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The simple, minimalist style characterizes the symbolism of the College of Charleston’s sports team. The Charleston Cougars logo, a large geometric letter C, symbolizes its regional belonging while paying tribute to the organization’s history and its mascot – the wild cougar.

Charleston Cougars: Brand overview

Charleston, South Carolina, U.S.
The College of Charleston sponsors around twenty sports teams that compete in NCAA Division I intercollegiate competitions and are members of the Colonial Athletic Association. They form the College of Charleston Cougars department, which received its current name after a student vote. The university students chose the Cougars option because a cougar had recently appeared in the Charles Towne Landing Zoo.

Meaning and History

Charleston Cougars Logo History

The first logo of the College of Charleston Cougars reflected the sports mascot – Clyde, the cougar. The logo, adopted in 1964, depicted the head of a roaring cougar. It is turned to the right and is inside a large letter “C.” The letter is shaped like a horizontal ellipse. Later, in 2003, the cougar became more realistic. Artists detailed it, carefully drawing even the most minor elements – from the ears to the sharp claws on the front paws. The animal lies calmly on a red ribbon with the inscription “College of.” Below it are the words Charleston and Cougars.

What is Charleston Cougars?

The Charleston Cougars is a sports department in South Carolina, uniting 20 teams formed by students of the College of Charleston. It participates in NCAA Division I and is part of the Colonial Athletic Association. The most successful teams are the sailing teams (14 national championships won), women’s volleyball teams, and men’s baseball teams.

1964 – 2002

College of Charleston Cougars Logo 1964-2002

2003 – 2012

College of Charleston Cougars Logo 2003-2012

2013 – today

College of Charleston Cougars Logo 2013-Present

The current emblem, introduced in 2013, is far from tradition. Graphic designer Gil Shuler moved away from the depiction of a cougar and chose a completely different concept. In the center, he placed a white-gray letter “C,” outlined with two lines of maroon and gold colors. Across it is a horizontal rectangle with the nickname of the sports department. The main distinction of the font is its angularity: the letters consist of a combination of white polygons.

College of Charleston Cougars Emblem

Font and Colors

Charleston Cougars color codes

WineHex color:#76232f
RGB:118 35 47
CMYK:0 70 60 54
Pantone:PMS 202 C
SandHex color:#c5b783
RGB:197 183 131
CMYK:0 7 34 23
Pantone:PMS 4525 C
PlatinumHex color:#e3e0dc
RGB:227 224 220
CMYK:0 1 3 11
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 1 C