BSE Unveils Emblem of Progress on 149th Anniversary

BSE Logo New

Marking its 149th anniversary, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) presented a refreshed logo emblematic of prosperity, energy, evolution, and new beginnings. The logo also underscores the perpetuated trust and elevated responsibility that BSE embodies. The festivities were hosted at the BSE International Convention Hall, commencing with the traditional bell-ringing ceremony.

The updated logo was inaugurated by BSE’s Chairman, S.S. Mundra, in the company of board and committee members from BSE and ICCL. In his address, Mundra lauded the BSE founders for establishing such a resilient institution and recognized the contributions of previous and current management, directors, office bearers, and staff in preserving BSE’s legacy over nearly 150 years.

Mundra accentuated BSE’s steady growth and robustness, attributing it to the exchange’s nimbleness, constant learning, innovative spirit, and adaptability.

BSE’s Managing Director and CEO, Sundararaman Ramamurthy, highlighted BSE’s pivotal role in India’s capital market. He pointed out BSE’s significant contributions to supporting corporate fundraising for nearly 150 years, promoting the democratization of capital, and nurturing a dynamic secondary market.

BSE Logo Evolution (history)

Ramamurthy further explicated the philosophy behind the new logo, noting that its vibrant colors embody BSE’s commitment to fostering positivity and its linkage with ‘Pancha Bhuta,’ the Five elements of nature — Akash (Space), Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jal (Water), and Prithvi (Earth).

According to the official statement, the deep blue present in the logo symbolizes the ocean and sky, signifying the knowledge, integrity, and trust that BSE has garnered over 149 years. The flame colors, transitioning from a deep red and orange to a bright yellow, indicate the promising future that BSE employees aim to shape in the coming years. The Diya (lamp) within the logo serves as a beacon that BSE employees pledge to carry forth, lighting the way for the further progression of capital markets.

In summary, the novel BSE logo represents more than a mere aesthetic modification; it reasserts BSE’s dedication to growth, prosperity, and trust. It emphasizes BSE’s responsibility to stakeholders and the wider financial landscape as it steps into its 150th year.