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The logo of the Central Connecticut Blue Devils is meant to strike terror into the opponents. However, the artists have made it somewhat cute and a little menacing. It resembles a villain from a Disney cartoon. Small horns, angular facial features, and a Greek nose give the emblem visual sharpness. It’s a symbol of the sports teams’ danger on the field and the graphic embodiment of their mascot.

Central Connecticut Blue Devils: Brand overview

New Britain, Connecticut, U.S.
The women’s and men’s teams of the Central Connecticut Blue Devils are part of the athletic department of Central Connecticut State University, the oldest educational institution in the state. The university was founded in 1849. It supports various sports, including volleyball, track and field, swimming, softball, soccer, lacrosse, golf, cross-country, basketball, and diving. Players representing it participate in the Northeast Conference and compete in NCAA Division I. Their original mascot was Victor E. However, after the logo change in 2011, it became known as Kizer. The new image was created by the North American company Street Characters.

Meaning and History

Central Connecticut Blue Devils Logo History

The 1994 emblem depicts an anthropomorphic devil with trident-like pitchforks, horns, and a pointed tail. It’s a parody of a running athlete because he is dressed in blue shorts, a T-shirt, and athletic shoes. The graphic part is complemented by the department’s name (“Blue Devils”) and the university’s name (“Central Connecticut State University”), which are located just below on a white background.

What is Central Connecticut Blue Devils?

The Central Connecticut Blue Devils is an athletic department with 16 student teams, part of the Central Connecticut State University in New Britain. Participants in the intercollegiate program are part of the Northeast Conference. The football players compete in NCAA Division I FCS.

1994 – 2010

Central Connecticut Blue Devils Logo 1994-2010

2011 – today

Central Connecticut Blue Devils Logo 2011-Present

In 2011, a new era began for the university teams. After rebranding, they immediately had eleven unique logos, a new mascot, and an individual font. The main emblem was designed by the Ohio-based design firm Rickabaugh Graphics. The devil’s appearance changed: he looks more menacing, without the previous cartoonishness. His head is depicted in profile, so the sharp horns and beard are visible. The style of the inscription also changed. Each word of Central Connecticut Blue Devils is typed in uppercase letters, italicized, and with small serifs. The predominant colors are white and blue (#1A4784).

Central Connecticut Blue Devils Emblem

Central Connecticut Blue Devils: Interesting Facts

The Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) Blue Devils are a sports team that plays in the big leagues of college sports, mainly in the Northeast Conference.

  1. Starting Strong: CCSU in New Britain, Connecticut, started in 1849. Since then, their sports have grown a lot, showing they’re serious about doing great in college sports.
  2. Big League Move: The Blue Devils stepped up to the big leagues of college sports to allow their players to face tougher teams and get noticed more.
  3. Basketball Wins: Their men’s basketball team has done well, making it to the big national tournament several times. This success has made more people across the country pay attention to them.
  4. Football’s Comeback: Lately, the CCSU football team has won a lot, even taking home conference titles and playing in the playoffs. This has excited students and former students about their team’s chances.
  5. Soccer Strength: Both men’s and women’s soccer teams at CCSU are tough competitors in their conference, with the men’s team winning titles and playing in national tournaments. The women’s team is also strong, adding to the school’s soccer pride.
  6. Better Places to Play: CCSU has been improving its sports facilities, such as Arute Field and Detrick Gymnasium. This shows that it wants to give its athletes and fans the best.
  7. Running Fast: CCSU’s track, field, and cross country teams are known for being very good, winning awards, and making the school proud.
  8. Helping Out: CCSU sports teams do a lot to connect with people in the area and those who graduated, like doing community service and hosting special days at games.
  9. Smart Players: CCSU athletes aren’t just good at sports; they also do great in class. The school ensures that players do well in both.
  10. Full of Spirit: The Blue Devil mascot, along with the cheer and dance teams, brings a lot of energy to games and events, making them fun for everyone.

These facts show how CCSU’s Blue Devils are all about being the best in sports, helping out in the community, and doing well in school, all while keeping the school spirit high.

Font and Colors

Central Connecticut Blue Devils color codes

Medium Electric BlueHex color:#00539b
RGB:0 83 155
CMYK:100 46 0 39
Pantone:PMS 2945 C
Light GrayHex color:#cfd4d8
RGB:207 212 216
CMYK:4 2 0 15
Pantone:PMS 427 C