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Charlotte 49ers Logo
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The sports department of Charlotte 49ers belongs to one of the largest universities in the region – The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The institution sponsors sixteen university teams that participate in the NCAA Division I and have been founding members of Conference USA since 2013.

The nickname 49ers suggests that Charlotte College (the predecessor of UNC Charlotte) in 1949 escaped closure. According to educator Bonnie Ethel Cone, the university embodied the spirit of the “fortyniners” – settlers who came to the United States during the gold rush. This explains the choice of the gold miner Norm the Niner as a talisman. The name of the Charlotte sports department was approved in 2000. It replaced the Charlotte UNC and UNCC.

Meaning and History

Charlotte 49ers Logo History
Evolution of the Charlotte 49ers Logo

The official colors of the university are represented on the Charlotte 49ers emblem: white and green. They are complemented by black and golden, often used in the uniform of athletes from different teams. The main logo contains an oblique inscription “49ers”. A wide oblique line underlines the word. Due to the unusual combination of shades, letters and numbers seem three-dimensional. Font – italic sans-serif with a lot of right angles.

Charlotte 49ers Emblem

Another original element of the logo is the miner’s hand, curved in the shape of the letter “C.” This is a stylized acronym for Charlotte. A pick is held tightly in the palm of his hand as a tribute to the gold rush events. Thus, the emblem is the connecting link between the educational institution’s concept, the historical heritage of the region, the mascot of Norm the Niner, and the name of the sports department Charlotte 49ers.