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CanJet: Brand overview

Established in 2002 by the IMP Group, CanJet was a low-cost Canadian airline based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It launched its services in September 2002, utilizing two Boeing 737-500 aircraft to provide an economical flight.

The airline’s initial focus was on connections between Canadian cities such as Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, and its base, Halifax. Gradually expanding its reach, CanJet diversified its operations in 2006, opening charter flights to the most sought-after tourist destinations in the U.S., Mexico, and the Caribbean.

As the company grew, it became necessary to create an additional hub at Toronto Pearson Airport. In addition, CanJet increased its fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft to more than ten units, further expanding its service offerings.

However, in 2011, CanJet made a strategic decision to suspend scheduled service. The aim was to shift its full focus to charter and leisure transportation, mainly targeting the tourism industry. This led to strategic alliances with leading Canadian tour operators to provide charter flights for vacationers.

Unfortunately, by 2015, it became increasingly difficult for the airline to compete with major Canadian carriers such as Air Canada and WestJet. In September 2015, due to mounting pressure, CanJet completely ceased passenger service. The company had grown significantly over the years, reaching over 500 employees at its peak and serving over one million passengers per year.

Having ceased passenger operations, CanJet retooled its operations to provide contract crew services for other airlines. The move marked the end of the company’s direct involvement in passenger transportation but allowed it to continue to play a role in the aviation industry as a whole.

Meaning and History

CanJet Logo History

2002 – 2015

CanJet Logo

CanJet emphasizes its affiliation with Canada, which is why it used the red maple leaf, the main symbol of that country, as its logo. It was similar to the one on the Canadian flag but tilted slightly to the right to match the cursive font of the lettering. The leaf was inscribed with an initial “C” that merged with the subsequent “A.” The rest of the letters are spaced apart and appear standard except for the enlarged “J,” the edges of which protrude both above and below the line.

The slight tilt of the maple leaf creates a sense of movement or dynamism, which aligns well with the aviation industry. The merging of the letters “C” and “A” symbolizes the seamless connection or unity that CanJet strives to provide. The enlarged “J” makes the logo memorable and emphasizes the uniqueness of the brand in a crowded market.