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The Cebu Pacific logo is a bright and memorable symbol of her brand. It consists of a stylized bird image, symbolizing freedom, speed, and forward movement. The bird’s chest is green, which is associated with nature, ecology, and vitality. Her feathers are blue, which symbolizes freedom, peace, and heaven.

The inscription on the logo, “cebu pacific,” is made in lower case in light blue, adding lightness, freshness, and dynamism to the image. This symbol reflects the airline’s light and dynamic style and strengthens its position in the air travel market, where speed, reliability, and quality are key factors.

The company’s values include pursuing high standards of passenger service quality, commitment to innovation and technological progress, and concern for the environment and sustainability. The Cebu Pacific emblem effectively conveys these values and is a powerful symbol of their manifestation.

Cebu Pacific: Brand overview

Founded: August 26, 1988
Founder: JG Summit Holdings
Domestic Road, Pasay, Philippines

Meaning and History

Cebu Pacific Logo History

1996 – 2015

Cebu Pacific Logo 1996

2015 – today

Cebu Pacific Logo

Cebu Pacific color codes

French Blue Hex color: #2774bb
RGB: 39 116 187
CMYK: 79 38 0 27
Pantone: PMS 660 C
Spanish Sky Blue Hex color: #02a8e0
RGB: 2 168 224
CMYK: 99 25 0 12
Pantone: PMS 298 C
Persian Green Hex color: #009482
RGB: 0 148 130
CMYK: 100 0 12 42
Pantone: PMS 7473 C