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Cargojet’s logo is like a quick drawing that tells a whole story. It makes you think about speed and care at the same time. Imagine the paper airplane you fold in class; it’s simple but flies right where you want it to go. That’s what this logo looks like. It’s not bragging; it just says, “Hey, we’re good at what we do.”

Cargojet: Brand overview

Since its founding in 2002, Cargojet has dominated the Canadian air cargo sector and confidently delivered cargo to the heartland. With an armada of Boeing 767 and 757 freighters spanning across Canada, it has been keeping the wheels of commerce turning for nearly two decades.

Cargojet was spearheaded by Ajay Virmani, a visionary Canadian entrepreneur with deep roots in the air cargo industry.

Once a small operation in Hamilton, Ontario, the company has grown into a national giant. With a hub in Hamilton and strategic branches in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Halifax, Cargojet serves all key Canadian markets and is expanding its reach to a global clientele through a nexus of international alliances.

Meaning and History

Cargojet Logo History

What is Cargojet?

Based in Mississauga, Ontario, Cargojet Airlines is a recognized name in the Canadian aviation industry. Founded as a scheduled cargo airline, it offers critical cargo services across the country and beyond.

The company has steadily grown, positioning itself as a critical component of Canada’s supply chain. From overnight air cargo to air charter services, the company has consistently prioritized reliability and efficiency. As Canada’s premier provider of time-sensitive freight transportation services, the company keeps businesses running smoothly, regardless of distance.

2002 – today

Cargojet Logo

The Cargojet logo conveys the theme of flight through two elements: the airplane and its inverted arc. The inverted arc is located in the lower right corner. It is curved like a sickle and has sharp ends. The line begins with the letter “G” and then curves upward, following the rising airplane. The inscription is in italic capital letters without serifs. Its main element is the maple leaf above the letter “J.” Thanks to the black color, the name attracts attention, contrasting effectively with the orange background.

The sickle-shaped curve symbolizes the effectiveness and efficiency of freight transportation, reflecting the speed and dynamism of the company’s work. The maple leaf emphasizes the Canadian origin of the company, adding an element of national identity. Uppercase italic letters create a sense of urgency and movement, which corresponds to the fast-paced nature of air cargo transportation. The contrasting colors – black and orange – are eye-catching and reflect the brand’s energy.