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Chatroulette logo, like two people who accidentally met face to face. Communication will help them get to know each other. The emblem represents the system that the site offers, a game of roulette with the search for a suitable partner.

Chatroulette: Brand overview

Founded:November 16, 2009
Founder:Andrey Ternovskiy
Moscow, Russia
Chatroulette is a web resource designed for online dating and chatting with random interlocutors on the principle of roulette selection. The user who enters the site connects with other visitors one by one until they stop at a suitable candidate. It is this factor that provided the basis for the name of the service: it was formed from the phrase “Russian roulette,” where the word “Russian” is replaced by “chat.” Chatting takes place by connecting to a webcam. The time of emergence of the service was the end of 2009. Its creator is Andrey Ternovskiy from Moscow (Russia).

Meaning and History

Chatroulette Logo History

The appearance of Chatroulette was facilitated by Skype conversations, which, as usual, were conducted by the friends of the 17-year-old schoolboy Andrey Ternovskiy. In order to easily maintain audio and video communication with his buddies, he wrote the first version of the future million-dollar site. The programmer gave him the site’s name after watching the movie The Deer Hunter, which came out in 1978 and was connected with the theme of Vietnam and Russian roulette. He wrote the code in two days on his old computer and ran the resource from an ordinary city apartment.

At first, he had only 20 users, but soon the number grew to 500 a day. A month later, the number was already over 50,000. In March 2010, 1.5 million people used the services of online chat. The Chatroulette owner undertook no marketing strategies. People learned about the unusual web resource from acquaintances and random people, i.e., it was live word-of-mouth advertising.

Chatroulette Symbol

Gradually the number of portal users increased so much that it could no longer handle the load, and Andrey Ternovskiy had to rewrite the code urgently. He was assisted by Vlad Kostanyan, who often worked with him on other projects. Despite the expansion of the service, the owner and creator still coded it himself. Then foreign resources told about the unusual platform, and its popularization began. In 2010 he was awarded the Webby Prize for his innovative idea, which confirmed his high achievements in the field of the Internet.

To avoid losing wide recognition, the head of the chat resource tried to keep the logo. In truth, Ternovskiy, at first, did not care at all about the visual identity because the motive to promote the site was its content, not marketing. It was the reason for the interest of many foreign magazines. Now the portal’s functionality takes into account foreign visitors and offers a choice of language of communication. Chatroulette uses Adobe Flash to display video from users’ webcams. This allows video and audio streams to move directly between laptops and computers, bypassing the server lane.

What is Chatroulette?

Chatroulette is a web portal for communicating with strangers in real-time. Each visitor of the site gets the opportunity to connect with a random interlocutor for a Skype conversation. The creator of the web resource is Moscow schoolboy Andrey Ternovskiy from Russia. The service was launched in 2009.


Chatroulette Old Logo

The logo is formed from three areas that are equal in conceptual focus. The first is the name of the chat portal. It is in lower-case bold characters and is composed of two parts: the word “chat” is colored in blue gradient and “roulette” in pink. The color demarcation indicates that the resource is designed for communication between the sexes. The site motto is under the second half of the name: “New friends on shuffle.” The letters in the top line are geometric, with straight cuts, while the bottom line is rounded and thin.

The second most important element is the miniature icon to the left of the name. It represents the communication process between users and consists of two arrows that follow each other. Since they are missing half of the tip, they resemble signal flags or a speech bubble. One arrow is blue; the other is pink. The third iconic part of the logo is the background. It is completely covered by round signs, repeating the outline of the main element, which is opposite the upper inscription. The entire rectangular composition is painted in navy blue in several shades, conveyed in a gradient.


Chatroulette New Logo

In this version of the Chatroulette emblem, the designers removed the principle of gender and focused on the “bad-good,” that is, on black and white. Monochrome dominates everything: the text, the icon, the background. And the logo has changed drastically, so there is no trace of the previous version.

The key detail is a circle divided into two parts: the right side is white with a black letter, while the left side is black with a white symbol. In particular, these are the “C” and “R,” with which the words “Chat” and “Roulette” begin. Below is a full version of the name of the web resource. It is written in fine black type with a wide inter-character space. The “tt” next to each other is connected by a rung, suggesting that people with the same interests talk to each other.

Font and Colors

Chatroulette Emblem

The evolution of the Chatroulette logo is a story of the search for individuality. An early version was colored in the standard “gender” shades. The later version expanded the conceptual vision of the web resource but also offered a “friend-or-foe” color separation.

The old logo used a font reminiscent of Ryo Gothic PlusN Heavy with minimal changes. The lettering is in a font similar to Yuzu Medium from Indian Type Foundry in the new logo. They have identical roundings at the ends of the letters and smooth lines. At first, the signature palette was standard: it included a combination of blue and pink. Then monochrome colors – black and white – were introduced to provide the necessary contrast.

Chatroulette color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C