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The Call of Duty Vanguard logo demonstrates the game’s belonging to the large and popular series but highlights individual elements that make the shooter unique.

Call of Duty Vanguard: Brand overview

Founded:November 5, 2021
Founder:Sledgehammer Games
United States
Call of Duty Vanguard is the 18th installment of the popular American-produced shooter for Xbox, PlayStation, and Windows. The game’s publisher is Activision, which also developed the Call of Duty Vanguard logo.

Meaning and History

Call of Duty Vanguard Logo History

Vanguard is released on a new engine. The well-known company Sledgehammer Games was responsible for its development. The game features battles from World War II. Heroes from different countries are united in a tactical group, and the user can choose any of them. About 20 extensive battle maps are used. Additionally, the Zombie mode is presented, developed by specialists from Treyarch.

The emblem was presented on September 19, 2021, when the first trailer was released, and has not changed since then.

What is Call of Duty Vanguard?

A popular computer shooter in the Russian interpretation called “Call of Duty: Vanguard.” Developed by American programmers from Sledgehammer Games.

2021 – today

Call of Duty Vanguard Logo

The company logo corresponds to the general visual identity of the entire game series. It consists of two large capitalized words, “Call” and “Duty,” a small preposition “of,” and a red subscript “Vanguard” at the bottom. The latter, in fact, distinguishes this version from other emblems of the shooter.

In large words, the capital letters are placed very compactly, which visually forms two opposing forces. Each element is associated with one of the team players.

The small link in the middle demonstrates the confrontation between the groups. Powerful, strong soldiers converge at one point for battle, and this point is marked as “of.”

The bold font demonstrates confidence, courage, and the ability to survive in any circumstance and emerge victorious from dangerous situations. The symbols imply excellent military training. The powerful glyphs promise loud battles and the execution of crucial missions for the war.

The proximity of the two rivals in the logo implies hand-to-hand combat and skirmishes in confined spaces.

The word “Vanguard” is executed in a thinner font and a different color. Its reduction shows that it is only a part of the larger whole of the series. The emphasis helps indicate a new, separate chapter in the long history of the shooter.

Font and Colors

Call of Duty Vanguard Emblem

Black and red are the primary colors of the emblem.

  • Black is the color of weapons, death, roughness, and strength. It represents a fight not for life but for death. It shows aggression, a desire to dominate and destroy the opponent.
  • Red conveys the color of blood, fires, explosions, and gunshots. The shade embodies the idea of danger, swift attacks, and breathtaking, spectacular battles.

Call of Duty Vanguard Symbol

The font of the two parts of the inscription differs. The overall series title is a massive, clear-edged PF Fusion Sans Pro Black. The second, for Vanguard, is more specific, conveying the atmosphere of this particular story. It resembles The Bartender Condensed Sans but has a gap between the stick and the bar of the letter A, which forms a schematic representation of a rifle with a butt. The technique hints at historical battles.

Call of Duty Vanguard color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C
LavaHex color:#d6001c
RGB:214 0 28
CMYK:0 100 87 16
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C