
  10. Helping Out: The Braves do a lot of charity work in Atlanta, especially for kids and schools, through the Atlanta Braves Foundation.

The Atlanta Braves have a long history with many famous moments and players, and they’re important to their fans and baseball.

Font and Colors

Atlanta Braves Emblem

A signature element is the prehistoric hammer-wielder. It is located on the right side of the logo, under the word “Braves.” It consists of three parts. The first is the handle. It’s flat, with an oval curvature at the end and a yellow stripe at the base. The second is the stone blade or edge with a point and “cutting” part. It features distinctive carved spots rendered as small strokes. The third is the rope connecting these elements. Each twist of it forms a specific pattern.

Atlanta Braves Symbol

Text is another significant part of the logo. The inscription “Braves” is at the top and occupies half of the logo. It’s done in a handwritten style with sleek lines and curved transitions. All letters are connected except for the first – the capital one. A distinctive feature of the font is the absence of an upper gap at the “s.” That is, it doesn’t have a specific loop. The “E” is also very original: although it’s lowercase, it’s executed as a capital “E.” The brand palette includes dark blue, dark red, and white colors.

Atlanta Braves color codes

Navy BlueHex color:#13274f
RGB:22 40 79
CMYK:100 57 0 40
Pantone:PMS 200 C
Scarlet RedHex color:#ce1141
RGB:206 31 67
CMYK:0 100 63 12
Pantone:PMS 295 C
GoldHex color:#eaaa00
RGB:234 170 0
CMYK:0 28 100 6
Pantone:PMS 124 C


Did the “Atlanta Braves” Change Their Logo?

As of 2021, the Atlanta Braves team has not changed its controversial logo, which was adopted in 2018. Despite public pressure, they continue to use a caricature of the cultural and historical heritage of Native Americans – a red tomahawk. The handwritten name of the club complements the battle axe.

What Symbol Is Displayed on the “Atlanta Braves” Uniform?

The “Atlanta Braves” jersey features the team’s logo, a Native American battle axe known as a tomahawk, and the inscription “Braves,” done in an italic font.

Will the “Atlanta Braves” Team Change Their Name?

The management of the “Atlanta Braves” acknowledged the possibility of changing the logo, stating that this issue is still under discussion. But regarding the name, they were more conservative. Terry McGuirk, the president of the baseball club, stated that no one would change the word “Braves” to anything else.

Is the “Braves” Logo a Trademark?

The Atlanta Braves have copyrighted their logo and registered it as a trademark, as have many other professional sports teams.