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The monogram logo of the California Riverside Highlanders, rendered in official colors, is highly recognizable. With it, the brand indicates its location, demonstrating solidity and power in its brevity.

California Riverside Highlanders: Brand overview

Riverside, California, U.S.
The California Riverside Highlanders is a sports division belonging to the University of California in Riverside. It consists of seventeen intercollegiate teams participating in the Big West Conference. Since 1998, it has competed in NCAA Division I. The nickname Highlanders is linked to the campus’s location: it’s situated right at the base of Box Springs Mountain. Additionally, the Box Springs reserve adjoins the educational institution campus.

Meaning and History

California Riverside Highlanders Logo History

One of the team’s old logos looks like a round black and white mark with the inscription “University of California Riverside.” In the center is a bear walking in a plaid kilt – the main mascot of the school, nicknamed Scotty Highlander. This emblem was used until 2002. A new emblem followed it, for which designers used modern graphic techniques. Now, the bear looks more aggressive. It shows its teeth and sharp claws to intimidate opponents. Numerous shadows and contours create a 3D effect.

What is California Riverside Highlanders?

The California Riverside Highlanders (or UC Riverside Highlanders) is an athletic department comprising 15 student teams from the University of California. They compete in the first division of the NCAA and are members of the Big West Conference.

1990 – 2002

California Riverside Highlanders Logo 1990-2002

2003 – 2011

California Riverside Highlanders Logo 2003-2011

2012 – today

California Riverside Highlanders Logo 2012-Present

The lower half is the phrase “University of California Riverside Highlanders,” arranged in an arc. The first and last letters in the word “Riverside” are very large. The nickname “Highlanders” is depicted on a separate white ribbon. In 2012, the inscription was significantly reduced, and the mascot disappeared. The bear’s place was taken by a monogram of intertwined “U” and “C.” Only the yellow Riverside remained at the bottom, curved upwards in the form of an arc.

California Riverside Highlanders: Interesting Facts

The UC Riverside Highlanders are a sports team from the University of California, Riverside. They’re pretty special because they do a lot of sports and help out in their city, too.

  1. Many Sports: They play at the top college sports level, with teams for both guys and girls. They have basketball, baseball, soccer, golf, running, softball, and volleyball. This means they like trying lots of sports.
  2. Good at Basketball: The men’s basketball team has been doing well lately. They play hard and have made a name for themselves.
  3. Soccer Stars: The women’s soccer team is awesome. They’ve played in big college soccer tournaments and are known for being good.
  4. Green Team: They care a lot about the environment. They’re trying to make sports events greener and teach fans and students to care for our planet.
  5. Helping Out: The team is involved in the Riverside area, helping people and improving the community.
  6. Scotty the Bear: Scotty the Bear is the school’s mascot. Everyone loves Scotty because he’s all about school spirit and fun.
  7. Great Places to Play: They have cool places to play and practice, like a big arena for basketball and volleyball, a soccer stadium, and a complex for baseball and softball.
  8. Smart Athletes: Their athletes do well in sports and school, and the school makes sure they focus on learning, too.
  9. Baseball Legacy: Their baseball team has been good for a long time, even sending players to the major leagues.
  10. Olympians: They’ve had athletes and former students who’ve competed in the Olympics, showing they can train people to be among the best in the world.

So, the UC Riverside Highlanders are not just about sports. They also care about their city and the environment and ensure their athletes do well in school. They’re a big part of their community and have impressive achievements.

Font and Colors

California Riverside Highlanders color codes

Celtic BlueHex color:#2d6cc0
RGB:45 108 192
CMYK:77 44 0 25
Pantone:PMS 285 C
Dark Midnight BlueHex color:#003066
RGB:0 48 102
CMYK:100 53 0 60
Pantone:PMS 294 C
Chinese YellowHex color:#f1ab00
RGB:241 171 0
CMYK:0 29 100 5
Pantone:PMS 137 C
Dim GrayHex color:#7a6e67
RGB:122 110 103
CMYK:0 10 16 52
Pantone:PMS Warm Gray 10 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C