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Brown Bears Logo
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Brown Bears is a sports department affiliated with Brown University, a private university founded in 1764 in Providence, Rhode Island. The department has 38 teams, making it the third-largest number of sports represented in the NCAA First Division. Basic disciplines include basketball, hockey, gymnastics, rugby, fencing, baseball, and more. But the most legendary is the football team that debuted in 1878 at Amherst College. Now the sports department is part of the Ivy League Conference, and Jack Hayes heads it.

Meaning and History

Brown Bears Logo History
Evolution of the Brown Bears Logo

The modern era of the logo of this university organization started in 1997 when it was redesigned. The key role was given to the brown bear, the athlete’s mascot. It is nicknamed because of its dark skin color, height, and a powerful head, as the wild beast of the American forests. The animal has located in full-face with its paws spread out to the sides, which embrace the word “Brown.” The second part of the command name, “Bears,” is located below and is in smaller font. It is preceded by a red shaped ribbon with split ends. At the bottom of the emblem, there is a bear’s paw print.

1997 – 2002

Brown Bears Logo 1997-2002

2003 – today

Brown Bears Logo 2003-Present

In 2003, the logo’s design was radically changed: fine detailing was removed from it, leaving only two key elements. One of them is the inscription “Brown,” the other is a mascot. The name of the university department was placed on top and gave it an arched shape. At the bottom was placed the head of a brown bear with an open mouth, in which powerful white teeth can be seen.

Brown Bears Emblem