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California Davis Aggies Logo
California Davis Aggies Logo PNG

California Davis Aggies intercollegiate sports teams participate in the Big West Conference and represent the University of California, Davis. Since 2005, they are was competing in Division I NCAA. The name “Aggies” is a slang term that means students or graduates of an agricultural college. The fact is that before the university had just such a status because it arose on the site of a farmer’s school. Mustang was chosen as the mascot of the teams and the educational institution. But his name was not Aggi, but Gunrock – in honor of the cavalry horse Rock Rock, which in 1921 supplied horse equipment.

Meaning and History

California Davis Aggies Logo History
Evolution of the California Davis Aggies Logo

The sports department of California Davis Aggies appeared as early as 1905. In the 1991 brand name, the department inscription and an animal mascot were made. At the top is a mustang that is inside the elongated “C.” Below is the inscription “UC Davis Aggies.” A golden line underlines the first two words. The font is heterogeneous: there are pointed serifs (“UC”), bold letters (“Davis”), and wide spacing between characters (“Aggies”).

California Davis Aggies Emblem

Gray shadows give the horse a three-dimensional effect. The rest is dominated by the official colors of the University of California, Davis: gold and blue (Aggie Blue, Pantone 295). They are also used to design the talisman: bold dark blue contours and golden lines make the graphic composition coherent, linking all the elements. Also, these shades are combined in the word “Aggies.”

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