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Versatility is the main meaning of the sign of the dating service. “Be bold, show all your facets,” the Bumble logo encourages. The symbols of the emblem indicate the correspondence and the search for a person with whom you will suit each other, as two parts of one whole.

Bumble: Brand overview

Founder:Whitney Wolfe Herd
Austin, Texas, United States
The online dating service Bumble was developed by people who already had experience building social apps. It all started when Whitney Wolfe Herd gave up her “brainchild” Tinder because of discrimination against women. This was noticed by Andrey Andreev, the Russian-British billionaire and the owner of Badoo. He invited Whitney to restore gender equality by launching a platform where women can send messages first. This is how Bumble was born – the “feminist” version of Tinder.

Meaning and History

Bumble Logo History

Bumble bills itself as a secure dating app, which is why it has over 55 million users. The most active and largest market in New York: about 40% of the total number of people who have installed the program live in Manhattan.

The name and logo of the online service reflect a play on words. After all, “bumble” refers to the communication process, and “bumble-bee” is a bee-like insect. Having established such an associative relationship, the developers made a hexagonal honeycomb cell as an emblem. A single version is used only as a social media icon or an app icon in the App Store. In all other cases, the image should be next to the “bumble” inscription, most often above it.

What is Bumble?

This is the company’s name founded by American Whitney Wolfe Herd, and its flagship product is an Internet dating application. Bumble is positioned as the main competitor to Tinder, its “feminist” alternative. The program for mobile devices was launched in 2014 with the support of the creator of the social network Badoo – Andrey Andreev.

This logo appears on advertising materials, adorns souvenirs, and is widely distributed on the Internet. It became even more popular in 2018 when Bumble Trading Inc. placed its symbol on the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team uniform. According to the terms of the contract, she pledged to pay about $ 20 million by the end of 2021.

Whitney Wolfe Herd explained this decision by the fact that this NBA franchise supports gender diversity in players. In her opinion, the Bumble icon on the Clipper’s shape could symbolize empowerment.

A little later, the logo appeared in another unusual place: in a New York cafe called Bumble Brew. The dating app has begun to expand into the restaurant business as the two are interconnected. The social network offers its users a safe place for meetings, various events, and parties. It is a cozy coffee house for friendly gatherings during the day, and at night it is a wine bar with a romantic atmosphere.

Bumble: Interesting Facts

Bumble, known for its women-first approach, has reshaped the online dating scene since its 2014 launch.

  1. Starting Up: Whitney Wolfe Herd started Bumble with the idea of flipping traditional dating dynamics by letting women make the first move, aiming to empower them in the dating world.
  2. Unique Matching System: In straight matches, only women can start conversations, a feature designed to create a safer and more respectful space for women.
  3. More Than Dating: Beyond dating, Bumble has introduced ways to find friends and network professionally through Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz, supporting women in various aspects of their lives.
  4. Going Public: In 2021, Bumble’s IPO made Whitney Wolfe Herd the youngest female CEO to take a company public in the U.S., highlighting Bumble’s success and promise.
  5. Worldwide Users: Based in Austin, Texas, Bumble reaches millions globally, offering services in multiple languages and countries.
  6. Safety First: With features like photo verification, technology to block inappropriate photos, and a strict no-body shaming policy, Bumble prioritizes user safety and respect.
  7. Empowering Campaigns: Bumble’s marketing often emphasizes women’s empowerment and equality, and it partners with ambassadors and groups to spread its message.
  8. Supporting Important Causes: The app supports various causes, especially those related to women’s rights and mental health, showing its commitment to societal issues.
  9. Adapting to COVID-19: Bumble encouraged virtual dates during the pandemic and supported small businesses with grants and partnerships, adapting to new social realities.
  10. Fostering Equality: With a workforce mostly comprising women, Bumble is committed to gender equality and diversity, reflecting its values in its team and leadership.

Bumble stands out for its approach to online dating and its dedication to user safety, empowerment, and community support, redefining how people connect and form relationships online.

Font and Colors

Bumble Emblem

The basic symbol of Bumble is a hexagonal honeycomb with rounded edges. It has a heterogeneous structure: inside the geometric figure, there are six lines of different lengths. The bands, lined up in ascending and descending order, resemble a graphic representation of sound waves. Such associations are not accidental because the application is intended for communication between users.

The designers used a special font for the wordmark, based on Galano Grotesque. The original typeface was released in 2015 by the German typographic studio René Bieder. Bumble developers changed it a little but kept the traditional glyph shapes characteristic of other geometric sans-serifs: Avenir, Avant-Garde, and Futura. The uniform line thickness and rounded corners give the letters harmonious proportions.

Bumble Symbol

The logo and lettering’s main color is Bumble Yellow (# FFC629), although the company itself prefers yellow to be used as the background for Bumble Black (# 1D252C). It is also acceptable for the black logo to be on a white (#FFFFFF) rectangle, or vice versa – white on black. All color options are spelled out in the brand design guide.

Bumble color codes

SunglowHex color:#ffc629
RGB:255 198 41
CMYK:0 22 84 0
Pantone:PMS 7549 C
Black PearlHex color:#1d252c
RGB:29 37 44
CMYK:34 16 0 80
Pantone:PMS 7547 C

What does the symbol mean on Bumble?

The Bumble app uses symbols to represent different options. For example, a checkmark in a blue circle indicates that the user’s profile has been verified. The four-pointed star in the yellow circle is the Bumble Spotlight premium icon, and the white lightning on a mint background is the Bumble Boost subscription purchase button.

What is the font of the Bumble logo?

The Bumble wordmark font is a modification of Galano Grotesque, a typeface developed by the German company Rene Bieder. The designers adapted the letters for the logo, keeping their strict geometric shape.

What does the Bumble logo mean?

The online dating app emblem resembles a honeycomb. This is a hint that Bumble was created for those who want to “buzz,” that is, to communicate with like-minded people and interesting people.