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Bulgaria Air’s logo is a fusion of modernity and tradition, embodying the airline’s mission and values. It is a visual representation of the company’s commitment to safety, innovation, and customer satisfaction. The logo is designed to resonate with a global audience while evoking a sense of pride in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria Air: Brand overview

As Bulgaria’s national flagship carrier, Bulgaria Air, or “Bulgaria Air” in its native Bulgarian language, has served the country with pride and dedication since its inception. Headquartered in the heart of Sofia at Sofia Airport, the airline is an integral part of the country’s bustling capital.

The reason for the emergence of Bulgaria Air in 2002 was the unsuccessful bankruptcy of the previous national carrier, Balkan Bulgarian Airlines. This new face in the aviation industry took to the skies with a fleet of nine aircraft, initially focused on European and Middle Eastern transportation.

As of 2021, the lion’s share of Bulgaria Air’s fleet consists of Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft. The airline currently flies to such impressive European destinations as Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Frankfurt, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Paris, Rome and more.

Meaning and History

Bulgaria Air Logo History

What is Bulgaria Air?

Bulgaria Air is Bulgaria’s respected flagship airline headquartered at Sofia Airport. Having started its operations in 2002, the airline has become a significant player in the European aviation industry.

Over the years, the airline has strived to ensure the smooth operation of domestic and international flights. With flights on various routes in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, the company plays an important role in promoting Bulgaria as a tourist destination, connecting Bulgarians with the rest of the world.

2002 – 2006

Bulgaria Air Logo 2002

2006 – 2010

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2010 – today

Bulgaria Air Logo

Bulgaria Air’s winged logo unambiguously denotes its identity as an aviation company. The wing serves several functions: it gives the emblem a sense of lightness, identifies the country from which it comes, and indicates the industry in which it operates. The wing features three oblong “feathers”: white at the top, green in the middle, and red at the bottom. These colors are borrowed from the national flag of Bulgaria. On the left is the name of the company in silver color. The presence of side strokes on the letters creates a three-dimensional look. The thin, graceful lines give the name a lightness that is echoed by the small notches at the ends of the letters.

The intricacy of the design elements shows the airline’s attention to quality and visual elegance. The three-dimensional nature of the text gives the brand a modern, up-to-date image. Bulgaria Air’s logo effectively conveys qualities such as national pride, commitment to quality, and technological innovation, which are very important for the company’s reputation in the competitive world of aviation.