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The Davis teams have an emblem that symbolizes endurance and the pursuit of victory. Commitment to their history is a distinctive feature of the unit members, whose logo, California Davis Aggies, includes a mascot – a silhouette of a Mustang and the colloquial name for students of the agricultural college.

California Davis Aggies: Brand overview

Davis, California, U.S.
The intercollegiate sports teams of the California Davis Aggies participate in the Big West Conference and represent the University of California at Davis. They have been competing in Division I NCAA since 2005. The term “Aggies” is slang, meaning students or graduates of an agricultural college. This is because the university initially had such a status, having originated on the site of a farm school. A Mustang was chosen as the mascot for the teams and the educational institution. However, it was not called Aggie but Gunrock, in honor of the cavalry horse Rock-Rock, which in 1921 delivered horse equipment.

Meaning and History

California Davis Aggies Logo History

The sports department of California Davis Aggies was established as far back as 1905. In 1991, the brand name, the department inscription, and the animal mascot appeared. On top is a Mustang, which is inside an elongated letter “C.” Below is the inscription “UC Davis Aggies.” A golden line underscores the first two words. The font is varied: there are pointed serifs (“UC”), bold letters (“Davis”), and wide intervals between characters (“Aggies”).

California Davis Aggies Emblem

Grey shadows give the horse a three-dimensional effect. Otherwise, the official colors of the University of California at Davis dominate gold and blue (Aggie Blue, Pantone 295). These are also used in the mascot’s design: bold dark-blue outlines and golden lines make the graphic composition cohesive, tying all the elements together. Moreover, these shades are combined in the word “Aggies.”

What is California Davis Aggies?

The California Davis Aggies (more precisely, UC Davis Aggies) is a sports department participating in the intercollegiate program. It belongs to the University of California and comprises 25 student teams that are part of the Big West Conference. Football players compete in the NCAA FCS at the Division I level and are part of the Big Sky Conference. Representatives of this organization also belong to the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation, the Western Water Polo Association, the American East Conference, the Pac-12 Conference, and the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference.

Font and Colors

California Davis Aggies color codes

Prussian BlueHex color:#002855
RGB:0 40 85
CMYK:100 53 0 67
Pantone:PMS 655 C
CamelHex color:#b3a369
RGB:179 163 105
CMYK:0 9 41 30
Pantone:PMS 4515 C