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Buffalo Bulls Logo
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Buffalo Bulls includes women’s and men’s teams that play for SUNY Buffalo College. They compete for the NCAA Division I, representing the Mid-American Conference East Division. The mascot of the players is a blue bull with a gold ring in his nose. At first, it was a real animal called Buster, but an anthropomorphic character replaced it. In 1997, the mascot was named Victor E. Bull.

Buffalo Bulls Emblem

The name Buffalo Bulls was derived from the nickname of American showman and hunter William Frederick Cody, known as Buffalo Bill. This man became famous for killing 4,282 buffalo in less than a year and a half when he was fulfilling a contract to supply meat.

Meaning and History

Buffalo Bulls Logo History
Evolution of the Buffalo Bulls Logo

One of the old logos of the Sports Department of the State University of New York at Buffalo shows the mascot, Victor E. Bull. The head of a blue bull with a gold ring in the nose is painted in cartoon style. The combination of several shades creates a three-dimensional effect. Grey tapering lines are pulled to the right, which conveys the dynamics. On the top is the inscription “University at Buffalo Bulls.” The name of the inter-university teams looks unusual: several contours circle the letters, and the “U” in the word “Bulls” is decorated with horn-shaped serifs.

1997 – 2006

Buffalo Bulls Logo 1997-2006

2007 – 2015

Buffalo Bulls Logo 2007-2015

2016 – today

Buffalo Bulls Logo 2016-Present

In 2007, the logo was left without the famous mascot. The designers created a laconic monogram using a shortened version of the name University at Buffalo. The abbreviation “UB” is painted in blue. “U” is in the upper left corner, and “B” is in the lower right corner. The letters have no delimitation contours, so they merge at the intersection points.

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