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Canadian North’s logo looks like a friendly nod to its neighbor to the north. It’s not bragging; it’s just showing you that it knows its way around snowy fields and icy waters. With this logo, the airline makes you feel like you’ll be taken care of even in the coldest and most remote corners of Canada. Like that friend who always has a spare scarf or some hot cocoa, this logo makes you feel like you’re in safe and knowledgeable hands.

Canadian North: Brand overview

Canadian North, once known as Bradley Air Services, has been a beacon of innovation and leadership in the airline industry since it first spread its wings in 1989. Based in Kanata, Ontario, Canada, the airline stands out among its global partners as one of the few indigenous Inuit-owned airlines.

Max Ward laid the foundation for Bradley Air Services in 1957. Initially, the company was a charter airline serving isolated mining and exploration sites in Canada’s northern expanses. In 1986, the business underwent a turnaround when Ward sold the company to his employees. In 1990, the Makivik Inuit Corporation of Nunavik, Quebec, acquired a 50% stake in the company, signaling the beginning of a new phase of development.

An important milestone in the history of Canadian aviation came in 1998 when Bradley Air Services and First Air, another Inuit airline, merged to create Canadian North. This merger strengthened the airline’s presence in the North and made it a strong player in Arctic transportation.

Today, the airline operates scheduled passenger and cargo service to more than 20 destinations in the Canadian North with a modern fleet including the latest Boeing 737-200 and 737-300 aircraft.

Meaning and History

Canadian North Logo History

What is Canadian North?

Headquartered in Kanata, Ontario, Canadian North, a wholly Inuit-owned airline, plays an important role in connecting remote communities in the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and the Nunavik region of Quebec, as well as maintaining routes to southern destinations such as Edmonton, Montreal, and Ottawa.

Founded as Bradley Air Services, the organization has a rich history of dedicated service to the Canadian aviation industry. Known for its concern for the community, the airline has been a lifeline for residents in Canada’s most remote regions, providing regular connections to essential services.

1989 – 2001

Canadian Airlines Logo 1989

2003 – 2019

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2019 – today

Canadian North Logo

The Canadian North Airline logo features a gray figure of an Inuit, an indigenous person from remote regions of North America, which gives the emblem its uniqueness. The figure is abstract, with his arms spread wide as if embracing the vastness around him. To the right of the figure is the name of the airline. The text is smooth slightly italicized. Geometric glyphs are carved from ice but colored red, which gives the emblem a lively energy. The top line is typed in uppercase font, and below that is text typed in a thinner lowercase font.

The use of the Inuit figure uniquely positions the airline, perhaps reflecting its focus on serving remote and northern regions. The choice of red for the glyphs adds vibrancy and dynamism to the design, contrasting with the gray. The combination of uppercase and lowercase fonts gives the impression of authority and accessibility.