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Canal 13’s logo is a masterful blend of simplicity and symbolism. The orange “13”, standing on a bold orange arch, represents the channel’s identity as a robust and reliable source of entertainment and information. The smooth, rounded lines of the number and the arch reflect a friendly and approachable image, signifying Canal 13’s commitment to being a network that is both accessible and engaging for its viewers.

Using orange in the logo conveys energy, creativity, and enthusiasm. It’s a color that is often associated with warmth, sunshine, and happiness, symbolizing Canal 13’s mission to bring light-hearted entertainment and meaningful content into the homes of its viewers.

The white background signifies purity, simplicity, and truth, underlining the channel’s commitment to transparency and accuracy in its news and information delivery.

The progressive and dynamic appearance of the logo mirrors Canal 13’s ongoing evolution to meet the changing needs and tastes of its audience while maintaining its foundational principles of quality, integrity, and connection with its viewers. It represents Canal 13’s heritage but with a modern twist, indicating its readiness to navigate the future of television broadcasting.

Canal 13: Brand overview

Founded:21 August 1959
Founder:Luksic Group
Santiago, Chile

Canal 13 is a prominent Chilean television channel that has played a significant role in shaping the country’s media landscape since its establishment in 1959. Known for its diverse programming, including news, entertainment, sports, and cultural content, Canal 13 has become a trusted source of information and entertainment for viewers across Chile.

Meaning and History

Canal 13 Logo History

The brand identity of Canal 13 is built upon its commitment to delivering high-quality, engaging, and culturally relevant content that resonates with the Chilean audience. The channel takes pride in its ability to reflect the country’s rich diversity and values, catering to a broad range of interests and preferences.

Canal 13’s logo, featuring the number “13” in bold typography, forms the centerpiece of its brand identity. The simplicity of the logo ensures easy recognition, while the boldness adds a sense of strength and impact. The number “13” is often accompanied by the channel’s name, “Canal,” emphasizing its broadcasting nature and establishing a clear visual connection.

The color palette of the brand typically incorporates orange and white, reflecting the channel’s strong national identity. Orange evokes passion, energy, and urgency, which aligns with Canal 13’s commitment to delivering timely and impactful news and entertainment. White represents clarity and purity, symbolizing the channel’s dedication to presenting information in a transparent and unbiased manner.

Canal 13’s brand identity also extends beyond its visual elements. The channel’s programming focuses on fostering a sense of community and promoting social issues that are relevant to Chilean society. By engaging viewers with thought-provoking content and initiatives, Canal 13 aims to contribute to the cultural development and well-being of its audience.

In summary, Canal 13 is a renowned television channel in Chile that prides itself on providing high-quality and culturally relevant programming. Its brand identity centers around delivering engaging content, reflecting the nation’s diversity, and promoting social awareness. Through its logo, color palette, and programming choices, Canal 13 establishes a strong connection with viewers, serving as a trusted source of news, entertainment, and cultural enrichment.

What is Canal 13?

Canal 13, also known as El 13, is one of the oldest and most prominent television networks in Chile. The network was launched on August 21, 1959, and is owned by Luksic Group since 2010. It was previously owned by the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

The station broadcasts a variety of programs, including news, talk shows, dramas, reality shows, and sports. Canal 13 has been influential in Chilean television and has contributed significantly to Chilean culture. The network is known for producing high-quality programming and has been the launching point for many popular Chilean television personalities.

Over the decades, Canal 13 has maintained a strong rivalry with TVN, another prominent Chilean television network. This competition has often played out in the ratings for their evening news programs and prime time dramas.

1961 – 1970

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1969 – 1970

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1970 – 1973

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1973 – 1999

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1999 – 2000

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2005 – 2010

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Canal 13 Logo 2010

2010 – 2018

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2018 – today

Canal 13 Logo

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Neon OrangeHex color:#fa6428
RGB:250 100 40
CMYK:0 60 84 2
Pantone:PMS 1655 C