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The Cebgo logo tells the story of a small airline that pioneered regional aviation. This airline started as just another name but quickly became part of something bigger when Cebu Pacific stepped in. It’s like the little brother in the family who learns all the cool tricks from the older one. Now, it’s helping people explore more places in the Philippines and other parts of Asia. The logo reflects this growth journey and promises to take you to new places while keeping you comfortable and stylish.

Cebgo: Brand overview

Cebgo has made aviation industry history as a regional subsidiary of Cebu Pacific. Emerging from SEAIR, Inc., formerly known as South East Asian Airlines and then Tigerair Philippines, Cebgo quickly established itself as a pioneer in regional aviation.

The genesis of this journey dates back to 1996, when SEAIR, Inc. came into existence. The airline began its operations by operating charter flights across the Philippine skies and to other Asian regions. In 2012, it was acquired by Tiger Airways Holdings, a budget carrier headquartered in Singapore.

Two years later, in 2014, Cebu Pacific, the Philippines’ largest airline, made a strategic move. It acquired Tigerair Philippines, renaming it Cebgo. This strategic acquisition was aimed at expanding Cebu Pacific’s operations and providing access to more destinations in the Philippines and Asia for its customers.

Cebgo’s fleet of ATR 72-500 and ATR 72-600 aircraft is carefully tailored to regional routes and offers passengers a delightful combination of comfort and style in travel.

Meaning and History

Cebgo Logo History

What is Cebgo?

Cebgo was originally conceived as SEAIR, Inc., which began operations as South East Asian Airlines in 1995. This phase of the company’s existence was marked by steady growth and gradual expansion in the regional aviation market. The airline made a significant leap in 2012 when it was rebranded to Tigerair Philippines as a result of a strategic alliance with Singapore-based Tigerair.

Another significant transformation took place in 2014. Cebu Pacific, the largest carrier in the Philippine airline industry, acquired Tigerair Philippines, marking the birth of Cebgo. In the years that followed, under the parent company’s wing, the brand developed as a significant player in the regional sector, expanding its routes and growing its fleet to better serve its growing passenger base.

1995 – 2013

South East Asian Airlines Logo 1995

2013 – 2015

Tigerair Philippines Logo 2013

2015 – today

Cebgo Logo

The star of the Cebgo logo is a proud eagle inherited from the emblem of the parent company. Its head looks majestic and confident, emphasizing the importance of aviators’ work. The bird is depicted with only five strokes: two green lines form the top of the head, beak, and neck, and three blue lines form the feathers. Next to it is the name of the airline in lowercase letters. It is also two-colored. The letters are bold, chiseled, and “aerodynamic,” that is, smooth with maximally rounded sides.

The simplicity of the logo design, with its minimalist touches, gives it a modern and streamlined look. This choice complements the aerodynamic nature of the bold, rounded letters, creating a cohesive visual experience. The green-blue color scheme emphasizes the brightness of the eagle image and reflects a sense of movement and freedom – qualities inextricably linked to aviation.