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The simple, minimalist style characterizes the symbolism of the College of Charleston’s sports team. The Charleston Cougars logo, a large geometric letter C, symbolizes its regional belonging while paying tribute to the organization’s history and its mascot – the wild cougar.

Charleston Cougars: Brand overview

Charleston, South Carolina, U.S.
The College of Charleston sponsors around twenty sports teams that compete in NCAA Division I intercollegiate competitions and are members of the Colonial Athletic Association. They form the College of Charleston Cougars department, which received its current name after a student vote. The university students chose the Cougars option because a cougar had recently appeared in the Charles Towne Landing Zoo.

Meaning and History

Charleston Cougars Logo History

The first logo of the College of Charleston Cougars reflected the sports mascot – Clyde, the cougar. The logo, adopted in 1964, depicted the head of a roaring cougar. It is turned to the right and is inside a large letter “C.” The letter is shaped like a horizontal ellipse. Later, in 2003, the cougar became more realistic. Artists detailed it, carefully drawing even the most minor elements – from the ears to the sharp claws on the front paws. The animal lies calmly on a red ribbon with the inscription “College of.” Below it are the words Charleston and Cougars.

What is Charleston Cougars?

The Charleston Cougars is a sports department in South Carolina, uniting 20 teams formed by students of the College of Charleston. It participates in NCAA Division I and is part of the Colonial Athletic Association. The most successful teams are the sailing teams (14 national championships won), women’s volleyball teams, and men’s baseball teams.

1964 – 2002

College of Charleston Cougars Logo 1964-2002

2003 – 2012

College of Charleston Cougars Logo 2003-2012

2013 – today

College of Charleston Cougars Logo 2013-Present

The current emblem, introduced in 2013, is far from tradition. Graphic designer Gil Shuler moved away from the depiction of a cougar and chose a completely different concept. In the center, he placed a white-gray letter “C,” outlined with two lines of maroon and gold colors. Across it is a horizontal rectangle with the nickname of the sports department. The main distinction of the font is its angularity: the letters consist of a combination of white polygons.

College of Charleston Cougars Emblem

Charleston Cougars : Interesting Facts

The Charleston Cougars are the sports teams for the College of Charleston in South Carolina, and they play in the big college sports league, the Colonial Athletic Association.

  1. Old School: The College of Charleston started in 1770, making it one of the oldest schools in the country. This long history adds something special to its sports teams, which have been getting better and more competitive.
  2. New Challenges: In 2013, the Cougars joined a new sports league, the Colonial Athletic Association, after being in the Southern Conference. This move has let them play against new teams and upped their game.
  3. Baseball Stars: The Cougars’ baseball team is really good. They’ve won many games and titles, making baseball a big deal at Charleston.
  4. Basketball Buzz: The men’s basketball team has done well, too, getting into the national tournament several times. This success has made the school and its fans very proud.
  5. Sailing Success: What’s cool is their sailing team. They’re not just good; they’re champions, winning big sailing competitions. It shows Charleston’s sports are about more than just the usual games.
  6. Great Venue: The basketball and volleyball teams play at TD Arena, a modern place right on campus. It’s a great spot for games and brings everyone together.
  7. Golfing Greats: Charleston’s women’s golf team has also won several titles, proving its strong support for women in sports.
  8. Helping Out: The Cougars athletes do much for the Charleston community, like volunteer work. It shows they care about more than just sports.
  9. Mascot Fun: Clyde the Cougar is the mascot, and he’s a big part of the school spirit. You’ll see him cheering at games and getting fans excited.

These points help us see how the Charleston Cougars are not just about winning games but also about being part of a long history, facing new challenges, and giving back to their community.

Font and Colors

Charleston Cougars color codes

WineHex color:#76232f
RGB:118 35 47
CMYK:0 70 60 54
Pantone:PMS 202 C
SandHex color:#c5b783
RGB:197 183 131
CMYK:0 7 34 23
Pantone:PMS 4525 C
PlatinumHex color:#e3e0dc
RGB:227 224 220
CMYK:0 1 3 11
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 1 C