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The superhero franchise uses the Captain Marvel logo as its signature on all products related to the 2019 film of the same name. It is an inspirational wordmark that symbolizes courage, pride, and bravery – all the qualities that characterize the savior of the world.

Captain Marvel: Brand overview

Founder:Marvel Studios
United States

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has added another film in 2019, Captain Marvel. Like all previous films in the series, the film was based on the popular American comic book by Roy Thomas, embodied by artist Gene Colan about the superheroine Carol Susan Jane Danvers. Her appearance as a major in the U.S. Air Force occurred in the March 1968 issue of Super-Heroes #13 from Marvel Comics. The idea was to fuse her genes with alien genes, resulting in the heroine gaining superhuman abilities. The picture was the 21st installment in the Marvel Universe series.

Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, the film’s directors, created the picture based on the recycled storyline of the comic book, adapted and tied to the general history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by the screenwriters Nicole Pearlman and Meg LeFauve. Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson and popular actors Ben Mendelsohn and Jude Law were cast in the lead roles.

As for each series of this world, a unique logo was designed, the purpose of which was to unite all the films by visual commonality and highlight the uniqueness of the new hero. The visualization of Captain Marvel’s image, as always, was done successfully, which cannot be said for the film itself, which received moderate reviews from critics and viewers alike.

Meaning and History

Captain Marvel Logo History

The idea for the film came to the studio’s management back in 2013. It was then that Luis D’Esposito made public the desire to bring some twist to the traditional characteristics of the main characters. There was a desire to create a hero, under whose mask a strong and strong-willed woman with superpowers would hide. It was decided to introduce a completely new female character for this world, which Captain Marvel became. A poll among viewers and fans showed high interest in the idea and the new figure.

To diversify a little bit, the already familiar style and spirit of the “universe” were changed approach to developing the type of new character. The studio sought to create a film that would tell an interesting and exciting story, appealing in its amusingness and, at the same time, purely human qualities of the heroine.

Originally set for a spring 2018 release, it was moved twice to 2019. This was due to several important points. The original idea was to bring this heroine into the Avengers: Age of Alton project back in 2015. They even filmed a few episodes featuring her. But then abandoned the idea, deciding that it would appear in their project for the completeness and integrity of the character’s perception, which would have provided a qualitative and detailed introduction to the new heroine.

The process was set in motion and experienced several reworkings of the script. Moments that were very reminiscent of past issues in their storyline were removed, and the heroine gained compassion and a “big heart.” However, after the release, the expected result did not materialize. Critics and audiences did not appreciate such an innovation, expecting only a spectacular continuation of Marvel’s showdown, typical of all 20 previous tapes.

Captain Marvel Symbol

But despite this situation, there was not a complete fiasco. At the same time, viewers noted the high-quality study of every detail of both the character and the heroine’s costume, the originality of the studio created her image, the logo of the series, the personal sign of the heroine, which provided a visual appeal and memorability among all the signs of Marvel.

The heroine’s personal logo is in full color and represents the breast part of her costume with the characteristic symbol of the heroine – the octogram. It is secured to the chest with two gold strips coming from the shoulders and secured with a locking joint. The oblong gold eight-pointed star symbolizes striving to the highest goal, the realization of the highest ideal, a symbol of salvation and hope. The upper part of the costume above the star is in a deep red, almost burgundy shade with a black insert in the middle. The lower, visible part is a deep blue color. Each seam is marked.

In the lower right corner is the text that echoes the series logo. The studio name consists only of the word Marvel, centered above the movie title. The title’s font corresponds to the logo, but it is not made in volumetric letters and without a gradient. The letters are “flooded” in bright red, almost scarlet, and have a thin gold border.

Captain Marvel: Interesting Facts

“Captain Marvel,” which emerged in 2019, was a big deal for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It’s the story of Carol Danvers, who transforms from a U.S. Air Force pilot into one of the mightiest heroes in the universe.

  1. A First for Female Superheroes: It’s the MCU’s first movie focused on a female superhero, with Brie Larson leading as Captain Marvel. This was a huge step towards more diversity and inclusion in superhero movies.
  2. A 90s Throwback: Unlike most MCU movies set in current or future times, Captain Marvel takes us back to the 1990s. Its tech, style, music, and even a Blockbuster Video store scene bring fun nostalgia.
  3. Introducing the Skrulls: The movie brings the Skrulls into the MCU, aliens that can shape-shift. This adds new plot possibilities, like Secret Invasions, a famous Marvel comic theme.
  4. Nick Fury’s Past: We get a closer look at Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson, including how he lost his eye. We see a younger Fury, thanks to de-aging tech, giving us more insight into his character.
  5. Stan Lee Tribute: The film pays homage to Stan Lee, Marvel Comics’ legendary creator, with a special Marvel Studios logo sequence filled with his MCU cameos, followed by a heartfelt “Thank you, Stan.”
  6. Goose the Flerken: Goose, appearing as a cat, turns out to be a Flerken, a dangerous alien. This character quickly became a fan favorite.
  7. Music Milestone: Pinar Toprak scored the film, marking the first time a woman composed music for an MCU movie. Her music played a big role in the film’s vibe.
  8. Box Office Hit: “Captain Marvel” earned over $1 billion globally, making it the first female-led superhero movie to hit that milestone. This showed that female superhero movies are just as profitable.
  9. Empowering Themes: The movie focuses on self-discovery and resilience, highlighting Carol Danvers’ journey to find her true strength and identity. It sends an inspiring message to women and girls everywhere.
  10. Behind the Scenes: Co-directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, Boden is the first woman to direct an MCU film. This marks progress towards gender equality in big-budget superhero movies.

“Captain Marvel” added new characters and stories to the MCU and paved the way for future films by pushing for greater representation and storytelling depth.

Font and Colors

Captain Marvel Emblem

The traditional execution of the combination of the name of Marvel Studios in two separate blocks was preserved in the obligatory order adopted in 2016, as the main element linking all the movies of the Marvel universe to each other. The first word of the title is in white capitals in a rectangular bar on a red background. The second word was in a similar font, but in black letters on a white background, the borders of which were marked only by upper and lower black lines. In the film’s emblem, these elements are placed above the text of the title of the picture.

The tape’s title is in capital letters, in rich gradient color, going from almost black to dark red. The first word of the title is above the second, centered on the latter. The font is twice as small as the second. All letters of the name have a gradient closer to the gold trim and the bulkiness created by the backing in black. Both words are separated by two rays coming from the bright flash or sun in the central part of the composition, the color of which smoothly transitions from pure white through light yellow and yellow to gradient red. The same transition is provided for the rays, which creates the visual effect of glitter from the flash.

Captain Marvel color codes

YellowHex color:#fff483
RGB:255 244 131
CMYK:0 4 49 0
Pantone:PMS 393 C
OrangeHex color:#fd6b24
RGB:253 107 36
CMYK:0 58 86 1
Pantone:PMS 1655 C
Fuzzy WuzzyHex color:#743f23
RGB:116 63 35
CMYK:0 46 70 55
Pantone:PMS 7517 C
LustHex color:#e60f18
RGB:230 15 24
CMYK:0 94 90 10
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C