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For a serious service – a serious emblem. The fact is that it is not to be trifled with because it is a website for sports fans, more precisely, for fans. And concentration is important for them, so the Buffstreamz logo is without decor. Just a black circle with a white title. There is nowhere more serious.

Buffstreamz: Brand overview

United States
Buffstreamz is one of the largest sports sites dedicated to broadcasts of major events. Even without registering an account, any user can watch the matches of their favorite team for free, thanks to the broadcasts of famous sports channels. We are talking about the order of 500 matches daily. This is not only soccer matches of the top European leagues, but also NBA, NHL, NFL, tennis matches WTA and ATP. In total, we are talking about 30 sports. The biggest number of available Buffstreamz broadcasts are related to such events as the Olympic Games, the final stages of the Champions League, the NBA Finals series, etc.

Meaning and History

Buffstreamz Symbol

In general, Buffstreamz is quite a popular resource among users who want to spend an evening watching a sports match. The resource has a good reputation and has been functioning on the Internet for more than a year. The matches are broadcast around the clock. The official site events are divided by sport and the start time of the match. Moreover, the quality of the picture is not worse than on the official sites of the competitions.

The main income of the project is the external advertising, which is run while the user is watching the video. Typically, every 5-10 minutes, the broadcast is interrupted for a 15-second clip. As a result, a sports fan has access to the broadcasts of major American TV channels.

What is Buffstreamz?

It is one of the largest portals dedicated to sports. Thanks to the user-friendly navigation, in a few clicks, the user will be able to find the match of his favorite team and watch it live and in good resolution, absolutely free and anonymously.

If we talk about visual brand awareness, it is at a high level due to the demand for free broadcasts among the target audience. For the time, Buffstreamz customers were presented only one version of the logo, which makes minimal and barely noticeable changes. Despite this, it is modern and recognizable and looks harmoniously on the pages of the project’s official website.

The project logo is white lettering on a black background. This is a classic bold sans serif font with rounded corners. The letters are slightly slanted to the right, indicating that this style also uses italic type. All letters except the first “B” are in lower case. The name is placed absolutely on all site pages, making it quite easy for the user to remember the name and associate it with sports content. The minimalistic and concise logo makes the Buffstreamz brand look more serious and customer-oriented. It doesn’t distract the user from the process of finding the right broadcast.

Font and Colors

Buffstreamz Emblem

The logo uses a traditional bold, sans serif font for the lettering. Visually, it most resembles Pragmatica Cond Bold Oblique or Corporate S WGL Bold Italic. Despite its laconic appearance, it looks calm and professional, arousing the confidence of the target audience.

The black and white color palette allows Buffstreaz to be associated with reliability and protection. The user does not need to divulge personal information in order to access the match of his favorite team. This is the main goal of the project’s client, and he does not care whether the logo is bright or laconic and clear.

Buffstreamz color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C